Rules of vacation: Nashville

Flashback to last week in Nashville, TN! (I already shared some here)

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Is it normal to vacation at your friend’s home? Because that is totally my style. I love my friends dearly so any extra time I have, I can’t help but want to use with them. 

We had a great trip, as usual. Rather than recapping the trip, I thought I’d share 10 of my “rules for vacation”.

1. Meet someone famous.

The biggest highlight for Terry was meeting his internet hero, Olan Rogers. Ever heard of him? I hadn’t until Terry introduced to him to me via Youtube videos. He’s a pretty funny guy. Anyways, he has a Soda Parlor in Nashville and just so happened to be having a fan appreciation night the weekend we were there. Terry was giddy.  


While I didn’t exactly get excited to meet this guy, the free pizza & floats didn’t sound too bad. Plus it was a fun time with Rachel & Paige too. 

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2. Be a tourist and check out a popular hot spot (that fits your taste). 

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After the pizza we hit up Dragon Park, a popular artsy park in town. Parks are my favorite type of “tourist” attractions. On our honeymoon Terry and I hit the state parks around where we were staying. 

3. Eat at your pal’s favorite local restaurant.


Baja Burrito is favorite among my friends and I totally get it. It reminds me of Moe’s Southwest Grill, but it seems a little more authentic and the ingredients seem fresher. The pineapple salsa is to die for and Terry’s fish tacos were out of this world.

4. Have your favorite breakfast.

Bagel + cream cheese + coffee. This is my very favorite breakfast. I like store bought bagels, but getting bagels out is  part of the experience for me. img_0898

Whole wheat at Red Bicycle and cinnamon raisin at Panera Bread. img_0734

5. Take lots of photos with your friends. 

Seriously, this has been my rule since disposable camera days.

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The weather was perfect.



Check out my love Anakin Skywalker in the background (yes, I mean Darth Vader). 

6. Have dessert often. 

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Pistachio popsicle? Yes please! 

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The dreamiest ice cream from Jeni’s. 

7. Sing the praises of your amazing host. 


Paige and her cool husband Andrew make the best hosts. They’re the kind of people who really have their stuff together but don’t seem to mind that I don’t ;). Really, they are both just super stylish. When I have a big girl job I’d pay her to style my house. She is also amazingly kind and so gracious. Thank you love! 

8. Get a picture of a funny sign.


Because Hot Rod.

9. Be active, but in a way more relaxing way than normal.

Paige took us to a nearby park for a light jog and it felt great to stretch our legs after the 8 hour drive the day before. Though I’d say the best kind of activity on vacation is walking! It’s the perfect way to explore the city. 

10. Realize how lucky you are to have special time with the ones you love. img_0834

Enough said! 

What are your vacation “rules”?

36 thoughts on “Rules of vacation: Nashville

  1. I am totally taking note of these, because my sisters and I are going to Ireland in a couple weeks. 🙂 I don’t want to waste any moment of soaking up every moment, and you gave me extra ‘oomph’ to do so. ❤ I want to be active in a RELAXED way too, because I'm not good at that.

  2. Oh, that post reminds me about all my summer vacation and makes me smile. So cute! I don`t have any “rules”, but I try explore as much as I can and taste all the food that I can`t find at home.

  3. Ahhh :). So lovely – all ten. For me I may add take at least one moment out with just myself – a morning walk or taking myself out to a cafe. Traveling with others is wonderful but can sometimes feel a little much being around them all the time. I always find I see the new city in a different light when I am by myself, and then returning to your friend/famly’s company is that much more lovely.

  4. Pineapple salsa sounds fabulous. I have a mango one here I love (from aldi!) that sounds similar. This is making me want to go to Nashville soon! Looks like you had a wonderful trip – I’m with you on eating bagels out – they just taste better, IMO. My vacation rules? Definitely take in the culture through local food spots (via recommendations), and try to go with the flow, especially if I’m staying with friends!

  5. Oh, Kate! It looks like you had an AMAZING time! I went to Nashville in high school with a friend’s family and it was so much fun. I’m dying to go back! I SO wish i had friends who lived in fun places that I could visit, but most of my friends have stayed in NJ. (Except my brother who moved to Boston, and you KNOW we’re visiting him soon,ha!) I think for us, vacations rules are more, “don’t plan everything, go with the flow, do what sounds interesting that day.”

  6. looks like a great time! Totally agree on these rules–especially eat dessert often! I try to avoid my phone on trips too unless I’m using the camera on it!

  7. My vacation rules: explore by foot, meet new people and get a queen sized bed for yourself 🙂 Have a great week Kate!

  8. This is such a cute way to re-cap a vacation. It’s awesome that you managed to fit in this time with friends when you have so much else on right now. I am so with you on summer… it cannot get here fast enough!

  9. Love this post so much!! I wish I could vacation somewhere with good friends like that. Although, every time we visit my cousin in Indiana it feels like a mini vacation.
    I love all pictures here! You guys look so happy!

  10. What a great trip! Our vacations used to be trips to my daddy’s to visit him and my siblings, but now that we’ve moved only 7 minutes down the road from him we are in need of a new vacation spot 😉

  11. Now that’s a set of rules I can approve of and adopt as I apparently haven’t been following along all of them yet. I’m happy you had such a great time!
    By the way: I really like the sound of your and Terry’s honeymoon. Exploring nature rather than just cities or other sights would be my kind of trip, too.

      1. I’m a country bumpkin so while I enjoy the hustle of a city I absolutely need the countryside to feel at ease, balanced and, well, at home.

  12. I love these “rules!” My rules for a great vacation are to laugh a lot and embrace each new adventure!

  13. Sounds like such a fun time, and I love these new rules! Some vacation rules I have are to relax, stay in the moment and enjoy each part of the trip, exercise in a more relaxed way, and be open to new adventures!

  14. So glad you’re having such a lovely time with friends 🙂

    I agree with all of your vacation “rules,” especially the eating dessert often one and the one about exercising in more relaxed way. i love getting to explore new places on foot whether it’s through running or really long walks!

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