Floating spoons

I haven’t written a Thinking Out Loud post in a few weeks, but my brain is all over the place at the moment, so what could be a more perfect time?

  1. I don’t know if it is all the traveling from Monday and lack of sleep over the weekend, but I have been dragging this week! Seriously, all I want to do is sit and snack. It’s not even the lazy tired feeling, it’s the “I could fall asleep sitting up” tired. All I know to do is curb it with more sleep, but I sure hope it improves before I go back to school/work on Monday.
  2. My colonoscopy is tomorrow. After a terrible prep experience last time, I am praying this time goes better. The doc gave me a prep that requires me to drink less of the nasty stuff and from what I’ve read the stuff (Suprep) appears to have better reviews than the other stuff (GoLytely- see picture bellow). Yesterday I tried to eat mostly easy to digest foods like oatmeal, saltines, soup, and smoothies. Hopefully I’ve slept in (I am writing this on Wednesday), because I don’t want to spend too much of the day starving. Just pray I don’t vomit so that everything comes out of the right end :D. Expect an update next week!

    Before I knew what was to come…
  3. I felt so very lucky to have gotten ample time with girlfriends this week. First Heather and Miss Matilda while in Tennesse, and then Sarah at Sunflour Baking Company where I enjoyed a cappuccino and croissant, but mostly wonderful conversation. Loved turning virtual friends into “real life” friends.
    And then on Wednesday I grabbed coffee with my two grad school friends, Kelly & Kelly.
    Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
  4. So to be honest, despite my veggie loving ways, I have never been much of a green smoothie lover. Usually when I have smoothie it’s for a snack, not for a meal. I like to use my teeth when I eat. I made one yesterday for lunch (re: #2) and I did not love it. I did love that spoon could float on top of it though!
    Inside went: Frozen banana, frozen strawberries, ~3 tbsp soy protein powder (unflavored), handful or two of spinach, almond milk, cocoa powder, and a small pinch of stevia. How can I make it better, smoothie fanatics?! 
  5. I did, however, make an AMAZING soup last night that looked eerily like my lunch. I made Broccoli + Sweet Potato Soup from NeverHomemaker w/ a few modifications: garlic infused chicken broth for vegetable broth, unsweetened original almond milk instead of coconut milk, and I added ~1 oz of gouda cheese at the end.
    Terry and I both loved it!
  6. Terry and I are watching The Office and I’ve finally been introduced to Holly Flax. I have to tell you, if you’ve ever wondered what I’m like in real life… it’s her. She and I are equally weird.
  7. In other foodie news, my mom gave me a ton of deer meat (venison) from a family friend who hunts. I was totally not confident about cooking it, but I loved that it was locally sourced and on the leaner side. For New Year’s Eve dinner I made us venison sliders.
    Served with celery and fries. Terry and my friends enjoyed them, but I felt kind of iffy towards them. Luckily I have plenty more to experiment with. PS: ketchup makes anything taste decent.
  8. Have you ever tried to make your own orange juice? If you’ve had success, let me know how, because this is what I got out of three oranges: (still tasty!)
  9. Lastly, even though I professed my hate for the cold, the skies sure have been beautiful around here. Do you ever think about how when God created earth it didn’t have to be beautiful? Yet, all corners of the earth shout beauty.

I could probably continue with other streams of thought… but nine is fine!

So you tell me…

What is your favorite green smoothie recipe?

Who’s your favorite character from The Office? Terry loves Jim. I love Toby, but Holly is my soul song.

34 thoughts on “Floating spoons

  1. It sounds like your body knows the end of holidays are in sight. Its saying, “sleep now sleep now! don’t leave me!” Either that or your trip, with the friend meet ups and work with the youth group, took more energy than you thought. Either way, I say get all that sleep in now so your body can deal with what is about to come (ugh) and you get all loaded up for school again. Thinking of you and wishing the colonoscopy goes well this time!! (ps do you think it was the unflavoured soy protein that made your smoothie not so enjoyable? I can’t imagine it would give the greatest flavor?)

    1. Yeah, I kind of regret buying the soy protein powder. It’s such an easy way to get in protein, but it is not very appetizing!
      I think your theory regarding my sleep is on point!

  2. I loved Holly too, but also Pam. I love her subtle sense of humor.
    I go in and out of smoothie loving phases and I haven’t had one in awhile. I read somewhere that the smoothie formula is 1 handful of greens, 1 soft fruit (like banana or avocado), 1 sturdier fruit (pretty much anything else), a fat, and whatever add ins you want. That’s the way I used to think of it.
    That soup sounds delicious! I’m going to have to check it out!

  3. My favorites character from the office is Phyllis. I name my car after her 😊 I’m not much of a smoothie maker either because I like to eat my meals, but I’d say put it in a mason jar and that makes anything look more healthy/hipster/foodie

  4. Good luck with your test girl! Hope this experience is better than the last one.
    As for smoothies, when it comes to making them meals I feel that I need to add toppings. Like you, I like to chew my meals, so I make a basic protein green smoothie, then top it with granola, goji berries, cacao nibs, chia seeds, etc just to spice it up a bit! It adds more calories as well as nutrients to the meal 🙂

  5. When in doubt, my #1 smoothie saving tip is to add more sweetness, whether that be in the form of a banana or some dates. Also, I’ve always found that cocoa powder can make green smoothies taste a little off, so maybe try leaving that out? Hope your test and the prep for it goes well!

  6. I guess that’s why I haven’t done too many smoothies. I do love to chew my food, but I know that veggies are sometimes easier to digest when you blend them. 😀 I want to try more smoothies this year, but I’m not making it a goal, because I may not do it. O_O

    And I will be praying that God gives the doctors wisdom with your colonoscopy tomorrow and that you can rest in His grace and care for you. ❤

  7. Oh my, good luck with the colonoscopy, I so wish this one will work out! I can’t help you with your smoothie problems, I am stuck with the same smoothie recipe for years: fruit, Greek yogurt, water and maple syrup hahah. I don’t watch the office so I can’t tell you my favorite character!

    1. I’ve struggled with IBS/Chronic constipation for many years and no medication has been able to consistently help.
      I’d love your recipe!
      Also, welcome to the blog- I hope you’ll stay.

      1. I have had similar issues. I take florastor (probiotic) and eat a wheat flour&obtain muffin daily to help!

        I’ll get you the recipe when I get home!

  8. Good luck with your prep/procedure! I’ve never had a colonoscopy (though I probably should have…), but I also hate GoLytely, so I hope this version goes better for you!

  9. I was thinking of you today! Hope it was an alright day. Man, I had forgotten about Holly and how hilarious she is. Clearly it’s been far too long since I’ve binged on some Office reruns. And it is SO cool that you’ve been meeting some bloggers in person 🙂

  10. My green smoothies always have a frozen banana and always have toppings! I rather eat my meals, like you, than drink them, so they are always think and always have toppings. My favorites are Love Grown O’s and some chopped nuts. My family pretty much always eats venison instead of beef, so try something like chili or spaghetti so that it is more chopped up! And thanks for a great post!

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