Social eats

Hey guys,

Today is random! Here are a few things I’ve been up to.

+The best fries in town and CPR training 


Thursday night Terry and I hit up Penn Station Subs. I got the grilled chicken parm sub and we split the fries. The sub was yummy, but the fries were some of the best I’ve ever had. If you order fries, they slice fresh potatoes and fry them in peanut oil and serve them fresh. It’s like being at the fair and getting Fisk fries!

Afterwards we went and took a CPR class taught by a friend of ours. That was a real workout! Terry was the CPR champ and even won himself some bling. I highly recommend taking a class if you haven’t before!

+House of Pizza with friends


Friday night we went to Charlotte with my friend Kelly to eat at a restaurant that is family owned by Kelly’s boyfriend, Harry. I ordered spinach ravioli that came with salad and garlic bread. Dipping the bread in the sauce was the highlight of the night. So good!!


Kelly’s hair is my goal hair.


The next day I had the other half of my dish over a bed of wilted spinach. Dee-lish!

+Original Pancake House with Dad


Over the weekend we met my Dad for brinner at an old favorite that is close to halfway between us. My mom was on a trip, that’s why she was MIA. I figured Dad couldn’t go too long without seeing at least one of his favorite girls.


They have the BEST omelets. The whip the egg whites and fold the omelet by hand and then bake it in the oven. It is so fluffy and filling! I got one with spinach and onions. I want to try replicating it asap.


+Cake (pop) save

Lastly, I want to encourage to not give up when you have a baking fail. I have a few cake mix boxes in my cabinet given to me by my mom, so I figured I try doing something a little different. I found a recipe on pinterest that combined the cake mix + 6 oz greek yogurt + 1 cup orange juice to make the cake. The cake came out absolutely delicious, but I ruined it by trying to ice it with an orange juice glaze that was yummy but very ugly. Far too ugly to serve. So I tried the same recipe again, but I made mini muffins. Well, I burned those. So, feeling prety desperate at this point, I scraped the insides out, crumbled them up, mixed them with icing, and rolled them into balls. Then I iced them. Wa-lah. Mini cake pops. Check out my make shift cake pop holder, ha ha.

So you tell me…

Any awesome meals lately?

Every try to resurrect a ruined dessert?

Have you taken a CPR class?


17 thoughts on “Social eats

  1. So inventive! When I have a recipe fail, I usually get pretty discouraged and have to step away for a while. I admire your tenacity!
    I think I e had that omelette! It IS good!
    I had to have CPR training for my work at the gym. Not the most fun activity, but definitely good to know!

  2. The worst dessert fail I ever had was when I was in grade school and my friend and I wanted to make ginger cookies for a project. Along with her mom, we tried to convert a recipe from German. The cookies came out all spread out on the pan and burnt on. It was bad! We couldn’t resurrect them…we even had to throw the pan away.

  3. Oh these are all amazing eats, and the cake pops look really good to me! I’m intrigued by these so called best fries… Wish I could taste them for myself! I’ve had MANY baking fails, so I totally get it! My biggest fails when it comes to baking is making granola bars, they hardly ever work and then I fins myself crumbling the bar in a pan and making granola!

  4. hahha oh my gosh how cute are your cake pops! I love that you used the cheese grater….I definietly would’ve just served them as cake “bites” and had people get their fingers frosted. That’s what tongues are for anyway right – to lick stuff off our fingers? 😉

  5. All of these eats look delicious! Those fries sound heavenly too. My fav meals lately have been from Panera and I have been loving multigrain bagels with strawberry cream cheese and an iced coffee! So delish 🙂 Hope you have a great day Kate!

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