Bagels and more (WIAW)

Good morning lovelies!

It is finally winter here and I have to say… I kind of hate it. No part of me wants to be outside when it’s freezing. I try to bundle up, I do, but why does the cold seem to get INSIDE me? Cold weather means a few things for me: give me all the comfort food, let me sleep two extra hours, and please don’t plan events that require me to be outdoors. Kidding… kind of… but not really. I’m going to do my best tough it out, but that was easier to say when it was 70 F in December!

Since today is Wednesday, it’s time to share some yummy eats from Monday with you. Join the party here!

Monday was a traveling day, since we were headed back to South Carolina from our retreat. Before leaving Tennessee, I got to have breakfast with my girl, Heather, at Panera. I hadn’t eaten at Panera since I quit working there last fall, but boy did I miss their bagels and coffee!

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Breakfast: Whole grain bagel with reduced-fat plain cream cheese and a whole lot of coffee.

When breakfast is shared over good conversation, it is even tastier. Seriously though, I have to believe bagels and cream cheese will be in heaven.

After leaving the retreat center, the group stopped at the mall to get a quick lunch. The mall had a Chipotle! Naturally, I had to get it. Unfortunately they hadn’t put out any grilled veggies, so I couldn’t get the veggie bowl like normal. I get the veggie bowl, because the guac is freeeeee! Instead I got a tasty sofritos salad.

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Lunch: Salad with brown rice, black beans, sofritos (tofu that’s very tasty!), corn salsa (my favorite), pico de gallo, hot salsa, and a little bit of cheese.

I couldn’t say no to the Chocolate Monkey… half of a frozen banana dipped in dark chocolate for dessert. One of my all time favorite treats that I normally can only find at the State Fair.


Riding along with me back home were five of the funniest girls. We laughed the whole way home and I didn’t even think much of my beloved road snacks. No worries though, I had a handful of peanuts and raisins.


We we got home I was super exhausted, but still craving a veggie-filled dinner. The retreat center food was very much the stereotypical “teen” food. I was so desperate for veggies that at one point I tried to make a salad out of sandwich toppings. And when they did ave side salads I took three. :O


Dinner: One pot pasta with marinara sauce, leftover frozen rotisserie chicken, broccoli, and mozzarella cheese. On the side was an orange and a few celery sticks.

We finished our evening by watching The Office and barely moving from the couch. Even the dishes were ignored until the next morning.

Right before bed I had a spoonful of peanut butter, a bite of dark chocolate, and small glass of almond milk. No picture unfortunately, but it happened. Promise.

This is my last week before I’m back at in school… I will miss the free time, but I am excited to have just one last semester!

So you tell me…

Are you a bagel fan? What’s your favorite? I love anything whole wheat, but cinnamon raisin and everything bagels reign.

What’s your typical Chipotle order?

Are you loving this cooler weather? If so, I will do my best to live through you.


28 thoughts on “Bagels and more (WIAW)

  1. “Welcome home”!! Glad you had such an awesome trip and still have a bit of time to recuperate before school starts 🙂 I am so looking forward to the day that I finally come across a Chipotle and can experience it! (There are none close to where I live). When the time comes, I have a feeling I’ll be all about the free guac too haha.

  2. I do love bagels! Being from NY, my fave are egg bagels from a place in Brooklyn. Random, I know.

    And no, I’m also aNot ready for the cold! Ugh. But I guess it’s time?

    Thanks for sharing your eats! I love that you took three side salads one day haha! The things we do for veggies.

  3. Bagels started growing on me last year and continue to do so. I get the most fabulous sweet potato bagels from the market, but nothing beats the good old everything bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese. The combo always sounds so wrong, but it is so good.
    The cold? Boy do I hear you. What social life I had falls down the drain.
    Haha your Chipolte thought is exactly why I go for the veggie bowl.

  4. I’m not a huge bagel person, but I once had the most amazing everything bagel with veggies, herbed goat cheese, and smoked salmon! Yum.

    I’ve only been to Chipotle a couple times, and I really like the chicken bowls with beans. I haven’t tried the scrambled tofu version yet and wish there was Chipotle here in Waterloo.

    No no no x100 about the cold weather! I miss wearing T-shirts and sandals and sunglasses!

  5. So much deliciousness. Also, YES to the free guac. We actually now get Ryan his own bowl and I just get him a veggie one because I ain’t paying for the guac for an 18 month old and if I don’t, he mooches all of mine, the little snot. (I’m a great mom.)

  6. After I got my oatmeal, I totally regretted not going for a bagel. The cinnamon raisin bagels are amazing. I have never been to the chocolate monkey before, but now that I know they have chocolate bananas, that will have to change!
    It’s amazing how exhausting traveling can be, but the dinner you whipped up looks delicious!

  7. I hate the cold, so I am right there with you! It is murky and rainy over here in Southern California, so I’m not too happy! All of your food looks especially delicious though. I am a huge fan of good conversations over breakfast. Best time of the day!

    Unpopular opinion: I don’t like chipotle.

    1. So jealous of you! I guess the winter is a reminder of how awesome the summer is!
      I’m iffy on the sofritas, but I had to make a quick decision after learning they didn’t have any grilled veggies out yet… boo!

  8. I don’t think I could choose a favorite bagel. They all are just so good! My favorite cream cheese is parsley garlic. It’s so different, yet I cannot stop eating it. Oh wait, Panera has the cinnamon crunch bagel right? I would probably pick that if I went there! At Chipotle, I’m usually really hungry so I get the biggest burrito I can (mostly black beans and guacamole) super good!
    I’m glad you had so much fun at the retreat. I remember those from church youth group and I never got a chance to go because of sports. You’re lucky to have married the right guy for that.

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