Protein-packed spinach dip

Happy Monday everyone! I’m having mixed emotions today. Spring break is over, but I know that I am in home stretch. Lots of projects to complete, so if I seem a little brief in the next few weeks, you know why!

Today I am sharing a wonderful dish with you: Protein-packed Spinach dip.

Because even though most of us seem to get plenty of protein in our diets, we seem to really love protein! 😉 But really, thanks to tofu & Greek yogurt, this dip can be promoted from appetizer to main. 

unnamed (2)

This dip came about when I needed an appetizer dish for thebirthday party we through for my friend. 

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I baked the best chocolate cake ever for the second time and I have to say, it was incredibly delicious. I took it out of the oven 5 minutes before suggested this time and it was JUST right. I used this ganache recipe for the icing. Y’all… this cake was heaven in my mouth. Everyone agreed that “best cake ever” was a perfect title. Even my non-chocolate loving husband raved over it.unnamed (5)

While my baking (aka following directions) may be adequate, my decorating skills could use some work. In case you’re wondering, yes whipped cream will go flat within minutes. Google wouldn’t give me a straight answer, so I chanced it by decorating the cake with whipped cream 30 minutes before serving. Oops. 

Before the whipped cream:

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In addition to the cake we had a killer potluck of mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, guacamole and chips, veggie quesadillas, and spinach dip with crackers, carrot sticks, and celery. These girls could cook!

Now, about that spinach dip. Are you a spinach dip lover? When I am with my family, if we get an appetizer at a restaurant, it’s gonna be that. We love dipping salty chips into the cheesy goodness.

This spinach dip is a little different. I opted for the tofu since I knew we would be getting plenty of dairy. I was a little nervous about using it, but I figured the worse that could come from it would be a lack of flavor. Tofu doesn’t really bring it on its own, you know?

You guys, there was no reason to worry- it was so satisfying. And incredibly easy. Just throw everything in the blender and bake! It’s both savory & creamy: everything a spinach dip should be. This recipe is a little heartier than most dips, so if you prefer it to be thinner, just add more Greek yogurt or mayo. The next day I had the leftovers for lunch and I think it was even better. Let those flavors mingle.

Protein-packed Spinach Dip


12.3 oz silken tofu, firm (drained)
1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
1/4 cup mayonnaise (I used an olive oil blend version)
1 tsp minced garlic
10 oz frozen spinach, thawed
1/2 tsp pepper
1 tsp salt
1 tsp oregano
1/4 cup shredded mozzarella, for topping
Paprika, for sprinkling


Preheat oven to 400 F. In a blender, process drained tofu until smooth. Add the spinach, Greek yogurt, mayo, and spices and process until well combined. Spoon mixture into a 8×8 dish or a pie dish. Sprinkle with mozzarella and paprika. Cook in oven for 20-25 minutes. Broil for 1 minute then remove from oven. Let sit for 3-4 minutes before serving, it’s hot! Serve with tortilla or pita chips, carrot sticks, or other dipper of choice.

unnamed (1)

So you tell me…

Do you have a favorite appetizer?

What sweet do you want on your birthday?

24 thoughts on “Protein-packed spinach dip

  1. Ah this looks amazing!! My favorite appetizer is probably shrimp cocktail or veggies with dip! A sweet that I would want on my birthday is probably a chocolate chip cookie or ice cream 🙂

  2. What cake recipe did you use?? Look at you – what a star. I love how you packed tofu into this little protein dip – it looks like a winner! I love ice cream cake or something with lots of buttercream frosting!

    1. The recipe was from Add a Pinch and was literally called “best chocolate cake ever.”
      I am one of those weirdies who prefer whipped icing to buttercream. Though that ganache was killer too!

  3. My favorite appetizer is the stuffed mushrooms my mother-in-law makes. I know she spends so much time cleaning and preparing them that I almost feel bad when 10 disappear into my stomach in no time! I’ve got to say that I love a good spinach dip, too.

  4. Spinach dip is always one of my favorite appetizers! I love the tofu addition! Definitely pinning for later!
    And chocolate cake is always my first choice for birthday cake!

  5. Mmmh, that – the mayonnaise aside [I’ve never liked it, even was the odd child who didn’t] – this sounds deeelicious. Hand me this and some corn chips, please.
    Also, a non-chocolate lovin’ husband? Is that even possible ;)? Your cake looks amazing. Happy belated birthday to Kelly!

    1. I am not a big mayo fan but I like it small amounts! I’m sure you could just add more yogurt.
      Isnt it crazy he doesn’t love chocolate? He says my 85% chocolate taste like medicine.

  6. Looks so delicious! My mom made a chocolate cake for my birthday and I have to say that it might have been the best chocolate cake ever, but I’m sure that one is too ( a lot of them are haha). Totally get you, coming back from March break is brutal, I’m just now starting to see the end of this terribly stressful past week!

  7. yum! Im a cupcake or regular cake fan for my birthday. My favorite appetizer is probably hummus and sugar snap peas!
    Cant wait to make this!

  8. Yes to spinach dip! Sososo good! I’m also a fan of artichoke dip, guac, hummus…pretty much everything haha.
    And I’m a fan of chocolate cake but on my birthday I’ll usually go with something more lemony or bursting with some type of berry. Probably because I have a summer birthday and those are the flavors I crave then!

  9. Waaaait…. Terry doesn’t like Chocolate?! So was this a strategy of yours when getting married? More for you? 🙂

    This is brilliant Kate. Isn’t silken tofu such a magical ingredient? I’m always amazed where it can be used without the slightest bit of detection. Like in “cheese”cakes 🙂
    For me summer is the time for dips, so I’m saving this one to pull out for any summer gatherings.

  10. That cake also looks awesome.

    I substitute greek yogurt for sour cream a lot in recipes and I like how much protein it adds. You don’t feel as if you are sacrificing flavor but it makes a little more healthy,

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