Back to school + recent eats

School is back!


Even though I have a busy semester ahead of me, I am excited both about my class schedule and that it’s my last semester of grad school.

My class schedule this semester includes:
Sport Nutrition. Can’t wait to share all that I learn with my athlete brother!
Nutrition Education Theory & Practice. I am particularly excited about this one since counseling is my area of interest and this class will focus a lot on it.
Food Service (Part II). Not much to say about this one.
Vitamin Metabolism. I took mineral metabolism last semester, so I know that I will enjoy this one. I love that the class focuses on current research surrounding the vitamin/mineral.
Seminar in Food and Nutrition. This class will be journal club style, with the focus being on current trends in nutrition and dietetics. I plan to share anything I think you’ll find interesting.

I know this will be a tough schedule, but the fact that I am super interested in (almost) all of it motivates me further.

I’ve been eating some fun things lately, so I thought I’d share a few of them:

Venison tacos. More deer meet from the freezer, thanks to our hunter friends. I was so impressed by how tasty the meat was! I put a pound in the slow cooker with ~1.5 water and a mix of seasonings like cumin (must for tacos), chili powder, garlic salt, paprika, and oregano. The slow cooker cooked on high for about four hours and then low for another two. What really made this meal, however was the homemade tortillas. It’s mindblowing to me that flour, salt, water, and oil can make such a tasty thing! I ate one plain as the others were cooking- that good.


Apple pie smoothie plus pb&b rice cakes. This was from the day after my colonoscopy and I still wasn’t feeling like I could handle a ton of veggies or  meat. The smoothie turned out suprisingly good! In went ~1 cup unsweetened almond milk, dash of vanilla extract, ~1/2 cup applesauce, 3 tbsp unflavored soy protein powder, ~2 tsp granulated stevia, dash of cinnamon, and lots of ice.


Ultimate fudge pie by Chocolate Covered Katie. I also used her graham cracker crust that didn’t hold together very well, but worked. This pie was SO good y’all. Seriously decadent. I think my pie was especially dense and fudge-y, because I used regular tofu, not silken. (Thanks for pointing that out to me, Cora!) This is going on repeat in our house.


Quest Protein Chips featuring 21 grams of protein. My co-worker gave these to me because “I like everything”, but I have to tell you- I did NOT like these. I cannot even pretend these taste good enough to have after a workout. These are bad. FYI.

Lastly, I finally updated my Pinterest! This was a great activity for me as I was trying to stay preoccupied on my colonoscopy prep day. FYI, for the recipes I have tried, I put *Tried and True* in the descriptor. If I happened to try something but not like it, I won’t keep it pinned!  Check me out! Also, I can’t pin too many things or I’ll get overwhelmed and not look at it… so I don’t have a ton of pins so far.

Have a great Tuesday & tell me…

What was your favorite class you ever took?

Do you use Pinterest? Or do you just have one like me for the longest time ever?

Here is a board I created for most of my recipes from the blog:


25 thoughts on “Back to school + recent eats

  1. Those protein chips sound GROSS, and that’s coming from a quest bar addict! Homemade tortillas on the other hand… Seriously, that is so cool that you made your own!
    I kinda do Pinterest, but haven’t been doing my blog recipes. I really need to be better about this stuff.

  2. I’m glad you liked this smoothie a lot better than the last one! (and I’m glad the last one didn’t keep you from trying again). Nice call with ‘apple pie.’ I guess it really doesn’t matter what type of tofu you use (sorry – I just assumed silken). Actually I think using real tofu would make it thicker which I would looooveee (#fudge?) This week is the week of pinterest I see. A few people have been saying the same thing. I also just got it and am just trying to figure out how to go about using it best. Definitely share some of your learnings as you go along this semester! My nutrition nerd self is in wanting.

    1. I was totally being genuine when I said thanks for pointing that out to me! Sometimes I hate how blogs/texts can’t translate tone, haha! And it was SUPER thick and fudgey, which I freaking loved!!!
      I need to find you on pinterest! I got it a few years ago but was mostly dormant because it was overwhelming to me, haha.

  3. The best class I ever took was Obesity and Society because the professor was great. Think Ellen DeGeneres with black hair. We had a great relationship because I had to do an extra assignment for her class for my honors requirement. I wrote a twenty page paper about food marketing to children. I loved everything about the class! I am jealous of that sports nutrition class! Feel free to share

  4. Ah this is making me miss college and my college experience. I was a public health major so I took a few of these classes too. My favorite course was navigating the american diet. It was such an interesting course to learn how the US standards unfolded.

  5. Your classes this semester sound super interesting! And I use Pinterest all the time. I’ve found that it’s so helpful for increasing my blog traffic, especially with pinning to big group boards!

    And my favorite class I’ve taken was probably my American politics class! It was super basic but totally discussion-based and I LOVED the professor!

  6. Your sports nutrition class sounds so interesting! I agree, classes are so much better when the topic is something you’re interested in or passionate about.

  7. I am in my second part of food service too! I am intrigued as to what your class is doing for the whole year, I wonder if our classes are the same! We are planning a meal event for 50 people at the end of march. Absolutely love the looks of that pie, I have been really into using tofu for dessert recently, it’s fun to work with and to see the results! Not sure how I feel about protein chips but your reaction seals the deal that I won’t be trying them any time soon!

    1. I haven’t gotten into the class quite yet, but I am pretty sure your activity sounds more fun. The class is actually online which makes it even harder to get into!
      What other tofu desserts have you made?!

      1. Oh that is super weird! I’ve just recently made and had for dessert today a “dessert soup”, made with coconut dessert tofu, vanilla Greek yogurt and milk! I topped it off with fruit, Chia seeds and coconut, it was super tasty and made a nice light dessert 🙂

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