Nachos & ice cream (WIAW)

Hey there, Wednesday. You’re one of the best days. Why? Because we are half way to the weekend. Why else? Because it’s time to share and see some wonderful eats!

These eats are from Sunday, a day that is fairly busy for me. We have church in the morning and evening, so we don’t stay still for long. Most Sundays I try to be good about prepping some food while also getting a little homework out of the way. This particular Sunday I did good 😉

My day started with a short stack of coconut flour pancakes. Because I’m a dipper, on the side was warmed peanut butter mixed with a little unsweetened almond milk. Plus the usual coffee x2 and a piece of 85% dark chocolate.


Sundays are pretty much the only day I don’t have a morning snack since I’m in church all morning. However, I do have a few hard candies to quiet my stomach. There’s a really nice older man who spoils me with a handful every Sunday and it’s the good stuff- Werthers!

After church lunch was served: nachos for two. The blue corn tortilla chips were topped with onions, chopped carrots, leftover cauliflower, kidney beans, and cheddar cheese. Salsa, sour cream, and hot sauce for dipping. 


I love nachos, because they are so customizable. I feel like my nachos are asking the world- “and who says healthy is boring?” These nachos were yummy, but not as delicious as my Friday Night Nachos

A little after lunch, Terry and I went for a run/walk around a pond near our house. We are back to doing the Couch to 5k program after a failed attempt this past November. Word of advice? Don’t start a running plan going into the winter, but instead out of winter. 

After getting our sweat on, instead of driving back home Terry took a surprise turn- a turn to Baskin Robbins.

Ice cream! Y’all, the best flavor in the world is mint chocolate chip.


Word of advice, choose a lover who loves ice cream and impromptu trips to get it.

Then it was prep time! I pretty much tasted everything you see here. 


Chocolate orange tofu pudding– I’ll have this for post workout snacks.
Vegan pumpkin muffins turned into bread because I hate cleaning the muffin pan.
Chopped carrots
Whole grain rigitoni and steamed broccoli tossed in a hummus-yogurt dressing– this will be for my lunches. I’ve learned that packing lunches is the most challenging meal planning of the week, so making a bowl of pasta salad to last the week saves so much time in the morning.
Turkey & meatballs 

After evening church I came home and made a simple, but incredibly delicious dinner: turkey & spinach meatballs (recipe pending), cauliflower rice, and buttered toast.


Why have I never made cauliflower rice? It is wonderful! Even Terry was singing its praises. All I did was saute it in a teensy bit of canola oil and add salt. Side note, cutting your toast into three slices makes it a lot easier to eat. No buttery cheeks!

After finishing Monday’s blog post, I sat down with a snack to watch a little Netflix. This evenings snack was a warmed pear + sunflower seed butter and a mug of unsweetened almond milk.


We are currently watching Worst Cooks of America and I am loving it! It’s great because I am actually learning a lot watching the demos by Chef Anne & Chef Bobby. Plus there are plenty of laughs to be had!

I’m headed to do the same thing tonight…. gotta love a good routine ;).

So you tell me…

Do you watch TV before bed? Or do you read?

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

What’s your number one most helpful food to have prepped for the week?

48 thoughts on “Nachos & ice cream (WIAW)

  1. I am loving all of your eats here – those spinach turkey balls look insanely good, and love the homemade nachos! Yay for cauliflower rice – isn’t it so so easy and amazing? I’m clearly a fan!

  2. Before I watched TV shows before going to sleep, but then it became difficult to fall asleep and I began to read. Sleep is much better! And if we talk about the food prepping: a large pot of grains – it is a necessity!

  3. I wish cauliflower rice didn’t destroy my insides because I would definitely eat it more! As for favorite ice cream flavor–I actually hate things IN my ice cream with the exception of chocolate chips and peanut butter. Anything that’s double or triple chocolate is typically my go to unless they have a chocolate peanut butter swirl of sorts.

    I want ice cream.

    1. What I have found with vegetables is that they must be COOKED. I can handle some raw vegetables, but most of them I handle 100% better if they are cooked.
      You truly cannot go wrong by adding more chocolate to chocolate ice cream. Next time I want a scoop of that and mint chocolate!

  4. Cauliflower and carrots on nachos – brilliant! This is also why I love nachos.. you can add anything. I need to use that bag of tortilla chips in my cupboard. Dinner I think.
    Butter cheeks – baha oh my gosh so true! And hummus yogurt pasta sauce is also brilliant. You are rocking the little tip this week! I’m stealing.

  5. I haven’t had cauliflower rice in FOREVER!! Thank you for reminding me about it’s goodness!
    I am interested in that tofu orange pudding. Recipe please!
    Mint chocolate chip IS the best!

    1. Okay the recipe was super simple: 12.3 oz silken tofu, 2 tbsp cocoa powder, 3 squares lindt dark chocolate orange chocolate (melted) + 2 tbsp chocolate chips (melted) + stevia to taste + a banana -> all blended up!
      I think it got better with each day!

