A day in my life (WIAW)

Today I am showcasing my eats along with the rest of my day. I thought it would be fun to give you a little insight into how my days go- this is a Monday.

6:05 am alarm goes off. Lay there for a minute contemplating if I really need to get up this early. Then I remember coffee.

6:10 am roll out of bed, use the bathroom, start up the coffee, and throw breakfast in the toaster. Meanwhile pack my lunch, do a little dishes. Take Jules out and feed her.

6:30 am eat breakfast, drink coffee, read a few blogs, and get a head start on homework. Breakfast this morning is a cherry yogurt baked oatmeal (not yummy enough to share, sadly), topped with a blob burnt sunflower seed butter.

Finish breakfast with a piece of 85% dark chocolate. I love a routine.

7:30 am Feel sad that it’s already time to get ready. I shower and get dressed. Terry has been throwing up throughout the night and still isn’t feeling his best.

Terry is sick / Dog needs to pee again= I’m running late but only because I always walk the line of being just on time.

8:30 am arrive at work. It’s Monday so I’ve a got a desk full of to-dos.

9:00 am pull out a fruit cup. I love sliced bananas in fruit salad. This one is simply a blood orange and a half a banana.

Work activities include re-verifying papers, filing papers, eating a mini twix left for me by our candy fairy, making appointments, canceling appointments, making 400 copies, snagging a Hershey’s hug on my way back to the office from the copier, answering emails, and chatting with my coworkers.

12:30 pm Lunch break, kinda. During lunches I still have cover the phones, but I can work on homework and blogging stuff too. Lunch today was tuna salad + black bean hummus over a bed of spinach with baby carrots (photo taken at home right after I packed it).

On the side was a small bag of popcorn in a pickle! Soooo good.

1:30 pm get off work, spend sometime  in the sun before heading to class. It’s a lovely, though windy, day!

2:00 pm sports nutrition class. Today we are talking about hydration and exercise. I learned that overhydration is a huge issue among athletes, particularly female marathon runners. Halfway through class, I snack on a whole grain cinnamon raisin english muffin with neufchatel cheese

2:50 pm get out of class early! Head to the store to pick up some ginger ale and chicken noodle soup for Terry. He’s still not feeling well!

3:10 pm arrive home. Eat a piece of freezer fudge while unloading my stuff. Chat with Terry / give the dog a kiss.

3:15 pm get dressed to go on a run. Head to a park and do 2 miles. I ran most of it, but I feel like I am not improving as quickly as I should. Shouldn’t this be easier by now after two weeks of doing it? I listen to Serial as a run. I’m very late on the band wagon, but I’m definitely riding!

MissPolkaDot these geese made me think of you! 😉

4:30 pm get home and start to work on dishes, then dinner. I do a lot of dishes. I fix an iced coffee from this morning’s leftover coffee. Coffee + almond milk + stevia + ice.

Terry’s still feeling bad, so looks like dinner is  just for me. I make a delicious Spanish rice and write down the recipe to share later. Leftover stir-fried cabbage and a runny egg.

5:00 pm sit down for my online class with dinner. Today we’re discussing herbal supplements and cancer. Turmeric appears to be the only herb found by research to be useful for shrinking cancer tumors. The others are hit and miss, mostly placebo.

6:00 pm grab some pineapple and a Diet Coke. Got to stay alert!

6:45 pm class is over, but work is still be done. I work on my food service homework and my presentation on pantothenic acid for Tuesday.

7:30 pm go for a short walk with Terry. He needs fresh air.

^He potted the top of the pineapple. He says we are going to have a pineapple plant. I believe him.

7:45 pm run to the store for Gatorade. Poor guy has gone through all the sick foods- saltines, ginger ale, chicken noodle soup, and now Gatorade. When Terry isn’t hungry, I know something isn’t right!
Jules is always open for sharing love.

8:00 pm settle in and buckle down. Finish up my worksheet and schedule Tuesday’s post on “9 Ways I Save on Groceries“.

9:30 pm time for a TV break! Watch two episodes of 3rd Rock from the Sun with Terry. Snack on a double chocolate banana bar with mug of almond milk.

10:30 pget ready for bed. When I lay down I read a little scripture and scroll through Twitter. Do you follow Sammy Rhodes? Funny guy!

11:00 start to fall asleep and receive a text from my Mom of a picture of my Dad from their trip.  

Great way to end my night 😀

54 thoughts on “A day in my life (WIAW)

  1. Your day makes me smile. I love your routine, those amazing snacks, that black bean hummus, and everything you do throughout the day. Dad looks so cute and happy in that pic! How did you burn sunflower butter? :O Looks freaking amazing nonetheless!

      1. That’s actually a beautiful idea – like a nut butter brûlée! Brilliant 🙂 I bet it was super delicious! Now I am envisioning something with banana, nut butter, chocolate, coconut, and all bruleed to perfection?!

  2. I love this! Sounds like a busy but good day. Is it weird that I also wake up at 6:05 then snooze until 6:10? Haha. I hope Terry is feeling better already!

  3. I hope Terry will be better soon! And I don`t know why, but your whole grain muffin remind me about bagel what I ate on Sunday.Baked goods are always perfect with cheese on top 😉

  4. Baha! I swearr I am not stalking your inner thoughts! We’ve just got some weird blogger-through the air- connection going on. I’m not complaining 🙂
    This was so fun to read. Although I’m really sorry terry isn’t well – hope it leaves him soon. Glad to see he still has his smarts through his illness though – pineapple tree is genius!!
    I can so relate to both feelings of “wait do I really need to be up this early?” And being so sad when breakfast time is over and I actually have to get up and leave. Womp :(.
    You’ve got me craving sautéed cabbage – do you use sauce or seasoning with it?

