Currently: March 2016

Time for a brief update of what’s currently going on!

First, foodie highlights.

I enjoyed my applesauce protein smoothie outside on Monday after a workout. Hear that?? I had a SMOOTHIE OUTSIDE.

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Best dinner of the week goes too…. the sweet potato stuffed with ground turkey in chunky marinara sauce with spinach and onions… topped with feta!

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I finally crushed my craving for a Dunkin Donuts’ cream cheese multi-grain bagel. Do you ever feel overwhelmed eating something because it taste so good? Yeah, that happened.


Thanks, Alyssa for not letting me forget this deliciousness.

Now, for what’s Currently going on…

Current Book: In general I am reading a lot of journal articles. Sometimes interesting, sometimes way over my head. We are still working through Case for Faith by Lee Strobel too. We are going through it slowly and teaching it pieces of it on Sunday nights. Side note- I am so pumped for all the reading I see in my future this summer.

Current music: “No Longer Slaves” by Bethel Music. Seriously one of the most powerful songs I have heard in a long time. Every time I hear it I get chills.

Current guilty pleasure: multiple chocolate experiences a day. Thanks, Terry.

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Current drink: Coffee. I’m to the point of drinking it anytime it is offered!
Current food: This one is hard! Lately I haven’t been eating the same thing very often. Lots of variety going on over here. The one thing that rarely changes is a single serving pancake for breakfast…
Current need: The warm weather to come and never leave.

Current bane of my existence: All of the assignments that stand in the way of me and graduation.

Current indulgence: Blogging when I should be doing homework. Oops.

Current procrastination: Two research papers I really need to get my butt started on.

Current blessing: Friends! (Including you guys!!)

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Current confession: Long walks in the sunshine > any other workout


Current excitement: Spring break! I pray that I am responsible and do school work, but I hope that it is done outdoors sitting on a blanket in the sun.

Current mood: Chill. In fact, maybe a little too chill.

Alright, your turn-

Tell me what’s currently going on in your life!

32 thoughts on “Currently: March 2016

  1. That stuffed sweet potato looks amazing!! I’m going to have to give that a try!
    Yay for warmer weather, smoothies outside, and long walks! Fingers crossed it’s here to stay!

  2. I read this as I was eating a single serving pancake, ha! The 85% lindt chocolate really is the best, it is awesome that you’re getting to enjoy it regularly! Wege got warm weather coming too, I’m so excited!!!

  3. The Case for Faith is an excellent book. I tackled it in high school when I first became a believer, and I should probably read it again, because it can get quite wordy and confusing. Either way, the point of the book as well as the factual evidence makes it such a great, interesting read.

  4. I read A Case For Faith and it was very good. Super helpful for my walk with the Lord. Currently I am loving re-reading a few books that will remind me of some things I’ve forgotten and loving making my own nut/seed butters. Still on the high fat train and it’s delicious 🙂 have a great weekend Kate!

  5. I’m currently SO excited that it’s Friday! YAY For spending the weekend with the people I love! (I get to see my 2 little nephews today AND my best friend that lives a couple hours away!) Needless to say I’m counting down the hours haha

  6. Gah I long for the day I can drink a smoothie.. or anything.. outside. Current bane of my existence is biking/walking through three feet of snow.
    Totally had nearly the same stuffed sweet potato the other night – feta included. I’m truly obsessed with stuffing anything into those things!

  7. AH that bagel from Dunkin Donuts… looks heavenly!! Aren’t they just amazing?! Current drink is coffee too- I am obsessed/heavily dependent on it haha. Current guilty pleasure is naps, current bane of my existence is this semester- it is so much harder than last one 😦 Current excitement is that it’s finally Friday! Current mood- tired. I’ve been so tired lately! I hope you have an amazing day girly! ❤

  8. I currently have one more week until Spring break! I could not be more ready, coffee has been life lately with how busy I’ve been. Have a great weekend Kate!

  9. That sweet potato looks EPIC. I’ve definitely been enjoying soaking in the sun and studying outside too 😊😊😊

    book: The Good Girl — supposedly along the lines of Gillian Flynn’s novels
    procrastination: 2 mid-terms tests next week…. Spring Break is so close yet so, so far
    mood: unfortunately felt down, lonely & distracted today 😔

  10. This sounds so lame, but I want to be just like you when I am older, Kate 🙂
    Your food looks EPIC, you are amazing inside and out, and you’re so honest yet cheerful yet real yet wonderful to listen to. Keep up everything that you do.

    I basically never buy ground chicken or turkey because, well (it’s stupid, but…) touching raw meat kind of grosses me out. I know, I have no problem dissecting grasshoppers with my bare hands or unravelling the small intestines of a cadaver (even when they are filled with fecal matter, sorry for TMI) but raw meat is just sorta odd for me. But after seeing that sweet potato DREAM, I am going to pick up some ground chicken! Looks SO good with all my faves: sweet potatoes, spinach, and is that salsa in there too?! LOVE.

    1. You are too kind Cindy!
      I actually prefer ground meat because I feel like there is less handling of it with my hands. I don’t have to cut any raw meat or de-bone anything, I just plop it in the pan and brown it!
      I loved all the dissections in college. 😀

  11. Oh, so many good currents. Walks in the sunshine – long and short – have become a daily must for me. Granted, the sunshine is missing some days but it’ll be more permant again soon. Or so I hope. Time and patience …
    I disagree in one point, though. Chocolate is never a guilty pleasure but balm for the soul ;). Much needed when writing assignments are piling up.
    Happy Monday! I hope it is a good one for you.

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