Failed health experiments

Good day friends! Or should I say, “beware the ides of March”?

Last night we had our friends over for dinner. We had buffalo chicken spaghetti squash boats plus veggies with a Greek yogurt veggie dip. The spaghetti squash boats were something I made a few weeks ago and loved so much that I HAD to share it with someone else. My friends approved too!


In the dip went ~2/3 cup plain Greek yogurt, a dash of salt, pepper, dill, and parsley. I was out of garlic powder, so I used a teensy bit of the juice from my jar of minced garlic.

They brought dessert:

unnamed (1)

Carrot cake with cream cheese swirl ❤ Plus coffee to wash it down.

Today is day 2 of spring break and I plan to get some work done on my vitamin research paper, soak up some sun, make some chocolate with the coconut oil I finally bought, and take a trip to the dentist.

Speaking of dentist… Remember when I said I started drinking apple cider vinegar in my water each morning in hopes of improved digestion? Well, I am not sure it helped my digestion, but I ended up really enjoying the way it tasted. However, a few weeks ago my teeth became very sensitive and would tingle after I ate. After a process of elimination and searching the interwebs for a possible cause, it occurred to me that every morning I had been drinking vinegar, the most acidic thing in my kitchen. Even though it was very diluted and I drank it through a straw, I believe it was still too much for my enamel. I’ve cut it out and plan on using a special toothpaste to help repair the damage, but I do warn you to think about the potential side effects of various “health experiments” before starting one.  But you probably already knew that 😉

Have you ever tried a “health experiment” that backfired (or just wasted your money)

-Aloe vera juice did not improve my digestion.

-Hydrogen peroxide did not clear up my skin, but it did give me a rash.

-Lemon juice did not dye my hair blonde.



16 thoughts on “Failed health experiments

  1. I have tried SO MANY health experiments! Paleo didn’t fix my digestive, skin, or hormonal issues. Apple cider vinegar didn’t work for me either.
    Good luck at the dentist today!

  2. Going raw didn’t improve my mental clarity, it made me watch the YouTube videos as assholes and then I hated it 😉 Those are fun stories for parties though lol

  3. I used to drink that for my digestion too!! It didn’t help me too much though ;[ Now I just push through the IBS haha and take Miralax for it. That carrot cake looks amazing too! Best of luck at the dentist today- I don’t like going either, but it will be over before you know it!

  4. Oh, probably many. Though I’ve probably also been guilty of just going along with it and pretending like it was working..? Or sometimes you just can’t tell whether something is making any difference at all or not. But still, proof that avertising is not always truth – or atleast depends on the person.
    Yay you got coconut oil!! I hope you make lots of freezer chocolate!!

    1. The placebo effect is real! But also very real is wanting to believe I didn’t waste my money, haha.
      I really like to read personal testimonies of people I trust, but even those can depend on the person!

  5. The oil pulling craze didn’t seem to work for me – or I just didn’t do it long enough! That’s interesting about the ACV – I never thought about that but it makes total sense!

  6. hope the dentist wasnt too painful!! ive tried nearly every health/diet “trick” for clear skin. Nothing ever worked.

  7. I have heard that ACV can be too strong for enamel. A lot of the health trends or fads I feel like are just fads- or there is some type of placebo effect going on. The latest health experiment I am trying is hydrogen peroxide to whiten my teeth. I swish it around 3 times a week. I’ve only been doing it a week, but we’ll see how it goes!

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