      1. I use nonstick spray in the pan, add the cabbage plus a tsp of minced garlic with a little bit of water (just enough so it won’t burn). For spices I add about a tsp of salt, 2 tsp paprika, and a pinch of chili powder. I sauté it until it is just soft, but still has a little bite! It’s one of my favorite vegetable dishes!

  5. I’m so sorry Terry is sick!! I hope he’s on his way to a full recovery at this point!
    I love his idea for planting the pineapple!! Very cool!
    I want to hear more about this over hydration problem with female athletes- that sounds like such a cool class!
    Also, I cannot wait for that dinner recipe!
    I hope you have a great Wednesday !

    1. He is feeling SO much better now!
      The overhydration issue is related to the # of water stations on a marathon route. Runners will continue to drink, but then not be able to excrete it. If it’s not a warm day, they may not sweat as much out either. Many of them come well-hydrated already. Women are at a greater risk simply because they tend to take longer on the course. Interesting stuff. My teacher said he thinks they should have weighing stations throughout the course as a way to detect overhydration, because you should never “gain” weight while exercising.

  6. You are such a good care taker! That cinnamon raisin english muffin looks amazing and has me craving one. What’s your verdict on black bean hummus? I bought Aldi’s brand and I liked it, but there was a little kick at the end!

    1. THe english muffin was from Trader Joe’s! I’ve had some good black bean hummus varieties. I’m not exactly sure what constitutes something as “hummus.” This was a homemade one with black beans, diced tomatoes (leftover from a can), canola oil, garlic, and salt. It was pretty yummy! Great with baby carrots.

  7. I hope Terry feels better! Stomach bugs are the WORST! Are you studying to become a dietitian? Enjoyed reading this post I can feel your positive attitude jump off the page!

  8. Perfect day! I hope Terry gets feeling better. Being sick sucks both for the ill and those around them. Have a great day Kate! Keep working on the running, it does get easier I promise!

    1. He is feeling a lot better now, thank you!
      I am glad to hear that from you. It’s hard for me to gauge if I am improving like I should be, but I am definitely feeling good about doing it, which is new to me!

  9. Ugh, I hope Terry is feeling better! And that you don’t catch it. I’m the WORST wife when Alex is sick – I’m jsut like, uh, stay away from me. Though, I guess I was nicer before kids – Now I know that if I get sick, they’ll get sick and it will be the worst ever, ha! I love reading little random things you learn in school, especially since I went to school for PR and Journalism. That turmeric tidbit is so interesting to me!

  10. 😦 I hope Terry feels better soon. I was just sick yesterday for the first time in a long time, and it reminded me of just how much of a gift it is to be healthy, but I’m also so grateful when God has us slow down and just spend time resting too. Sometimes i just need to be sick to slow down. It sounds like your school is really involved. I’m curious. Why is overhydration such a big issue among athletes?

    1. That is so true- we forget how GOOD it feels to be healthy! That’s an awesome perspective.
      The overhydration issue is related to the # of water stations on a marathon route. Runners will continue to drink, but then not be able to excrete it. If it’s not a warm day, they may not sweat as much out either. Many of them come well-hydrated already. Women are at a greater risk simply because they tend to take longer on the course. Interesting stuff. My teacher said he thinks they should have weighing stations throughout the course as a way to detect overhydration, because you should never “gain” weight while exercising.

  11. I love these day in the life posts!! I hope Terry starts to feel better ASAP 😦 You definitely have a busy day! The pic of your dad that your mom sent is adorable too btw. And when I’m out of school I need to try making that baked oatmeal and topping it with nut butter!! Seriously looks so good. Have a great Wednesday Kate!

  12. Wow, you’re one busy lady. I’m impressed by how much you accomplish in a day without loosing your head [I would]. Your classes sound really interesting. Especially the one about cancer and herbal supplements as one of my relatives happens to be an oncologist and I know a thing or two about his work.
    Keeping my fingers crossed Terry will recover soon! Fingers crossed for that pineapple plant, too ;).
    Also: geese are still scary beasts. Running makes it easier to escape them, though.

  13. There is so much going on here! The supper and evening snack looks so delicious. I will have to check that bar recipe out!
    I really hope you get to grow a pineapple, how cool would that be?
    We seem to be going through pretty similar things with school, I actually recently learnt about natural health products recently and the teacher said that turmeric had the best evidence too!
    Hope Terry feels better soon!

  14. Jules is such a cutie! I wouldn’t be able to say no to that face! Thanks for sharing your day with us! I absolutely love reading about other people’s lives. Hope the rest of your week is going well. 🙂

  15. I love how you say you love routine and some of a routine involves a piece (or two) of dark chocolate – i have similar “routines” of having pumpkin seeds and cranberries a lot of times after my lunches as a little habit 😛 Anyway, lovely post pics – how do u make the simplest food look so yummy!?

  16. How do you like Serial? I’ve been listening to Season 1 as part of the requirement for my graduate seminar, and it’s pretty controversial among the English grad students.
    I love that you end your breakfast with a piece of chocolate, btw!

    1. I am hooked! I just finished episode 9 and I feel like the reporter- sometimes sure and sometimes doubtful. I really like the guy, but sometimes all the connected dots seem really strong to me and I can’t figure anything else out. I don’t think there was enough evidence for him to be sentenced though.

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