Sick day eats (WIAW)

Happy Wednesday, friends!

It’s time for another day of eats. Thanks for the link-up!

We had a great weekend away in St. Simon’s Island, Georgia. Terry had a workshop to attend, but we also got to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend time with our friends we hardly get to see.

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Leaving the island felt like punishment. Particularly since we both left with a nasty sinus infection. Anyone else have killer teeth/jaw pain when you have one? It’s the worst part! And I am the person who claims to never get sick. Welp. Never say never. Turns out too little sleep and not enough of fruits/veggies leaves my immune system a little weaker. I am aiming for some more rest this week. Thank goodness spring break is right around the corner!

When I rolled out of bed yesterday morning, I was so glad my breakfast was already made.

I spooned some peanut butter on a square of baked oatmeal and threw it in the toaster. Toasting them together makes the peanut butter super runny! Plus coffee x 2.5, plus a square of 85% dark chocolate.


Later in the morning while working on school work, I snacked on two of these peanut butter oatmeal raisin energy balls (that’s a mouthful).


And then I fell into a three-hour long nap that no part of me could resist. I actually woke up feeling a lot better!

I made lunch for Terry and I by heating up leftovers of southwest pasta (recipe). I mixed mine with plain yogurt and hot sauce. Served with a side of sliced strawberries.


Later in the afternoon after more working and soaking up the sun, I had neufchatel spread on whole grain toast and small bowl of frozen blueberries



Terry and I took a nice long walk and the fresh air rejuvenated me. Though I am not feeling the best, I don’t want to miss out on this warm weather. For dinner I fixed oven baked chicken legs with a warm side of farro sauteed with kale, onions, and herbs .


Except I only ate a bite of the chicken…. because it was not cooked all the way. (Barf). I seriously despise cooking chicken for this very reason. I think I will stick with using my crockpot to cook my chicken- it’s never dry but always done completely. Yeah, no more raw chicken for us.

After dinner I went into Charlotte and met with a RD as a part of a mentorship program. I love learning and chatting with RDs, because it makes me excited for life after school and helps me to have a better idea of the field I want to work in. I sipped on an almond milk latte as we talked.

When I came home I felt like I had maybe an hour left in me. I made a small bowl of plain yogurt sprinkled with honey nut cheerios.


And that was it! Definitely not my most exciting day of eats, but hopefully enough to help to start feeling better. I don’t feel like my most exciting self either, so I apologize for the relatively boring post. I hope to be back up to speed in no time!

So you tell me-

How do you cook chicken?

Do you have a natural cold remedy you rely on?


46 thoughts on “Sick day eats (WIAW)

  1. I usually boil a chicken. So it is not necessary for it to watch, plus I left the broth to cook the soup or something like that. I usually add a lot of spices in the broth to cooked chicken was not tasteless.

  2. Sorry you’re not feeling well =(

    A few weeks ago I wanted to make dinner for Matt (something other than steamfresh veggies and minute rice) so I attempted this recipe that called for drumsticks. I spent HOURS on this and when we finally sat down to eat we cut into the chicken and it was BLOODY! I cried. Romantic.

    Ever since I use my meat thermometer every single time I make any kind of chicken.

  3. Blegh double sinus infection – gross! Not the souvenir you want to bring back with you after a weekend getaway. Hope it is very short lived for Both of you.
    Chicken in the slow cooker is really the only way to go. Especially drumsticks and thighs I find. Thanks for the reminder to try farro!

  4. Aw, I hope you feel better. I think I’m trying to fight the little sleep and lack of fruits and veggies too by loading up this week! Sunshine helps too, and definitely naps. I let Ed cook the chicken whenever we have it because he always makes it perfect and juicy. I think his secret though is longer on lower heat!

  5. I’m sorry about the sinus infection! Those are seriously the worst!!! I don’t get jaw/tooth pain, but I do get migraines.
    I never bake chicken for the same reason!! Too many bad experiences with it looking fine, but still being raw. Crock pot for the win!!!

