State of being (WIAW)

You know what feels weird?

Having NO school work to be doing.

You know what feels weirder?

Having NO school work to be doing ever again.

That is right, I am finally done with grad school! Although the dietetic internship in the fall will require some extra work, it won’t be graded or be the same nature of work that school is. No more 15 page research papers or exams to study for (except the big RD one).

Today is Wednesday, so I am sharing my eats. These are from Monday, which was the day of my last exam! Thanks for the link-up, guys!

Today’s theme is state of being. I do my best to present, so I will often consider what emotions I am experience or how my body physically feels. The future is important to consider, but the present should not forsaken.

When Obi-Wan said to Qui-Gon Jinn, “Yoda says I should be mindful of the future”, Qui-Gon Jinn replied “but not at the expense of the moment.” May the Fourth be with you.

Breakfast: everything bagel with Neufchâtel cheese, dark chocolate and coffee x 2.5

State of being: calm, mildly distracted. I woke up early to study for my last exam. I told myself that I needed to focus just enough to get through this one last test. Reading blogs seemed equally pressing, however. 😉 

Snack: (unpictured) orange plus a few almonds

State of being: shaky! I do believe that .5 extra cup of coffee put me over the edge!! I start to do things like dishes and pack lunches for Terry and I to shake some of the energy out.

Lunch: Peanut butter and banana, a salad with spinach, fresh corn, strawberries, carrots, and balsamic vinaigrette, and a tea.

State of being: freaking ecstatic! I flew through my last exam, handed it in, went straight to the library from some pleasures reads (picked out three books), and then found a shady spot for a picnic. This picture is how I envision many summer days for me! 

Snack: Triscuits, peanuts, & raisins 

State of being: restful. I’m think about how little I have to do. The summer is full of possibilities. 

Samples of these sweet gifts from my friend Emily. Food surprises are the best kind of surprises. 

State of being: so grateful. I’ve made so many wonderful connections and relationships over the last year. 

Dinner: Spinach & feta chicken sausage, broccoli, baked sweet potato “fries”, plus ketchup and mustard

State of being: all of a sudden exhausted! Once I fixed dinner, I felt physically drained. As I ate dinner, I let Terry do most of the talking. The food was delicious, and I was very hungry. Terry is not much of a sweet potato fan, but he enjoyed these with salt & garlic powder.

Following dinner we went for a run, during which Terry challenged himself to complete two miles. I was proud of his endurance!

Dessert: frozen yogurt- chocolate + cookies n’ cream plus a few toppings. 

State of being: Relaxed! Terry and I decided to restart the Star Wars saga but I struggled to make it through the whole thing. The exhaustion was taking over!

So you tell me-

What is your current state of being?

23 thoughts on “State of being (WIAW)

  1. Congratulations on being done!!!! That feeling in INCREDIBLE!! I remember finishing undergrad and getting that feeling (little did I know I would be going back to school ha!) But seriously, embrace it. The feeling will start to fade so before that happens make sure you do everything in your power to enjoy it while it lasts. You deserve to!!

  2. Amazing work! So proud of you. 🙂 That frozen yogurt looks too yummy and I like how you were in tune with yourself about how you were feeling at different moments throughout the day. It’s so valuable 🙂

  3. First of all congratulations on finishing up! 🙂 I like that you were focusing on being present at each meal too! Also funny side note, i made that exact dinner last night except i also added sauteed onion and swiss chard 🙂

  4. I LOVE this. It’s so neat to see you being relaxed, and I bet the feeling of being done with schoolwork is almost unreal. God’s grace brought you through, and I can’t wait to see just how many more awesome journeys He takes you on. And, it made me pretty happy to see that the granola bars stayed in one piece! YES! 😀 Calm and mildly distracted don’t sound like bad states of being to be in to me. 🙂

  5. Isn’t that the BEST FEELING!? Oh my gosh. Huge Congratulations, Kate. You’ve worked soooo hard for this and now its here! I 200% support how you immediately chose to treat yourself – picnics, sun and a good book. I hope to have plenty of that coming up as well.
    No kidding you were exhausted by dinner, though. Just the adrenalin and excitement are enough to tucker you out. Well done on getting up for that run.
    And thank you for the Star Wars motivators. Can always count on you for that one… ❤

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so, so happy for you!! I know when I finished Grad school it felt like the BIGGEST weight has been lifted off my chest!!
    Your celebratory picnic was beautiful and perfect!!!
    Yay to lazy and lovely summer days!

  7. Yay for picnics – my faveeee. CONGRATS, girl. You should feel so very accomplished – you worked so hard and now you’re done with grad school. Yay. Can’t wait to hear more deets about the internship.

  8. Congrats, Kate! I am being a bit jealous because my graduation is year away but I am happy for you in the same time. It is nice to see someone who actually MADE IT!

  9. I love this theme, and cute incorporating today’s “holiday” 😉 Congrats on finishing grad school! That is an incredible accomplishment, and hooray for Summer!!

  10. I love your dinner!! Seriously I can’t get enough sweet potatoes these days.

    And my current state of being is excited that I’m almost done with work and am getting 2 weeks off before I start my new job 🙂

  11. Love this post and tracking your emotions throughout the day. Congrats on being done with school, what a major accomplishment. My current state of being is excited because I have one more workday and then I’m flying to visit my college girlfriends for the weekend =)

  12. My current state of being is relaxed, but a but sore. My butt is killing me! I don’t know why 😦 I can’t even be like “I did squats yo” because I didn’t =P It just hurts haha
    Congratulations on being done!! I totally would have done the same thing. Burn the textbooks, break out the chick-lit 😉

  13. I just found your blog and I’m so grateful! I am just finishing up my dietetic internship (YAY!) and am in recovery from an eating disorder so I relate to you on many levels. So happy to add your blog to my must-reads!

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