Post-grad day in the life

Today I thought it would be fun to do a day in the life now that I am not a student anymore. It’s weird not having homework, but I’m certainly not complaining. We’ve kept our days fairly filled, especially on days I’m working.

Since I’m sharing my meals, I’m linking up with the WIAW party!

6:50 am wake up. Question whether or not I actually want to wake up. Roll out of bed for fear of falling asleep and not waking up in time for work.

Get dressed, take the dog out, make coffee, throw my work clothes and food/coffee together in a bag.

7:15 head out of the door to go to the gym. Grab a piece of 85% dark chocolate on the way out for a riding snack. I realized I forgot my gym pass at the house, opt to go run the trails behind my work instead. I dread this a little because the weather is kind of cold. At least I brought a sweater.

7:30 Arrive. Go for a 25 minute run and realize the cooler weather makes it a lot easier to run. Nothing better than experiencing the things you learn in sports nutrition.

8:10 Go back to my car, change (I’m an expert at changing in my car), eat my breakfast, listen to NPR, and read blogs.

Breakfast: oats in an almost empty jar. Overnight oats made from oats, cottage cheese, applesauce, and cinnamon. Plus lots of coffee.

8:25 head into work. Work activities include plating cupcakes, putting out cookies, folding boxes, writing the names of the cupcakes on the glass, helping customers, and doing dishes. I snack on the loose toasted pecans for these pecan chocolate chip cookies.

I work throughout the morning. Luckily time goes by pretty fast! PS You should check out my work’s Instagram. They make the most creative cupcakes!

12:00 pm start to eat my lunch. I say start because it’s kind of an ongoing process of eating and helping customers, back and forth.

Lunch: whole grain wrap with avocado egg salad  with lots of spinach.

Hand held foods appear to be the easiest for work meals. Though this one was mistakenly pushed to the ground after I was about 3/4 threw. I’ll have to be smarter about where I lay my lunch, haha.

2:00 Take a “break” to eat a cupcake and drink a strong cup of black coffee. My favorite cupcake so far: dream cheese. Chocolate cake with cream cheese icing & filling.

I continue working through the afternoon.

4:00 get off work, head home. I call my Grandma on the way home. It’s a short trip and I’m in 15 minutes.

4:15 Spend a little time with Terry and then eat a bowl of watermelon.

4:30 Go play disc golf with Terry. The weather is too good to be inside and I want to do something active. Disc golf is a big deal around here and there are several different courses. I’m fairly terrible at it, but I like the time together and it’s still fun.

5:45 Arrive back home and start on dinner. While cooking dinner I also do dishes and prep dinner for the next day. The next day’s shift is a 12-9 shift so I want to have dinner ready for both of us. I set up a beans and rice recipe in the crockpot.

6:30 Enjoy our food outside on the porch.

Dinner: spinach feta chicken sausage, roasted potatoes, broccoli tossed in an avocado yogurt dressing, plus ketchup and mustard.

Terry doesn’t love eating outside… but he does because it’s my favorite.

7:00 go to Sam’s for dog food. Poor Jules has to eat too. While there we spontaneously buy the X-men movies after seeing them for only $5 each. We both note how out of character this purchase is for us. I guess we’re just excited for new one coming out soon.

8:00 come home and work on blog stuff. I think I’m slowly getting the hang out this self-hosting business. I tentatively plan to have it finished by Thursday. I also do my best to catch up on my favorite reads.

*More dishes*

9:30 Eat a snack and watch Kid’s Baking Championship on Netflix. I love the kid baking/cooking episodes of anything!

Snack: frozen banana blended with 1 tbsp cocoa powder topped with cornflakes. Cornflakes are so neutral for my stomach issues… I love it.

10:30 try on bathing suits after a random urge to do so. Two things: why did I think trying bathing suits on was a good idea at this hour? And why do I bother asking Terry which one he prefers? (He said “I like it” to all 5). Wait, three things- why is so hard to find a full coverage bathing suit bottom??

11:00 Get ready for bed, snuggle in for bed, read a few articles on trending nutrition topics. Read my devotional and say a prayer.

