Eating time (WIAW)

First- can I just say how amazing it is to be waking up to the sun? Those dark months with dark mornings are leaving us, hello sunshine!

Today’s let us talk food. Here are my eats from yesterday:

Breakfast: 6:30 am
Since I am obsessed and pretty much stuck on single serving pancakes, I have been experimenting with new combinations. Some are successful, others are scrambled. Yesterday’s breakfast may have looked successful, but it took some time for me to figure out how exactly I would flip the delicate thing. In went 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup liquid egg whites, 2-3 tbsp applesauce, 1/4 tsp baking powder, and a shake of cinnamon. The biggest issue with using only egg whites is there is no yolk to emulsify the ingredients, so they don’t stick together as well.


The trick that works every time, however, is putting my nut butter on top of the pancake while the other side is cooking. That way it melts effortlessly and is easily spread. This morning was almond butter plus a few drops of honey.

As always, I had two cups of coffee, 32 oz of water + 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar, and a square of my current favorite dark chocolate.

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Morning snack: 10:00 am
I packed strawberry yogurt to snack on after my workout once I got to work and boy was it good. Still, all morning I felt so hungry! I went ahead and ate the apple I packed to go with my lunch and drank some coffee with it. I also found the cherry flavored Hershey kiss sitting in my office impossible to resist.


Lunch: 12:30 pm
Lunch was a mish-mash bowl of fresh spinach, salsa, mashed sweet potato, feta cheese, and white beans. I steamed it in the microwave because my body much prefers cooked veggies.


Did you know that cooking veggies in the microwave help them to best retain their nutrients? Steaming is second best, but a lot of the nutrients get lost in the water underneath them.

Afternoon Snack: 3:15 pm
Before my vitamins class I snacked on a bagel thin with neufchatel cheese and dab of strawberry preserves. Mom didn’t like the bagel thins, so she sent them home with me. I think they make a good “snack size” bagel.


Enjoyed outside in the beautiful 70 degree weather!!!

Dinner: 6:30 pm
Dinner was something different. I saw these pigs in a blanket shared on someone else’s blog and I was reminded of the ones my aunt serves at pretty much every holiday. Nostalgia will get you! I picked up some crescent rolls at the grocery store and  wrapped my favorite spinach & feta chicken sausage in a warm, flaky blanket. I cut the sausages in half before wrapping to make them stretch further.

On the side was a very normal pile of steamed cabbage seasoned with salt, pepper, and chili powder. Plus ketchup and mustard.

Evening Snack: 9:30 pm
Following some exciting school work for my sports nutrition class I had a slice of slightly dry chocolate banana bread. Hear me out, don’t try to health-ify already health-ified baked goods. I cut the sugar in half and left out the chocolate chips and I suffered the consequences.


I did, however, up its game with a smear of peanut butter and a cold glass of almond milk. Yum.

Now, let’s talk food. 

What’s your favorite brand of chocolate? 

What breakfast keeps you full the longest?

How do you usually cook your veggies?

33 thoughts on “Eating time (WIAW)

  1. Lindt is my favorite too! Do you try one with salted caramel ? It is amazing. I don`t like eat chocolate in the morning, though. But it is the best night time snack for me 😉

  2. Lindt 85% for the win!! That and, for something extra sweet, dove dark chocolate.

    I can NEVER find a breakfast that holds me over. I think oatmeal does the best but I have literally doubled the amount of food I eat at breakfast and I still end up eating two snacks before lunch and staring at the clock until lunch break comes. Then again, I do eat breakfast at 6:30 and lunch is six hours away!

  3. I love those bagel thins too! I guess you can’t compare them to the fluffiness of a real bagel and you’ll be okay. I actually love the Trader Joe’s chocolate bars that you can buy at checkout. Caramel sea salt is the ultimate flavor. Are you finding any benefits with the ACV?

    1. Exactly! Gt to treat them as their own.
      Unfortunately I started some other medications at the same time as the ACV so it’s hard to tell, but it makes me drink me water b/c I like the taste!

  4. I have never had a bagel thin, but the jam/Neufchâtel combo sounds like my jam! (Ha! I’m so lame…)
    I love that dark chocolate and I JUST posted about my obsession with single serving pancakes too! Twinsies!

  5. Wait – it is better to steam your veggies in the microwave?? I always thought it was the opposite? I thought microwaves killed nutrients or something like that. It would be really nice if this was a myth…
    Your idea for homemade pigs in a blanket is genius! Did you pre cook the sausage and then roll them in the uncooked dough?
    Oatmeal never lasts me more than an hour. I don’t understand how it is known to be a filling food.

    1. Vegetables cook faster in the microwave (less exposure to heat) and don’t require water, so they are less likely to lose their nutrients! Microwaves get a lot of hate, but it’s mostly from quacks and poor science. When we learned that in class a lot of people were surprised!
      I actually didn’t cook the sausages b/c they had the same cook time as the crescent rolls.
      I agree about oatmeal! I think I need something to chew.

  6. I liked steamed veggies the best. I only steam them for about a minute to warm them but not make them limp. My favorite chocolate is white. I don’t really care what brand it is as long as it melts and is creamy 🙂

  7. Lindt, hands down. I blame my paternal grandma for getting me hooked on it – the red Lindor bars to be exact – way back. I’ve since spent a good chunk of my wages on the darker bars. Mmmh.
    I’d have never guessed microwaving was the best way to preserve nutrients when cooking vegetables – especially since they get such a bad reputation overall. I usually either eat them raw or sauté them lightly.

    1. I am so glad I got a hefty amount of chocolate for v-day b/c I buy it too frequently. Moser Roth is a close second!
      Microwaves do get a bad rep, but it’s mostly hype. Vegetables cook faster in the microwave (less exposure to heat) and don’t require water, so they are less likely to lose their nutrients!

  8. This is a fun post thanks for sharing. my favorite chocolate currently is dark chocolate chips over 60% they are the bomb!!!
    As for healthy breakfast I have been doing for egg whites with cinnamon on top, usually with half of a banana a rice cake topped with a protein powder mix topping inconsistency of frosting. It is most delightful and keeps me hungry all the way through till lunch!!!

  9. Lindt chocolate all the way! It’s my go to as you always know it’s going to taste great!
    For me, I have to have eggs at breakfast – it’s really gives me all I need to get going in the morning!

  10. I usually steam my veggies in the microwave too. I didn’t know that was the best way to preserve nutrients though, glad I’m doing something right! Do you notice any benefits to drinking ACV in the morning? I’ve been thinking about adding it into my morning routine.

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