Eight is great

Hello friends! I’m stopping in today to share a few thoughts that are currently streaming through my head. (Thanks Amanda, for the link-up!)

  1. After stressing out pretty heavily over an exam I  took last week, I was somewhat comforted to find out a lot of my classmates felt similarly. When almost everyone does crappy… it means a curve! All I can say is hallelujah (and of course, I’ll do better next time 😉
  2. This is the future. Where people ride around on hoverboards.
  3. Do you look at any of the Discover stories on Snapchat? I like to look at Buzzfeed (lots of funnies), Cosmopolitan, and Food Network ones. Here’s a picture that came up and I wanted to hear your input.
    I hands down always go through my shampoo quicker, because I find that conditioner makes my hair turn oily fast. I was surprised to learn from my girlfriends that most people are the opposite way. [Feel free to add me on Snapchat = kategnewman]
  4. I have been eating this pancake like it’s my job. It’s basically my single serving oatmeal pancake, but with a heaping tablespoon of Greek yogurt instead of an egg white. It almost has a cheesecake-y flavor to it. A tablespoon of sunflower seed butter and a drop of jam add just the right about of sweetness.
  5. A GI update: After trying a new medication regimen from the doctor and having no improvements, I went back for a follow-up. This time I did not get choked up, thank God, but was able to ask some questions. I asked the doctor he felt like it was possible I had pelvic floor dysfunction and he seemed surprised that I knew what that was. However, he agreed that it was likely and gave me a referral to a motility specialist! It’s a bit of a drive to get there, but honestly, that’s not even an obstacle in my mind. I will make it work! For now I am trying another medication and anxiously waiting for an appointment with the specialist.
  6. Does anyone else love leopard print? I don’t have a ton of it, but automatically feel more confident and womanly when I wear it!
    Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
  7. I also made some really yummy cookies as a way to thank Terry for sitting with me at the GI doctor of 1.5 hours. I made these chocolate chip peanut butter cookies.
  8. Lastly, here’s an article on weight fluctuation that I found to be very interesting. It just goes to show little we should rely on a number. -> What Happens When You Weigh Yourself 15 Times in One Day?

Eight is great, right?

Tell me something random going on with you!

40 thoughts on “Eight is great

  1. I’ve never heard of pelvic floor dysfunction before–googling it now! I hope that the new doctor can give you some answers. Fingers crossed!

    That weight fluctuation article was really interesting, and also really sad in a way. I’ve never been one to weigh myself more than once a day, and now I’m glad I never did! (Although, I also wish I never relied on a scale but that’s another story!)

  2. Yay, I love curves. Believe me, that happened to my class one too many times in grad school. Sometimes, test subjects are not communicated properly. You look so cute with your glasses, love! I guess I appreciate the experiment, but i think it goes to show just how crazy it could make someone and instill bad habits or make someone feel bad about themselves. Obviously, weight changes throughout the day without reason so we can’t fixate on it

  3. Yay for curves! I think that pancake looks so delicious. I love single-serving stuff! I actually don’t use conditioner. My hair is naturally straight and not-tangly, but it gets oily quick so I just use a smoothing shampoo that I like… because it smells like coconut 🙂 I loved everything about this post Kate!

  4. Oh good. I’m glad your classmates felt the same way. That always helps appease a least a bit of the disappointment. Let’s go bell curve!
    I think I go through my shampoo and conditioner at about the same rate. Though now I’m interested to take notice a bit more. I do love my conditioner and wouldn’t be surprised if I went through it a bit faster.
    You totally rock leopard. Something I’ll never be able to do.

  5. I’m the same way with going through shampoo way faster than I do conditioner. And really? Most people are the opposite? I thought shampoo would always be the first to go, but apparently people are using more conditioner than I am. Huh. Maybe I should give that a shot…

  6. Leopard print is my jam! I love wearing it all the time and even have a few fleece blankets. I go through shampoo faster than conditioner because I read your only supposed to use a dime sized amount and my hair is shorter. Great article! I don’t even own a scale so weighing myself that many times would be such a hassle.

    1. My friend and I were talking about how it would be impossible to do that kind of experiment unless we toted a scale around. No thank you! I don’t own a scale either, and I’m much better for it. I do appreciate seeing the experiment play out though.

  7. HELLOOOOOO sexy leopard mama! You look gorgeous girlie.
    As far as the shampoo/conditioner debate, I definietly use more shampoo first! I have super fine hair so I barely use any conditioner for fear it’ll look greasy. Basically just enough to detangle the ends a touch!

  8. Conditioner – my hair gets really dry. It’s not like a massive difference, though. Enough to rely on “stolen” hotel room conditioner a few days till it catches up!
    I love leopard but haven’t owned (or worn) it in years. I should fix that! I’m thinking leopard ballet flats or a fun shirt… 😉

  9. I’m the same way with leopard print. I love everything and anything leopard, I cannot have enough. I actually run out of conditioner first as well but I have really thick hair and without conditioner, my hair is a giant knot.

  10. That’s so funny about the shampoo vs Conditioner debate! I always run out of conditioner first.
    I’m so glad you were able to chat with your gi Doctor and ask more questions! I had SEVERE pelvic floor dysfunction after I had Matilda ( probably before as well) and I had to do several months of physical therapy.
    That leopard print looks amazing on you! Tres chic!

  11. I HATE hoverboards! People were trying to make them a thing at my university first semester, and it was annoying. Over the break, I woke up one morning to an email informing all students that hover boards were banned across campus. YESSSS. I did a little happy dance. I always run out of shampoo quicker! I’ve never thought about it though, but yeah, definitely shampoo first. You ROCK leopard print! I never thought I could pull it off, but now you’re making me want to give it a shot. Also, you look adorable in the glasses.

    Something random going on with me: I am contemplating not going to class because it is raining outside. I’m being a horrible student right now :O

  12. Okay, so on conditoner/shampoo: I have never run out of shampoo first?! With conditioner make sure that you’re not putting it on your roots which will make your hair super greasy, just the bottom half of your hair! Unless you’re doing CoWashing (which I’ve become obsessed with) and then you’re jus scrubbing with conditioner. I actually haven’t used actual shampoo in like, 3 months hahaha

  13. I am definitely trying that pancake recipe when I come home this weekend!! Some random things going on with me right now… I’m on a bagel kick, I have tons of spotted bananas that I want to bring home this weekend to make banana bread. I have a spanish test tomorrow, I tried this new stuff for my hair and it’s making it super soft! I think that’s it haha. Have a great day Kate!

    1. It’s so good! It has a real “cheesecake” taste about it. I can never make my bananas last long enough to make banana bread… but it so good.. especially the chocolate kind!
      I hope your test went well! Spanish was frustrating for me!

  14. Love Leopard print for sure! So fun and sassy!
    And I always run out of shampoo first too! So frustrating, but now I’m used to it hah.
    I hope you do well on your exam!! And with your motility specialist!

  15. Thank God for curves! I love leopard print, I agree it’s an instant feminizing and confidence boosting pattern. Good luck at your appointment ❤

  16. I never thought I would encounter someone who does not use conditioner on the daily, it makes my hair greasier too!! I can go through two shampoos before finishing my conditioner. Glad to know there is progression with your GI issues! And by the way, I just needed to say this, you are so pretty!

    1. That’s how I am. Since I never used it for my hair, I discovered it works well as a shaving cream for my legs! Cheap too!
      Thanks for the compliments, I definitely don’t always “feel” pretty, so it feels good to hear that. I think the say of you! You have such a cool look!

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