Top 3 #7

TGIF my friends! This week was a whirled wind- Nashville, final exams, and work. I’m still having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that I’m almost out of school forever. On Wednesday I spent the entire day studying for an exam and I  endured it by reminding myself the end is near! Sure, I’ll have the internship next year, but at least I will be out of the classroom and free from writing papers and studying for so many tests. 

This summer I have plans to expand the blog, spend countless hours soaking up the sun, get in plenty of pleasure and nutrition reading, and make time for hanging with my friends. Did I tell you that I love summer? Because I really, really do. 

Thanks again those of you partaking in the Top 3 Friday. Hosting a link-up is definitely on my to-do list, but apparently finals take a lot of my free time? Who would have thought it? 😉 Anyways, on to catching you up on my week. It’s been a good one! 

Top 3 Eats (Pss.. even more delicious eats from Nashville in this post)

  1. Lunch at Chuy’s. Lots of chips and salsa plus a delicious fajita steak salad. 
  2. Barbecue sandwich plus a spinach salad with goat cheese, walnuts, and balsamic vinegar. The barbecue was made my friend Anna the night before for our potlock. I am not usually a fan of pork (too salty), but this was amazing! And I think that salad may be my favorite combo ever. 
  3. Huge salad with hummus & mustard-y tuna. This was the perfect post-vacation lunch- even better enjoyed outside! 

Top 3 Lows

  1. Leaving Nashville. While I am super grateful for my time there, it was really hard to go. My three best girl friends, who I’ve known since elementary school, live there. When I go visit it’s like everything is in place. It feels so natural. My life journey has often kept me from being close in proximity to them, but I truly cherish every moment we get together.
  2. Blogging funk. I guess it was a combo of being out of town with my friends and the finals freenzy, but I totally fell out of the loop with blogging & reading blogs this week. It’s amazing how missing just a single week can make me feel that way. I tend to be the kind of person who worries I will never get my motivation back after I lose it…only time will tell but I have a feeling my fatalistic attitude is probably off base, especially since I posts planned for next week already.
  3. It’s exam week. ‘Nough said.

Top 3 Highs

  1. Visiting Nashville, obviously. I even got to see my brother Jon while I was there. Can you believe he’s three years younger than me? Beard & all. 
  2. Terry recorded new music to share with the world! He’s musical skills are definitely part of the reason I fell for him. I love that he is sharing his talent. Check him out here.      
  3. Feeling pretty proud because I managed to run a mile @ 8:43 last night at our track workout. Big deal for me! It’s all about making personal progress.

Top 3 Instagram posts

^thanks Rach for capturing this picture! 

^mad creative skillz 

Top 3 Articles

  1. 1 Minute of All-Out Exercise May Have Benefits of 45 Minutes of Moderate Exertion via NY times
  2. Diagnosis isn’t everything: Why your ED is just as real via HealthyEzSweet Life. While I do think everyone with ED symptoms should see a medical professional, it doesn’t make your ED any less serious if you aren’t formally diagnosed.
  3. Ready or Not: My Summer Plans. Part 1. via My Little Tablespoon. I just had to share this post because I think it really highlights the importance of making our mental health a priority.We often get lost in plans for our future, but do we take the time to nourish and prepare ourselves for the future?

Alright guys, your turn! What are your top 3?

25 thoughts on “Top 3 #7

  1. That picture of you and Terry!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    My top three highs this week:

    1. Planning my trip to Virginia with my sister. She’s graduating in early May with her NP and my family is going down. She is SO excited and that just make me even more excited! I also get to meet this mysterious boyfriend of hers so that’s a perk as well!

    2. A fast work week. I know I should try to enjoy each and every day, which I do, but I’m just happy that the weekend is here this week!

    3. I spent a lot of time on Sunday just sitting and talking to my mom. My mom causes me a lot of anxiety and frustration but Sunday was a really good day and I feel like it really made a difference for the two of us.

    Happy Friday!!

  2. The picture of you and your brother is wonderful. You two are so great looking together. It must stink to have left Nashville, but you can look forward to going back and creating more memories 🙂 My top 3 this week would be finishing a book, getting a new computer and securing travel plans for the next few weeks. I’m excited about summer!

      1. I’m amazed you can read so much for class! Even in college I still would put off reading textbooks to read for pleasure X-)

  3. Aw love the picture of you two…so cute! When I went on vacation for a week I felt out of the loop but it didnt take long to pop back in–its okay! 🙂 We’ll be here still! haha Have a good weekend!

  4. Aw Kate you made me tear up by sharing my post. Thank you…
    Is Nashville where you were born? No kidding it has a huge pull on your heart strings. Always so hard to live somewhere you feel so “you,” but it will just makes returning again that much more special.
    That picture of you and Terry is totally frame worthy. I say blow it up.
    Have a lovely last weekend of being in school my dear – you are SO close!! I’m so excited for you to be in summer mode.

  5. That picture of you and Terry, like Cora, said SHOULD totally go in a frame. 🙂 You are a precious couple. Keep running the race Kate! You can do all things through Christ! I’m also SO grateful that you shared Cora’s and Cayanne’s posts. Those really were a huge blessing to me.

    AND, woah girl? A mile in 8:43 is AMAZING. You are going to be one of those speedy runners in a short time. :))) I’ll cheer you on from the sidelines.

  6. I love hummus on my salads!! Ugh- I feel you on exams week. My exam week starts this upcoming Saturday! We are almost to the finish line though!! Also, that pic of you and Terry is just absolutely ADORABLE ❤ Have a great weekend Kate!!

  7. I’m so glad that you had the chance to spend time with those lovely ladies, even if it wasn’t nearly long enough. And I’m SO HAPPY for you that your finals are over!!!
    I’m definitely feeling a blogging funk right now and not really sure if I’m going to continue. It’s really a struggle to motivate myself to write anything lately. I feel like that’s a sign that I need to take a break and reevaluate things.
    I love that picture of you and Terry!

    1. I’ve been missing you but I’m glad I have snapchat to follow along. I definitely don’t think there’s any point in pushing something that doesn’t feel natural. Please free to just let me know all that’s going on here. Like career stuff!!

  8. I love hummus on a salad- so good! I’m glad your exams are almost over girl, same here! I love Summer, the sunshine just makes my mood 10x better.

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