Top 3 Friday #1

Hey guys!

I am trying out a new Friday post that will allow me to recap the week. I’m considering adding or changing a few of the “top 3s”, so it will be a work in progress. I hope you enjoy!

Top 3 things I ate:

-grilled kale & cheese sandwich with roasted red pepper & tomato soup


-baked oatmeal with runny peanut butter


-microwave “omelette” with 1 egg + 1 egg white + kale + feta cheese / plain yogurt + frozen blueberries


Top 3 ups:

-Catching up with friends. Over the weekend we got to spend time with our dear friends who live a few states away. The best friends are the ones you can pick up where you left off without any hesitations!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

That meant extra time with my main squeeze too…


-Walk/run outdoors. I skipped the gym everyday this week in favor of hitting the streets outdoors. Last night was my best night, because I ran most of the time and felt really good. I swear this warmer air brings out a new me.


-Meeting with an RD. The Charlotte Dietetic Association has a mentorship program where each semester student members have the opportunity to meet with an RD over coffee. I participated last semester and loved it, so I did it again. The RD I met with works with a bariatric surgeon and had a lot of interesting experiences to share with me. It is opportunities like this that help me remember why I am working so hard in school.

Top 3 downs:

-Getting sick. No fun, but thankfully I only missed out on one day of school and work. I’m already feeling a TON better.

-Oven breaking. Yes, my oven broke. My stove & broiler still work, but neither of those things bake cookies or roast potatoes very well. I’m hoping we can get this fixed soon, since I am the domestikated life and all! At least I know what to blame the raw chicken on now!

-Netflix-less. While we still have Netflix, we are currently in a place where we don’t what to watch! I am bummed that there is only 3 seasons of Worst Cooks of America on there, because we were loving that. Any suggestions?!

Top 3 articles:

High body fat can be dangerous, even with normal BMI, new study says: Another study that de-emphasizes the number on the scale. Fuel your body properly and be active. Treat your body well.

American Eagle Just Destroyed the Biggest Myth About What Shoppers Want: Mmm… maybe we ARE more inspired when we are made to feel good.

The Power of a Single Comment: Choose your words wisely. Preferably ones that uplift!

Top 3 Instagram screenshots:




Another week to smile about 😀

Pick a category and give me your top 3!

25 thoughts on “Top 3 Friday #1

  1. What a lovely way to re-cap your week. I especially like the Top 3 Instagram screenshots (not to mention that the first shot is the cutest) – I spend so much time on Instagram so it actually would be great to grab a few snapshots of what you like instead of simply never-ending scrolling and double-tapping things.

  2. I’m a COMPLETELY different person in the spring/summer/fall. Winter is the worst but it challenges me so I can’t hate it.

    Top three ups (chosen because I don’t know what I’m going to say):
    #1. Helped a guy go to the hospital for psychiatric reasons on Tuesday. I arrived at a bar early to meet my friends and the man sitting next to me was really really struggling. The police, ambulance, and fire department showed up and I talked him through it. It made me proud to have experience working with the mentally ill and made me want to continue helping people in my next career.
    #2. Following that–dinner and drinks with my co-workers. It’s something we always talk about doing but never do.
    #3. The beautiful weather we had on Wednesday (70 and sunny in New England!) I walked for my entire lunch break and felt like a new person!

    This was a lot easier than I thought. I really need to start sitting down and thinking about the positives more often…

    1. Laura, you are a super star!! The skills you must have to be able to handle such an intense situation. Amazing.
      Winter DOES challenge me. That’s a great way to put it! Maybe I’ll try to make that my perspective next time it comes around.

  3. I love this post- recapping the week this way is very cool! My top 3 ups this week:
    1.) going for an afternoon walk with John and Matilda.
    2.) taking Matilda to the park with my mom.
    3.) buying Matilda a Belle doll that she loves so, so much.
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. All your food looks delish and I love that aerie article!! Top 3 ups this week 1)spending the week in Florida 2)Doing well on an english essay 3)Time spent with family and friends!

  5. Great articles! Too bad about your oven,I would be mad if I couldn’t roast my nuts 😛 Hopefully you get another one soon 🙂 I think you should watch Scandal on Netflix. It’s great!

  6. That grilled cheese looks SO good. I need to recreate it! I also need to attempt a microwave omelette.
    I always like reading “Friday favorites” or recaps, but I never write my own.
    Thanks for linking to my post! ❤

  7. Oh I love this post idea!!! I think i’ll try to find my top 3 up’s since I haven’t been sleeping much and am a little too stressed for my own liking. Focusing on the good is always best! I am glad that my birthday is coming up and I get to enjoy an amazing supper made by my mom (so this did not happen yet but still haha), I am glad that I received a great grade on my nutrition exam and I am glad that I got to book two trips over the past week! Now that I look back, that’s not so bad after all. I feel so much better now haha, thanks :).

  8. I love this top 3 idea – I may have to borrow it sometimes. I am slobbering over that grilled cheese. Great photograph, too! Yay for running outside, the weather has just been so perfect. I am fascinated by bariatric surgery – that’s so cool that you got to talk to an RD who does that. Looking forward to our date next week! 🙂

  9. Those eats are looking gooood. Also, check out Mind of a Chef on Netflix!

    Three downs:
    1. Having to walk in soggy flats because of the rain
    2. I’ve been waking up with terrible allergies every day this week. Guuuh
    3. My long list of stuff to do during Spring break huhu

  10. I really like the concept of this post!! I hope that it takes off and other bloggers begin to do it and that you continue it as well! I loved the links that you shared!

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