Top 3 Friday #6

Happy Friday! We made it. 

I feel like I’ve been out of the loop the last couple of days. I’ve been reading many blogs, but haven’t had the chance to comment on them. I’m seriously slacking on my replies too. It is just that time of year- I hope you don’t mind! I also haven’t gotten around to finalizing the link up for top 3 Friday quite yet… it’s coming!

I absolutely LOVED reading the comments on yesterday’s post. You guys amaze me.

Top 3 Eats

  1. Tortilla Pizzas– Last Friday night I made these for an easy dinner after we came home from a long walk around town. These pizzas plus Star Wars: The Force Awakens made for a perfect Friday night in.

2. Tacos at Taco Boy in Charleston, SC– after my doctor’s appointment, we lunched on some amazing tacos. I got the tempura avocado and kimchi beef. The menu of tacos is super eclectic and I’m excited to go back and try more of them!

3. Fajitas- Keeping with the Mexican theme, last night’s dinner with girlfriends really hit the spot after a busy week. Kelly and I shared the chicken fajitas for two. So good! And I love that we got sit outside.  
Top 3 lows

(thanks Laura for the tip to put the “lows” first. I think I’ll take the bad then the good ;))

  1. Summer plans- I am facing some unexpected changes in my schedule this summer which means some plans will likely not pan out. I am really disappointed, but I hope that eveything will be worth it.
  2. Last day at job– Since the semester is wrapping up, today is my last day as a graduate assistant in the health center. I’ve build great relationships and will truely miss the ladies!
  3. End of the year stress– what else can I expect? I’ve felt this going on 6 years (12 if you count semesters…), but every year it feels exhausting. At least I know this is the last time ever!

Top 3 highs

  1. New job- Praising God, because I secured a job for the summer! Woop woop! I’ll be working at a locally *famous* cupcakery, and I am so excited! 
  2. Track workout-  I joined my friends for another track workout and felt strong. I enjoyed the run, but really enjoyed the Mexican dinner that followed 😉
  3. THIS WEATHER– it’s here y’all! Consistent days in the 80’s. I am a self-proclaimed lover of the heat and I love the fact I can wear shorts and dresses now. Helloooo iced coffees.

 Top 3 instagrams

Top 3 Reads

You don’t have to believe what you think via Immaeatthat- once again, she’s hits the nail on the head!

Fancy juice cleanse doesn’t rid the body toxins via The New York Times- I HATE the word “detoxify”

Anti-slavery activist Harriet Tubman to replace Jackson on $20 bill via USA Today

30 thoughts on “Top 3 Friday #6

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I actually felt happier at the end of this post than normal–I’m thinking it’s because the lows were before so many good things! Also–you’re working at a cupcake shop this summer???? That sounds like a blast and a half!

    I had a rough week this week (a funk took over that I just couldn’t shake) so these highs are extra needed:

    1. I bought new clothes. I went to Marshalls yesterday and bought a couple shirts, shorts, socks, one dress, a pair of shoes, two purses, a pair of sunglasses, and a jar of peanut butter (naturally). I haven’t gone shopping like this in at least five years and although the money aspect stressed me out, overall it felt GOOD!

    2. I’ve been talking to my sister and friends more. Everyone lives in a different state and I’m not very good at keeping in touch but this past week I made an effort to reach out and after just one week it already feels more natural.

    3. I took a personal day yesterday. I called in sick and had a mental health day and by the end of it I felt like a whole new person. Funk be gone!

  2. I love that handstand picture! It has been pretty warm here too, and while I don’t love it as much as you do, I’ll take it over rainy, cold days!
    This week highs were :
    1)getting to take Matilda to the playground 3 times- she loves it so much!
    2.)a decision career wise. Scary, but cool
    3.) getting to spend some time with my mamas (both John’s and mine).
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Happy Friday!! Hope you have a nice weekend 😀 I too am a lover of the heat…bring on the sunshine, sun dresses, and iced coffee!!! I need to move down south—right now. hahaha

  4. I was so ready for the link up! I really enjoyed doing this Kate 🙂 have a great weekend and take some time to relax

  5. You were in Charleston? Yum. I hope your doctor’s appointment went well – I’m going to text you 🙂 Also, I hope your job pans out. You better believe I will be coming to visit you for some cupcakes. What a FUN job. Otherwise, I’ll keep my eyes open for any nutrition like opportunities up here if you’d be interested?

  6. Congrats on the job!! I expect many upon many pictures (and reviews) of cute little cakes.
    Disappointment is a really hard emotion. I’m sorry your previous plans don’t look like they’ll be panning out. But hey, one door closes to another door open right? And maybe something even better is on the horizon. No doubt the other employees at the health centre are going to miss you!
    My gosh you must be done soon – when is your last day?

    1. I’m pretty excited for the job! Im really hoping the disappointment over summer plans turns into something very positive! Thanks for the encouragement!
      My technical last day is May 2. Doing a lot of studying at the moment!

  7. Ummmm a job at a cupcake bakery?? OMG Id be so screwed lol My finger would be in the frosting bowl every 5 minutes. No self control over here!
    Congrats on almost being done with the semester! I know the stress can be unbearable, but just hang in there!

  8. SO SUPER excited that you get to work at a cupcake bakery. :)) You have a gift for loving the heat :). I’m amazed that it’s already in the 80s there. We’re still in the 50s to 60s. 🙂 Keep looking to Jesus Kate. God has your whole summer already planned out with His perfect timing.

  9. The end of the semester is coming up so fast! I hear ya–it’s one crazy time of year.
    So many takes on the tortilla! I like how you had Italian food on a tortilla, then Korean and Japanese food on a tortilla, then finally Tex Mex…with tortillas.
    I think it’s so cool how Harriet Tubman is going to be on the 20. I mean, let’s be honest…Andrew Jackson was not exactly a hero.

  10. End of semester stress is the worst… I’m right there with ya girly! Yay for warm weather and iced coffees tho!! That tortilla pizza looks great too

  11. Oooh I never thought of making tortilla pizzas! I’m forever on the hunt for a good make-it-at-home gluten free pizza but have yet to be impressed. I think I’m going to try corn tortilla pizzas now 🙂 And congrats on your new job; I know you’ll maintain relationships with the ladies whose lives you’ve touched in the health center

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