Top 3 Friday #5

Hey friends! Happy Friday!!

Isn’t it awesome how Friday’s never fail to feel good, even though they come every 7 days? I think so.

Before I jump into another top 3 Friday post, I have a quick question. Would you be interested in a link up for this “top 3” format? No pressure, just trying to get s better feel.

Top 3 eats

1. By far this burger was my favorite. I talked it about in Wednesday’s post, but it needed re=mentioning.

 2. This was a close second. Homemade corn fritters topped with mashed sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs, sliced avocado, feta, black beans, and spicy chili. This was at Elmo’s Diner in Durham, NC. 3. Fage 2% Greek yogurt. I usually buy the big container of 0% Greek yogurt that’s cheap at Aldi, but I saw this marked down and gave it a try. It is so creamy!!! It didn’t need anything with it.  Top 3 Highs

1. Terry’s Birthday– having a full day together to enjoy and just hang out was awesome. We got burgers, went to a park, had ice cream, made our first picnic of the year, and watched a movie. I’m so grateful for him.  

 2. Girls’ night– getting together with friends has been a real game changer for my 2nd year of grad school compared to my first year. Last night a few friends came over and we ate and chatted for hours. The simple thing= the best things. And we laughed over this:  

3. Sharing my blog- in my nutrition counseling and education class this week we discussed social media and how we can use to advance the dietetics profession. As a part of the lecture I got to share my experiences with blogging, which was fun for me and a great reminder of the passion I have for it.

Top 3 Lows

1. Stomach issues. I’m happy to report I’m only one week away from seeing the specialist!


3. Uncertainty about future things. I’m doing my best to remember that God is in control and worry is wasteful. It’s working most of the time!

Top 3 Instagram screenshots 


Top 3 articles/reads

What I look for when dining out via Bucket Tummy List

9 sins the church is okay with via Faith It

How We Purged//Spring Clean via Neverhomemaker

Pick a category and give me your top 3!

Would you be interested in top 3 link up?

38 thoughts on “Top 3 Friday #5

  1. When yogurt has fat in it is ALWAYS so much better. Of course you know that I would be really glad to participate in a link up, I actually wanted to do this post today but time ran out for me and I never got to it. Must of been awesome to talk about your blog, I always get so shy when someone asks about my blog or I have to talk about it, I don’t know why.

    1. I wish my store sold 2% yogurt in big containers because it is sooooo good!
      I am going to try to figure out the link up stuff for next week, I will let you know.
      I am the same way when it comes to talking about my blog, but I’ve found the more I do it, the easier it becomes!

  2. I almost suggested a link up to you!! I think it would be a great idea and I would for sure get my act together and participate!
    Fage is the best Greek yogurt!! I’ve never tried the 2% variety but I’m sure it’s good.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I would TOTALLY love a top 3 link up! LOVE. Also, so many good things in this post – you were in Durham?! My old ‘hood. There’s an Elmo’s in Chapel Hill too but I never went. Always heard great things! I love the 2% or full fat yogurt – it really is creamier – it goes with PB so well. I’m glad you’re getting closer to seeing a specialist. And I know it’s hard to think about the unknown of the future (I’ve been there and kind of still am with job stuff), but it will all work out, and you already have an awesome internship to look forward to! Thanks for including my link 🙂 Happy weekend!

    1. I’m going to try to the link up together for next week!
      I think it’s the same Elmo’s. Google maps calls it Durham, but it is only 3 miles from the school.
      I can see how the 2% would be good with pb… It’s so creamy!

  4. After seeing that Sarah hopped on your train and seeing someone ask about it last week – I definitely thought it was an awesome idea to make this a link up. My fridays have been packed lately, otherwise I probably would have given it a go already! I’ve tried other “friday favorites” and “friday fives” in the past, but something about this one seems more manageable – its concrete and unique. I found doing 5 things too much. Anyways. Yes – I would be interested in this being a link up (then if I do it I don’t feel like I’m stealing your idea! aha).
    That first instagram picture….. yes. ❤
    And well done speaking about your blog!! My confidence is definitely not there yet.

    1. I think 3 is the perfect number! Though it is hard to choose only 3 eats, haha. Sometimes 3 lows are hard to come up with, but I just feel it’s so important to share the bad with the good.
      I’m going to try to have the link up together for this Friday!

  5. I would link up certainly! My top three of the week was seeing my sister get her time goal in the race on Sunday, surviving the snow and slush this week and finishing a great book yesterday 🙂

  6. I’d love a link up! Your top three eats are amazing!! Nothing like a delicious burger. Hope your stomach issues get figured out…I definitely understand all of that insanity! I love that cooking spinach picture…haha!!

  7. Hahahaha the spinach thing is so, so true. Sometimes I will fill a colander with half the spinach in my box and it turns into a good handful 😥
    I love the pictures here – your eats look wonderful.

      1. I actually never buy frozen, and for no reason – I should really do that! That would be SO much easier for meatballs, lasagna, and things like quiche. Thank you for the great idea! 🙂

  8. I loved that humans of New York snippet. That reminded me of the joy of Jesus!!! I really hope you are able to get some answers on stomach issues. God made your body, and He knows exactly what’s wrong with it. I’m also getting on the train of saying that a Top 3 link-up would be fantastic!

  9. Those corn fritters look amazing! And I would totally be interested in a Top 3 link up – the more link ups, the better, in my humble opinion!

  10. Hi there! I had no idea that you were in Durham – I went to school there! Also, I just wanted to say that I have loved following your blog. I, myself, have lived with an eating disorder and it helps so much to read about someone else’s experience. On the stomach issues, I have them too. Maybe a side effect of the years of disordered eating. Eliminating FODMAPs helped me a lot. Have a great weekend!

    1. This makes me so happy! I agree that seeing others live freely is really inspiring.
      I did the low-FODMAP diet for a bit and found while it reduced bloating, it didn’t help with regularity. I watch my FODMAP intake though and try to avoid overdoing it!

  11. I would totally be interested in a top 3 linkup! That picture of the dog catching the fry kills me LOL. Have a great weekend Kate!

  12. Thinking about and typing my top 3 highs is really a great way for me to reflect on the positives of the week. Thank you for giving me this opportunity!
    1. I am going to be working two nights a week at my job. Doesn’t sound fun but those extra 6 hours will help me pay for my summer classes!
    2. I went out with two old friends on Thursday and it was amazing to see how we have all matured in the last two years!
    3. Honestly–my co-workers. It was a fairly uneventful week but having them around is truly a blessing. Some of my all time favorite people!

  13. I would love to be part of this link up! Glad you had a fun day with Terry for his birthday 🙂 Top three highs: going to a T-pain concert at my school, going to hot yoga, and picking my classes for next semester!

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