Top 3 #5

WHEW. That was a busy week! It’s hard to believe it but I am 20 days away from graduation. Thank you Lord, for pulling me through!

Since it is Friday, it is time for another Top 3! Unfortunately with everything going on, I wasn’t able to put together a link-up, but I am going to try again for next week. I am really excited to get it started! While I made the top 3 idea on a whim, I’ve come to love the format. Looking back at eats / highs / lows / good reads / and Instagram finds is a great way to sum up the week. I feel strongly that it is important to include the lows with the highs, because I want to be real. Even though I haven’t had any really “low” moments lately, it’s still important to consider the challenges we’ve faced. We can relate and  grow with one another! Anyways, if you decide to get in on the top 3 fun, just link back to me, and hopefully we will have a link-up very soon! 😀 😀

Top 3 Eats

1. Triple Take Salad from Newk’s: THIS SALAD IS WHAT SALAD DREAMS ARE MADE OF. Pasta salad, fruit salad, and chicken salad? Chunky chicken salad all the way, of course! I could eat it everyday.  2. Soy Latte: not technically “food”, but delicious nonetheless. Soy lattes are superior to regular and almond, in my opinion! I’ll need another this week, I do believe.

3. Lentil loaf: I made this on Saturday night and it was my lunch most days this week. So comforting and even better with spicy bbq sauce.

Honorary mention: strawberries!

Top 3 Highs

  1. Having a lot of girlfriend time over the weekend. Terry was out of town for work this past weekend, so I spent a lot time hanging out with my friends. They were so kind to either stay over or let me stay over.I am so grateful for the friendships I’ve built in grad school.
  2. Finishing 3 major projects!! Can I get a whoop whoop?
  3. Gradually improving my running. Sometimes I just have to ask myself, who am I? I am still putting no pressure on myself and trying to do as my body wants. It’s been rather awesome to experience. My friends encouraged me to join them at their track workout and I actually enjoyed it!

Top 3 Lows

  1. Little sleep. Not so bad that I was a zombie, but I stayed up way too late most nights for my six o’clock wake up time. At least on of us is getting plenty of sleep…
  2. Feeling like a hot mess. You ever have those weeks? It was likely from the lack of sleep, but most days this week I felt like I just couldn’t get myself together.
  3. Stomach pangs. Praise God I have an appointment with a motility specialist today!

Top 3 Instagram posts


Top 3 articles 

  1. Letting go of the numbers via Laura in Lou
  2. Are full-fat dairy foods better for you after all? via CBS News
    Findings suggest that either… dairy fatty acids themselves or other correlated factors in dairy fat could reduce the risk of diabetes.” 
  3.  Where’s the magic in family dinner? via The New York Times

Now it’s your turn, pick a category and give me your top 3!

35 thoughts on “Top 3 #5

  1. I give you so much credit for running! Every couple of months I try and realize that I hate it with every fiber of my being. Anyone who runs deserves a medal of some sort regardless of how far or fast they go.

    My top highs (favorite part of the blogging week!)
    1. I told my parents about me going back to school. My mom said “I’m very concerned” my dad said “deep breaths and move forward”. Sounds about right.
    2. We have a surprise party for my co-worker who’s leaving tonight. I started planning a party with her and then stopped completely once I realized that my other co-workers wanted to do a surprise. She legit thinks I just forgot about her and even offered to buy pizza for everyone next week for her own going away party. So sad but SO funny because tonight there are going to be over 25 people waiting for her to say goodbye!
    3. The third one is always the hardest. I guess I would have to say the fact that I have begun to do my actual job at work instead of covering the front desk all day. Marketing, referral outreach, and project management time!

    Thanks for another opportunity! One suggestion though–you should try typing your lows before your highs in the post that way you and your readers will have the highs to trump the lows. Just a suggestion, of course!

    1. Oh my goodness I wish I could be at that surprise party- I love happy stuff like that.
      I thought I did hate running, honestly. I’ve been listening to podcasts and I love being outside so much, so apparently that’s made it easier for me. I still don’t see myself as a half marathoner or anything. I’m happy to get 2-3 miles in.
      I’m interested about your decision to go back to school. Are your parents upset because of what you are studying or the stress you may be dealing with?
      Great idea about switching the highs with the lows!

      1. I take a lot of walks outside with music because, like you, being outside just makes me happy. In regards to my parents, it’s the fact that I’m studying nutrition and still have school loans to pay off. It’s mainly my mom–my dad sent the most heartfelt email that I just bawled over!

      2. What are loans anyways? 😉
        I can understand that. I think my parents were so glad I didn’t choose med school they were happy I went for nutrition.

  2. Thank you for linking my post! I feel honored. I’d say my top three highs of this week were: bouncing back from the flu, the awesome weather we’re having, and going on a weekday date night with my husband. Have a great weekend!

  3. I never get soy latte’s but since you praise them so much, I may have to try them! 20 days!!! You are almost there. Good luck at the motility specialist today – I hope you get some answers!

  4. I just started drink soy milk (I need a help in the estrogen department) and I really like it!! I’ll have to try it in latte form!
    Way to go on the running!!!

  5. I love soy and almond latte’s but my favorite is coconut milk latte’s. I hope your stomach issues get resolved soon–it’s so frustrating! Hope you have a weekend filled with some much needed rest!

  6. This really is such a great post format. My week was crazy – as yours was as well – but I’m hoping to join you next friday!
    Congrats on the three projects! Tick tick ticks off the list and only 20 days to go! Eeeee!!
    Extra girl/friend time is so good for the soul. I’m glad your week had these moments of company to keep your sanity somewhat down and happiness up 🙂

  7. I’m putting a reminder in my phone to do the top 3 post next week! This should be fun 🙂 my top three is starting a new book, laughing till my face hurt at work and running in shorts this morning. Have a great weekend!

  8. Strawberries are soo good right now! I can’t get enough. I hear you on feeling like a hot mess, but hey at least we’re hot messes 😉

  9. That lentil loaf looks great, and so does that soy latte! I’m so sorry you have been having tummy troubles. I totally get that- I did this past week too and it just flat out sucks. Hang in there love! Hope you have a great and relaxing weekend Kate 🙂

  10. Whoop whoop on finishing your projects! That must feel so good. I feel ya though on feeling like a hot mess. This past week was one of those for me. That lentil loaf looks absolutely delicious!

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