  6. Haha my husband is always game for random ice cream trips (maybe that’s why I married him?? haha) and those nachos look AWESOME! I’d definitely be happy to have that for dinner! I love how you topped them with lots of veggies!

  7. I LOVE that you followed your run with ice cream. That is totally something my hubby would do. True story, after our workout on Saturday [he works out with me 1x a week] we get in the car and he goes, “donuts now?” haha

  8. Do you watch TV before bed? Or do you read?
    I wish I could read before bed, but I don’t have a bedside lamp! I am so jealous of those who do have one. I used to write in a journal every day before bed, and I did that for five years until I came to uni. 😦

    What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
    I loved a brown-butter snickerdoodle that I had in Vancouver, and I had Speculoos (cinnamon cookie!) in France. I also love any peanut butter ice cream, even though I find them not peanut buttery enough. Or chocolate, of course!

    What’s your number one most helpful food to have prepped for the week?
    Quinoa! Big batch of quinoa, or pre-chopped mushrooms. Those are so useful! Oh, and steamed broccoli and asparagus in the fridge are my saviours for those nights that I just wanna stir-fry something super quickly.

    Your food looks so yummy! I am so curious about cauliflower rice and want to try it sometime.

  9. Haha I just had a square of dark chocolate with my breakfast too 🙂 I have so MANY favorite flavors of ice cream but I love moose tracks and cookies n cream especially! I love that Terry made a surprise turn to take you to Baskin Robbins. You’ve got a good one! 🙂

    1. Cookies n cream made a recent comeback for me. I forgot how yummy it was!
      I’ve been eating a square of dark chocolate with my breakfast since junior year and it’s a routine now!

  10. Nachos are seriously the best. My roommate got these tortillas with a hint a lime and I only meant to have one or two as I was cooking dinner…but then managed to finish the bag with dinner. They were so good! I like to read more than watch TV but I love YouTube channels while I eat breakfast. Kind of nerdy but a guilty pleasure 🙂

  11. You ate two of my favorite foods, nachos and ice cream. We always make nachos when we are out of time to make anything else. I love to read before bed, journal, study, or do something that rests my eyes, because I work so much on the computer. My favorite ice cream flavor is probably a peanut butter themed one or mint chocoalte.

  12. I totally agree mint chip is the BEST ice cream flavor EVER. I love it so much I almost always buy mint chocolate chip protein powders haha.

  13. The Hubs and I are all about TV before bed. Before we got married, I hardly watched TV. I am a huge fan of mint chocolate chip ice cream! When I could eat dairy, Breyer’s was my fav. So Delicious just so happens to have a non-dairy variety that tastes JUST LIKE Breyer’s!

  14. Dipping pancakes in peanut butter, such a good idea! I’m going to hop onto that train asap, because I always hate when pancakes get soggy from dripping syrup on them. All of your food looks SO good.

    PS: Kate, I would love to chat and get to know you more. You seem like and incredible individual ❤

  15. Packing lunches is the hardest one for me too. Usually I’m on the road and we order something in or I assemble a lunch in the kitchen, but when I’m working from the office in SF I find myself buying out for lunch too often than I’d like!

  16. You should try avocado + blue cheese on nachos. Ah-mazing.

    I’m a bedtime reader! Or I catch up on blog posts like I’m doing now. 😅 My go-to meal prep foods are freezer pancakes, a batch of grains (farro is my fave!), and roasted veggies!

  17. I do watch TV before bed! Fav ice cream flavor is cookie dough or cake batter. I never usually prep food, I always just wing it haha- especially in college! But in high school making overnight oats the night before was a life saver!

  18. Even though I’m stuffed after eating right now I wouldn’t say no to those nachos. You got really creative with the toppings. Maybe a few of them are unsual but that’s honestly what I’m all about. I have no shame adding extra vegetables or chickpeas to just about every savoury dish.
    Cauliflower rice really is great. I keep forgetting about it and then am amazed each time anew when I prepare it again. Actually, I just found a recipe for vegan cheesy cauliflower rice it I’d been meaning to try ages ago again and will hopefully get around to that on the weekend or early on next week.

  19. I love mint chocolate chip ice cream! I usually read before bed. Once my eyes get too tired to read anymore, I then turn on the TV for a little bit 🙂 Have a lovely weekend.

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee

  20. i usually watch friends or food network before bed! i LOVE chopped.. but then i get all riled up, and rewakened, and think about food. not good when you’re trying to sleep haha.
    re: muffins: use a silicone baking try! SUPER easy to clean! the one i have is pictured here. you literally just wipe it out! my mom bought it, so i have no idea where haha, but i’ve bought silicone mats at bed bath & beyond and amazon!

    1. Oooo those sound delicious and I’ve never thought to buy a silicone one, but anything to avoid washing my metal one I will take!!
      We love chopped so much we watched all the episodes available on Netflix!

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