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This week was…. interesting. I’m alive. I spent a lot of time on school work, so that’s kind of all I remember. I had 2 exams and I think one went rather well. The other… however… I do believe I scored my first “F”. I wish I was exaggerating, but y’all I studied all the wrong things! The test was far from what I was expecting. I’m embarrassed to start the semester off like that, but I’m impressed that I’m not crying like I would have a few years ago. I feel strongly I will recover, but that was a humbling experience.

Want to move on to some fun things? I think I do.

I got busy with some cake balls: Once again, I screwed up a box cake mix. This time I tried to make a bundt cake but didn’t grease the pan well enough. Oops. So I took the cake remains, crumbled them up in my blender, added some chocolate icing, and blended away. Made little balls, then I rolled them in sprinkles, since they were for our youth group Superbowl viewing and sprinkles are festive. These were probably the only thing that softened the blow for Terry. fri

Honestly they were a tad too rich for me, but they were easy and fun!

-I’m really excited for our Valentine’s Day Dinner. This year, instead of going out, we will be dining in. I’m excited to cook somethings I’ve never cooked before.
On the menu: 
Steak (wish me lots of luck)
Cheddar scalloped potatoes
Roasted broccoli
Homemade bread
Ice cream cake (using this cake and probably strawberry ice cream)

I will recap it next week!

Excellent eats from this past week:

*A Wendy’s frosty craving CRUSHED….


*Fudgy dark chocolate brownie bites via Mindful Eats & Treat…


I subbed half a banana for half the honey and they turned out so yummy!

*Cheesy buffalo chicken spaghetti squash via Peas & Crayons


This left Terry and I both speechless. It was so good.

*Oh, and shout out to this random purchase. I freaking loved them!


Things I read & liked:

Crockpot French Onion Soup:  I’ve never made french onion soup, but love how easy this one looks. And the recipe is vegetarian, if that’s your thing! It is going on next week’s meal plan.

The Ultimate Snack Guide: For all us snack-y fools who can use more ideas!

Science says lasting relationships come down to 2 basic traits: Interesting read sent to me by friend Rachel.

The Nine Ennegram Personality Types: If you’re a personality-test junkie like me, you should take this. It’s somewhat like the Myers-Briggs, but it puts you into a “type” rather than four different types to make one type. I’m a type 1 and Terry’s a type 2. They even have a way to look at how relationships might work between two different types. The way it described a relationship between a 1 & 2 was oddly accurate. I think I’m going to do a post on it soon, because I find it so fascinating.

New Book From The Wizarding World Coming This Summer: Okay, so I FLIPPED when I saw this on my friend’s facebook. I feel that same anxious anticipation I used to feel before the next installment would come out. I honestly thought it was done, so I’m having all the feels over this!

Lastly, here’s a quote I’m sharing as a part of a challenge from Stephanie:


So, I want to hear from you:

Do you have Valentine’s day plans?

Are you fan of the Wendy’s frosty? I was a huge fan as a kid, but now I just get random cravings once in a blue moon.

What’s a fun recipe you tried this week? 

26 thoughts on “Fun things Friday

  1. Andddd again, we are too similar. One day at work my friend and I spent SIX HOURS (don’t tell my boss) taking personality tests and comparing our results. Then I came home and made Matt do the same. Ob. Sessed.

    I had never taken this one before and it looks like I got a 7 in type two and a 6 in type six. You can guarantee I’ll be researching this at work today and making Matt take the test too!!

  2. Frostys are the best! Especially if you dip your fries in them. Best combo ever! I am so stoked for the new HP book! I’m counting down the days till my life begins again 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear about your test! I hope you did better than you expected.
    Your Love Day menu sounds great! Good luck with the steak – I’m so scared to cook that stuff! Since I’m a Love Day baby my parents are putting together a nice dinner spread. I told my mom that I dont care what she makes as long as there is cake with MILES of frosting 😉

  4. I’m sorry about your test!!! We’ve all been there, and it sucks. You have such a good attitude about it though!!
    I haven’t had a frosty in FOREVER!!! Aaannnddd now I want one…
    I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

  5. Oh man those truffles look tasty! I am so sorry your test didn’t go well, I hope it wasn’t worth too much! Now you know what the teacher wants and you will study the right things in the future :). So glad to see the brownie bites here, and I want to look into some of those articles you shared (thanks for sharing mine)! And great quote!! 🙂

  6. Oh man. Frosties! With fries dipped in? I think that’s where I first learned the wonders of sweet+salty.
    My mom is an enneagram instructor – I find it all super fascinating. You should definitely do a post on it!

  7. We have definitely all been there with the test. Sorry to hear…try not to focus on it too much. Fun things ahead. Your Vday menu sounds great 🙂 I look forward to hearing about the desserts. Happy Valentine’s day weekend, Kate!

  8. OMG I love frosties!! My single bffs and I are having girls day for Valentine’s day. Dinner and fro yo/ice cream I think! Hope you have a great weekend Kate 🙂

  9. For some reason, this post totally put me into a good mood! I’ve been meaning to try those dark chocolate brownie bites but they slipped my mind, so thanks for the reminder 🙂 Happy Valentine’s day to you and Terry! And oh man, those balls look delish.

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