Applesauce Protein Shake + WIAW

Happy hump day!!! And WIAW.

Excuse my scatterbrain today. I’ve got two exams to conquer today but I’m already dreaming of sleeping in this weekend. My brain doesn’t understand that it should prioritize school over basic bodily functions, like sleep. Which explains perfectly why despite my busy day of studying, I ate pretty darn good on Monday.

You know what’s hard?

When a particular medicine wants you to wait thirty minutes to eat after you take it.

Does this face look like it has the energy/desire to wait thirty minutes?


^true life me at 6 am

This was also my second day  of trying an ACV cocktail. I’ve heard it helps with digestion, and heck, I’m up for anything right about now.


1 tbsp ACV + 1 tbsp orange juice + 6 oz ice cold water

Eating baked oatmeal helps, because then I at least know it’s cooking while I’m waiting.


Banana cocoa baked oatmeal with sunbutter. There was probably close to 1/3 cup egg white added to the original recipe, because I mistakenly thought the carton was almost empty and went a’ pouring. + lots of coffee

Make shift cheese stick for a snack in the AM.


This picture looks like I’m dealing cheese, but sorry, it’s all for me.


Lunch was leftover chicken,cabbage, and noodle soup. It was particularly chunky because I added to much pepper and the broth was a little too spicy (even for me, who loves spicy!). Plus some applesauce topped with almonds <- try it.

Did you know that egg yolk noodles have a good bit of protein? 8 gram per serving! And they are the perfect noodle for chicken noodle soup.

For a snack I had a smoothie post-recovery. It was good enough to share the recipe. I had to make one up after scouring the interwebs for a smoothie using applesauce and not apples. I like applesauce because it’s cheap and easy to digest. Also, when I open a big jar up, I try to avoid seeing it go moldy.

This smoothie is really delightful and fresh. It’s not very heavy, so it’s great if you are going to be eating shortly after, but want the protein for muscle recovery.

Applesauce Protein Shake

1/2 cup milk (I used unsweetened almond)
1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
1/4 cup protein powder (I used unflavored soy)
Dash of cinnamon
1-2 tsp chia seeds (optional)
Sweetener to taste- honey, maple syrup, stevia, cane sugar (I used 1 tbsp granulated stevia)
1.5 cups ice

Directions: Throw everything in the blender and blend away!

Later that afternoon, Terry made some coffee, so I drank a cup of the black gold.

Dinner was banging. It reminded me a lot of my favorite meal at a Mexican restaurant, huevos rancheros.


In went the most delicious Mexican rice (recipe coming soon), a few stray black beans, peas, salsa, two over-medium eggs, and a dollop of sour cream.

FYI if you invite my husband to your house for Mexican, there better be sour cream. He claims it’s the only way to truly enjoy it.

I ate this why I took part in my online-based seminar class.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Confession: we were discussing non-nutritive sweeteners and I was simultaneously drinking a diet pepsi. Once I get soda water on tap in my house, I swear I’ll get rid of my diet soda habits.

After a little more studying and such, I settled down to watch The Office with Terry and eat a snack of a little bowl of dark chocolate fudge dip (the picture minus the apples) eaten with a spoon and cup of almond milk.


Once I got in bed I was really wish I didn’t have that 4:00 pm coffee. Lesson (likely not) learned. 😉

So you tell me…

What’s your go to order at a Mexican restaurant?

Have you tried drink ACV in the morning? Results?

PS I‘m aware of how poorly my i-phone takes pictures D: I think it’s on the decline 

43 thoughts on “Applesauce Protein Shake + WIAW

  1. Is it possible to not be convinced by something before even trying it? That’s how I feel about ACV. I feel like I stare at it every time I go grocery shopping telling myself “I should try that it can’t hurt” but then I also convince myself that it’s useless despite hearing so many positive things from people.

    For awhile I was drinking lemon water in the morning. It didn’t help in the bathroom department but it did seem to help with my bloatiness throughout the day.

    Let us know if the ACV works any wonders! I’m curious to know.

  2. I lovee huevos rancheros. You can really put an egg on anything, you can fact check that! Dinner looks delicious. I’ve tried a capful of ACV in water with lemon. Definitely not the easiest thing to drink first thing in the water, but hey, if it works, it works. Good luck on your exams, I know you’ll do great!

  3. I like the sound of that smoothie!! Some of my best recipe creations came about because I couldn’t find a recipe for the thing I wanted.
    John feels the same way about Mexican food and sour cream. I try to sometimes use Greek yogurt instead, but he’s not always happy about the substitute.

  4. Well your 6AM selfie is farrrr prettier than mine would ever be, let me tell you.
    I do ACV in my water every morning, but perhaps not as concentrated as most people do – so I find it fine to get down. I do it mostly for my heart burn and do find it really helps.
    LOVE huevos rancheros. Or, like Sarah said, an egg on top of anything really. But mexican is a sure win with me. Dan also swears on sour cream. I tend to use yogurt. But having one or the other is super nice especially if the dish is a little spicy.

  5. In general, I’m a big ACV fan. I;ve done the drink a few times but usually just when I feel myself getting sick. I should try to do the every morning thing, but I can barely remember to put on a shirt in the morning sometimes before going to get Ryan, so I mean, there’s that. (I blame a year and a half of nursing him first thing. At least, that’s what I tell myself. Who forgets to put on a SHIRT.)

  6. That shake sounds really good! Applesauce is such a comfort food for me. Reminds me of home. At Mexican restaurants I get loaded nachos or a huge burrito. I usually stuff myself because I don’t go often hahaha
    I don’t think I could drink ACV straight. I might throw up lol

  7. Are you still loving the office? I just watched an episode or two again recently and it was just as good as I remembered (after watching EVERY episode back in high school haha).

    Your Mexican bowl looks awesome! I’m with Terry on the sour cream- it makes a huge difference! As does guac 🙂

  8. Go to Mexican order always has to include guac! Never thought of adding applesauce to a shake but that is such a good idea! Good luck on your exams Kate. I know you’ll do awesome! xoxo

  9. I was drinking a shot of ACV in morning for a little while. I’m not sure if it made me feel better or not, I may do it again for a longer period of time and see if I notice any changes. I totally forgot about good old applesauce till you mentioned it in your post! I used to eat natural applesauce with raisins and almonds for a snack when I was a little kid, I think I’ll have to bring that little creation back!

  10. Looks like a delicious day of eats!! How did your exams go!? Btw, that mexican supper looks perfect, and I have to agree with Terry that sour cream is a must!! I have never heard of a smoothie with apple sauce and I think it is an awesome idea, I have a jar of apple sauce right now so I made just put this recipe to the test!! Thanks 🙂

  11. Sad fact: we don’t have any Mexican restaurants around here. I do like a good burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, salad and salsa, though. And your dinner would fit that bill, too. It looks delicious [minus the eggs for me :)].

  12. i love ACV! in high school or during school breaks i do 1tbsp in a cup of warm water, but now i just do a shot every morning because TIME. not the most pleasant going in but it feels good and wakes me up and i look forward to it!!
    i’ve heard taking it before meals and in the morning is best, but it still helps with digestion anytime. i sometimes take a shot in the middle of the day or before bed if i feel like i need it.

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