Dark chocolate fudge dip

It’s Saturday and I’m showing up to share a recipe. A recipe that would be perfect for this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Fudge. Fudge dip. Fudge spread. Fudge by the spoonful.


If there is one thing I know to be true about Valentine’s Day (ahem… Terry), it’s that the day should involve chocolate. And if it’s for me, dark chocolate please.

This was going to be a simple fudge recipe… but then I spread some of what was leftover on the food processor blade over a warm piece of toast.

Love at first bite. And we all know Valentine’s Day is about the love!

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This recipe was very clearly inspired by the very talented Katie @ Chocolate Covered Katie. I made her Ultimate Fudge Pie a few weeks ago and fell in love. When I made the pie the first time I used regular firm tofu rather than silken. Thus my pie was VERY fudge-y: thick and dense.


This fudge dip is also very dense. It’s got a lot of cocoa and I used bittersweet chocolate chips so it would be a dark chocolate fudge dip. What’s better than chocolate than something even more chocolate-y? Also, it isn’t overly sweet, so it’s perfect for a mid-afternoon snack or breakfast.


I’ve dipped my apples in it and I’ve spread it on toast. Rice cakes are also a perfect vehicle. By the spoonful is totally acceptably. OR may even between two graham crackers and a toasted marshmallow ?!?!?! :O 

Dark Chocolate Fudge Dip

12 oz firm tofu, pressed & drained
1 cup bittersweet chocolate chips
3 heaping tbsp cocoa powder
3-4 tbsp milk (I used unsweetened almond)
2 tbsp sweetener (I used stevia)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp salt

Melt chocolate in a sauce pan over the stove on low heat. Stir constantly to ensure chocolate does not burn. Place the tofu, cocoa powder, sweetener, vanilla extract, and salt into a food processor. Once chocolate is fully liquid, add to the processor. Blend on high until smooth. Add milk and continue to blend until very creamy. Once creamy and fully mixed, place in a container and refrigerator for an hour or so. Serve!


May this be one of your chocolate courses this Valentine’s day!

20 thoughts on “Dark chocolate fudge dip

  1. Super creative recipe!! I’ve only used tofu in a dessert recipe once before and it did not go so well. However, I would be more than willing to give it another shot with this recipe!

  2. Mmmh. Chocolate? An everyday neccessity that I know we agree on. Fudge? Even better. For breakfast? Yes, please.
    I’ve tried silken tofu-based mousse au chocolate a few times years ago but it never wowed me. This sounds better because you used actual chocolate, not just cocoa.

  3. Woah, tofu in the dip? That sounds really good actually. I’ve heard that tofu can make things really creamy. I would love to try this for Valentine’s Day. I don’t have a Valentine, but I do have my LOVELY family, so maybe I could share it with them. And I just wanted to say. I read your bio again, and I love it. You are a blessing!

  4. SO creative! I would have this as a pudding… for breakfast. With peanut butter on top. Oh man, you’re going to make me beg my parents to let me buy a blender for myself! This looks INCREDIBLE. You are so creative! I’ve seen people do something similar with chickpeas but I’m sure this is more decadent 🙂 Love your idea!
    This is perfect for Valentine’s Day too, AKA me alone in my room with a big bowl of chocolate.
    Which is fine by me! 😉

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