  6. Hope you feel better soon friend!
    For chicken I always bake it. I find if I pop two chicken breasts in the oven at 350 for 30-35 minutes, they always come out cooked and never dry. It also helps to wrap them in foil!

  7. Oh man, sinus infections are no joke. So terrible. The last time I had one was RIGHT after I had Ryan and it was so, so, so miserable. (I’m pretty sure it was induced by allergies and a lack of sleep) O hope you feel better soon! As for chicken, I never really make bone in chicken because it’s REALLY hard to tell if it’s cooked and takes forever. I stick to boneless chicken thighs – they’re fattier, so they can endure a little extra time in the pan without drying out so you can make sure they’re cooked through. (plus they’re super cheap!) Or a whole roasted chicken is also SO easy. (450 for 1-1.5 hours. I don’t even use a thermometer to tell if it’s done, just cut a leg – if the juice runs clear, you’re golden. And pink and throw it back in for a bit.

  8. Monday was national Cherrio day! When I start to feel under the weather, I hit it with a green smoothie and tea. I hope you feel better soon!

  9. Ditto on the chicken and never getting sick! We usually stick to the crockpot or cutlets (cook quickly) for that same reason.
    Oh, and I used to boast about my awesome immune system..till I had a kid. I’ve caught EVERYTHING he’s had, and most have been worse on me! Right now I’m nursing a cold. I feel like I’ve had a cold that never fully went away since last fall. Grr.
    Hope you feel 100% soon!

  10. That breakfast looks delish! I’m sorry to hear that you’re sick 😦 That’s never fun. My natural go-to cold remedy is probably drinking OJ and making a big smoothie. I also love those Odwalla drinks, those help me sometimes too. Cough drops are a life saver for me as well. My favorite way to cook chicken is probably in the oven or on the grill! I love chicken with teriyaki sauce or mixed into thinks like pasta/stir fries!

  11. Boring? What are you calling boring about this day of food? I honestly think everything looks delicious. Especially melty peanut butter breakfast and that Mexican pasta would win me over. What is far from fabulous is the fact you and Terry feel unwell. I hope you are on the mend already and will feel well again soon!

  12. Woah, to think you made such a great looking supper while sick is amazing!! Props to you. This post reminded me of your baked oatmeal recipe, I want to make some now. Might just whip up a batch tonight for breakfast tomorrow, thanks for the reminder! As for a cold remedy, I actually don’t! I just try to rest as much as I can, how very original of me ;).

  13. “neufchatel”…..Please tell me I’m not the only one that can’t tell between this and cream cheese. Maybe it’s an Aussie thing ha!

    Hope your feeling better- I tend to prefer my meat well done, especially chicken- I’ve had bad memories with undercooked meat!

  14. Ugh being sick is the worst! I make sure I drink lots of fluids when I’m sick. If it’s just a cold I try to get outside and go for a walk, if anything it boosts my mood!

  15. I loved your breakfast! I need to make a batch of baked oatmeal this weekend! We are always good about cooking chicken…in until last night when the hubs said it was done and I started cutting into it…not done. Oh well… I could go for some Cheerios 🙂

  16. I’m not a big fan of cooking raw meat at all. So ground chicken that I can just throw in a pan or pre-cooked chicken sausage are lifesavers!!! I claim to never get sick either (eeek, knock on wood!).

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  17. Peanut butter in the toaster has such a good flavor in addition to how gooey it gets. Yum! I don’t have great luck with bone-in chicken. It always takes waaaaaaay longer than I expect. Then I use a thermometer and it still isn’t at temp but I usually think the thermometer is lying. It’s a bad cycle lol

  18. Whenever I feel like I’m getting sick, I eat a TON of cuties or oranges. If I’ve got a cough, I make a homemade syrup with honey, cayenne and apple cider vinegar…it’s gross but it helps.

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