Brief list of things

Happy Monday, folks!

How’s it going?

-First, can I just say how awesome you gals are? After reading all the comments on “That’s not my size (anymore)“, I couldn’t help but feel AMAZING. There is something so beautiful about seeing women support each other and discuss common struggles, successes, and experiences. I’m so grateful for all of you strong women.


-Speaking of awesome women, Thursday my friends and I had a taco night at my place. There was plenty of food- including addictive guac, perfect rice, homemade tortillas, and killer taquitos.



-Did you guys watch the Superbowl? As a Panthers fan, you better believe I did, even though I had ample amount of school work to keep me busy. The halftime show was really tasteful, am I right? I’m a big Coldplay fan, (“The Scientist is forever my jam) but I really thought the whole shabang was quality stuff. I’m sad we didn’t win, but happy for Peyton.

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-This weekend I went to see my parents and also got to watch my nephew’s wrestling match. It wasn’t much of a match, since he’s four and all, but it was super duper cute. I was impressed that they didn’t just punch each other.


-So I normally top my pancakes with just peanut butter, but I yesterday morning I mixed some canned pumpkin with a tablespoon of peanut butter and made a yummy spread. Highly recommend it, especially warmed up. Reminds me of my s’mores bars.


That’s it for today. A busy week is ahead of me with two test, one in sports nutrition and one in nutrition education. Needless to say, I’ll be studying a lot!

Oh yeah, a HUGE congratulations to Sarah who now has RDN behind her name. You rock, girl!!



25 thoughts on “Brief list of things

  1. Yay for taco nights with girlfriends – if I could make that a holiday, I would. And isn’t women supporting women so amazing? I love that we can come to each other’s rescue when we are feeling vulnerable. I’ve never mixed pumpkin and peanut butter…noted. Good luck in your tests this week. And thanks for recognizing me on your blog, you’re so sweet! ❤

  2. There is wrestling for 4 year olds!?! Wow. That’s definitely what I learned today.
    Both you and heather rocked the women’s body image support network last week. Two very strong women you are.
    Good luck on those tests!

  3. We watched the super bowl too- well, John watched and I blogged. We are big Peyton fans (he’s a UT alumni too!!) so we were just rooting for him, not necessarily the Broncos.
    That girls night looks so fun! I haven’t had one of those in a while and I miss it!
    Peanut butter mixed with pumpkin sounds like a great topping! Yum!

  4. Taco nights with friends sounds like so much fun!! I need to try that pancake recipe! Sounds perfect with peanut butter and pumpkin 🙂 Hope you have a great day! ❤

  5. I’m still smiling over your “That’s not my size (anymore” post. You are a wonderful daughter of God, Kate. So appreciative to “know” you. ❤

    That combo of pumpkin and peanut butter truly intrigues me… to the point where I may need to go pick up a can of pumpkin. I wonder if the market would even have it! Hmmm…

    Happy Monday!

  6. Fingers crossed for your tests! It sounds like you had a great weekend before this stressful week.
    Also: how sweet you got to cheer on your nephew! I can’t wait to be the aunt rooting for my nephew though his sports will likely be basketball as his dad is a huge fan. Were you worried about the little one? I think I’d be. Over-worrier right here.
    Happy Monday, Kate!

  7. I was rooting for the Panthers too, I’m glad the halftime show was entertaining because that game certainly was not! Just a weird super bowl in my opinion, neither team brought much energy to the field.

  8. Tough loss for you Panthers, but the Broncos defense was on point (I didn’t watch but that’s what Twitter said) I’m glad you had a great week!

  9. So… we both had taco night on the same night?! I don’t know why I feel so amazed and surprised haha, but that is a pretty cool coincidence! Taco Thursdays rule! Now I will have to try the pumpkin and peanut butter on the pancake, because the obsession for that pancake is so real! My mom stared at me making it this morning and asked me when my obsession for this pancake would end (she seems annoyed of my constant pancake making – maybe I am making too much noise or dirtying her kitchen?!), but for the moment I don’t think my breakfasts will be varying too much ;).

    1. I saw your snapchat on Thursday and I was like, great minds!!
      I had it for breakfast this morning with sunbutter & jam and it was satisfying! I also added a tablespoon or two of greek yogurt to the batter, try it!

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