11:30 Fall asleep quickly.

24 thoughts on “Post-grad day in the life

  1. I love days in the life! Sounds like you are still able to stay busy without school. Love that you randomly tried on bathing suits at 10pm! 😜

  2. Our work days sound pretty similar – both in terms of tasks, timing and odd lunch capabilities. Sounds really great though. Your whole day does. I hope you are starting to feel a sense of “summer routine” kick in. If your days end up being mostly like this one, I’d say you are up for a spectacular, relaxing and fun summer.
    PS Girl you may be a teensy bit crazy to want to try on bathing suits at that hour. But hey, I’m sure Terry didn’t mind.

  3. It sounds like a good day! Trail running (or walking for me- ha!) is always so nice in the mornings.
    That cupcake does sound delicious-cream cheese icing is always my favorite!
    I have never played disc golf before, but it sounds like you and Terry had fun.
    Good luck with the self hosted stuff!

  4. That cupcake and cookies, yum! I think I was trying your new site this week which was why I didn’t see your Monday post this week. Good luck to the self hosting, sounds like you are figuring it all out! I love this day in the life. I am also an expert at changing in my car – it comes all too natural to me. Those chicken sausages are my life!

  5. Girl, why have I not been able to find your blog! Thank goodness for WIAW link up parties 😉 And I have the SAME issue with bathing suit bottoms. Like seriously, do my butt cheeks HAVE to fall out of every one? Come on here people!

  6. This looks like a great day. I love eating outside when it’s nice, but a windy day ruins the vibe…or bugs, that sucks. I just checked out the Instagram and YUM, looking great!

  7. Sounds like a great day! I love eating outside when the weather is warm. Also watermelon is just meant for summer. I need to pick up some! Nothing like eating some fresh watermelon outside in the sunshine 🙂 Hope you have a great day Kate!

  8. Oh my gosh I am also an expert at car-changing, it’s seriously an underrated talent :p

    And I agree about bathing suit bottoms 100%!! I just had the same conversation with my friend while we were at the beach this weekend. Like seriously, they are all soooo skimpy! I have no issues with my butt but I’d rather not have it hanging out in public!

  9. Sounds like quite the busy day! Sometimes busy days are good things–they make me feel productive and I tend to eat better when I’m busy. You’re after dinner snack of frozen bananas sounds so amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Those cookies look beyonndddd. Good luck with moving over to self-hosted! Also, I never ever even bother asking my husband for his opinion any more. The other da I asked if he liked a dress for my online, and he said, “well, it looks good on her. ” Awesome. Thanks, babe.

  11. Your job is sooo delicious looking in so many ways. And I’m not great at disc golf either, but I think it’s a great way to spend time with people. It also keeps me humble… That’s sweet that Terry will eat outside with you, because I have family members that will eat outside with me even though they don’t really love it. Days in the life posts are actually one of my favorites too, because it’s so fun peeking into each other’s daily routines.

  12. Omg, I laughed because I do the same thing…. You’ll find me trying on clothes at 12am, trying to be stylish or someting, I have no idea! Those urges are quite funny.
    The cupcakes look so darn delicious, the cream cheese cupcake would definitely be one of the first ones I would try!
    I envy the people who can get up early and workout before starting their day, congrats for having that motivation, ’cause this girl lacks it like crazy!

  13. Eating outside when the weather is nice is just the best! My Dad and his friends are really into disc golf, I’ve gone with him a few times and it wasn’t pretty haha, it’s still fun though and nice to walk and talk in between “holes.”

  14. Omg those cookies – I would be pretty content eating the fallen off pecans too though!
    I have always wanted to try disk golf and we have a few courses here – but we have literally gone straight from summer to winter here – summer was too hot to do it, and now its too cold… Then again after a few rounds I’m sure I would warm up!
    Hope you managed to pick a bathing suit you liked – always a nighmare for me being tall – the body length is a nightmare!

  15. I love this! My favourite thing is learning how other people live day to day! (Much more interesting then celebrities haha), I also love that you work at a cupcake store, can’t wait for more posts!

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