Keeping it real

This was one of those weeks that everyday I intended to take a picture of all my meals for a WIAW post, but everyday I failed! Despite that my food from yesterday is pretty random and not so organized, I’m still going to share because I want to be transparent. I don’t just want to show you my eats on days that everything was perfectly planned. That’s boring!

I had a coupon for McDonald’s (BOGO breakfast sandwich), so Terry and I went on a little morning date.


Egg McMuffin (english muffin, egg, cheese, and butter) with coffee

I know what you’re thinking. McDonald’s? Isn’t that devil’s playground? Ha! Well, as you know from my previous post on the topic (read here), I am not against fast food every now & then. Especially if coupons are involved! 3 things I truly like at the golden arches: Egg McMuffin (sans Canadian bacon), vanilla ice cream cone, & coffee.

What we should be worried about is my super dry hands…. ouch

Later I had a piece of 85% dark chocolate from my Valentine’s Day stash.

After a fun workout, I settled in at work and pulled out a homemade trail mix to fuel the rest of the morning.


Honey Nut cheerios, almond slivers, & unsweetened coconut flakes

Then as I was walking to go make copies, I noticed a jar of these beauties and snagged one. I haven’t had one in years! I loved them as a kiddo.


Lunch was pretty much breakfast. This is evidence of a poor food prepping job. However, it was just as yummy as it would have been at breakfast time!


Baked oatmeal made with applesauce, melty peanut butter, & a perfectly ripe banana

After work and before class, I had a few handfuls of these multi-grain crackers. I highly recommend them if you see a package hanging out in a store near you! Very tasty.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Terry’s day involved some manual labor, so he wanted to have a relaxing dinner out. We wanted to go somewhere we haven’t been before, so we tried out a local restaurant, White Horse.


Marinated yellow fin tuna steak over a salad, balsamic vinegar, half the garlic bread, plus a few fries from Terry

Dessert was fudgy brownie bites and a cold glass of almond milk


Today was to the point, huh? Truth is, I am pretty tired as I feel like the semester is truly in full gear! So many assignments! I’m glad I have this little creative space to get some thoughts out or else I might would be a robot spouting out scientific facts.

I hope you guys have a fabulous day!

Do you have a fast food order you enjoy?

Hugs or kisses? (candy or real life, I guess?)

Go to homemade trail mix?

41 thoughts on “Keeping it real

  1. I don’t mind McDonald’s breakfasts every now and then, however I do prefer Dunkin Donut’s breakfast sandwiches. I also frequent subway at least twice a week which some claim is fast food and others don’t. Doesn’t matter to me–it’s delicious!

  2. I think I’ve shown on my blog a few times that I hold no shame in taking myself out to the Golden Arches. Your top three are mine as well. The ice cream and coffee and amongst my favourites out there. Your mcmuffin looks marvellous. And I love that you still got your usual breakfast in. That combo is good no matter the time of day.
    No doubt you are super in the thick of things now. Take care of yourself – we don’t mind short to the point posts! but I love that this place lets you debrief from all of that.

    1. I remember that your Golden Arches has muffins too! How cool.
      Thanks for you support! This space is definitely a de-stresser, but right now it’s getting pushed down the priority list.

  3. I’m all about coupons because I love feeling like I get a deal. Even as an RD, I feel like there are great choices to be made at McDonalds, I’m not that hard core. I actually love Egg McMuffins. I can’t do their ice coffee though, it’s wayyyyy too sweet. The hot coffee is better. I love their McFlurries – no shame there! If I don’t get oatmeal in in the morning, it’s likely to reappear in lunch or snack form, with PB and a banana just like you. Have a great week, my friend!

  4. Ouh I love some McDonald’s or Tim Hortons (you know as a Canadian I can’t resist Tim’s) when I go on road trips! It is totally mandatory for me to have that kind of food on the road. I have a hard time taking pictures of days where I am eating very unorganized, because I munch away on too many things and it gets hard to keep track of! Loving the looks of those brownie bites 🙂

  5. I have a STRONG weakness for McDonald’s French fries, ice cream cones, and egg mcmuffins. Actually, the first thing I ate after having Matilda was their French fries!
    I love the keeping it real theme- real life yo!

  6. Those breakfast sandwiches are delish!! Also their ice cream cones… so good. I need to try baked oatmeal! Yours has me drooling at my computer screen haha. Hope you have a great day Kate!

  7. I love the dark chocolate cherry kisses they make for special holidays!! But I have to refrain. I haven’t had a McDonald’s meal in years but I do love the french fries!!

  8. Actually McDonald’s meals can be quite tasty. 😀 We got so much candy the day after Valentine’s. It’s really fun to give it to friends, or my mom took some to our post office ladies. They loved it. It’s really a blessing to put a smile on someone’s face. 🙂

  9. Every now and then I get a craving for McDonald’s fries or McFlurrys – easy when I drive past the Golden Arches pretty regularly. However, I haven’t stopped there in ages as I don’t have a partner in crime and alone would only be half the fun.
    Hugs all the way [human] but we can’t forget about covering the chocolate part, either.

  10. My sister-in-law LOVES McDonalds breakfasts– I’m not the biggest fan but I agree that their coffee is pretty good. I go to fast food places every once in a while too. I went to Moe’s this past weekend because we needed something quick on a road trip.

    I eat breakfast for lunch and dinner all the time. No shame.

    I prefer kisses (the candy) to hugs. Not the biggest white chocolate fan!

    I just found your blog and can’t wait to read more!

  11. I really like Arby’s curly fries and cannot go wrong with a bean burrito from Taco Bell. I am a fan of hugs more than kisses because I’m a fan of white chocolate over the darkness 🙂 I eat breakfast foods for lunch and dinner all the time. Half of it is because those foods are cheaper and the other half of the reason is that I like them best! Hope Terri has a relaxing day today!

  12. Whenever me and my family go on a road trip in the summer. We always get breakfast at Mcdonalds. I get a coffee, hash brown and egg white delight (without meat). So good 🙂

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee

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