Life outside the box

Well, hello there 2016! Didn’t you just sneak up on us?!

I’ve been reading a lot of resolutions by other people for the new year. I got to say, it is pretty inspiring! I love self-evaluation and setting goals. How do you guys feel about New Year’s Resolutions? I’ve had a few good ones in the past…

Read the Bible in a year. Did it, but struggled through 1 & 2 Chronicles.

Lotion my legs everyday. Made it about half way through and gave up.

Drink soda only on the weekends. Technically I accomplished this one… but I pretty much guzzled 2 liters over each weekend.

Yeah, so I didn’t bother to make any this year. I have some big things coming up for this year, like finishing grad school and starting a dietetic internship. I think just focusing on succeeding in those two things will be challenging enough. Besides, I am much more of a weekly goal type person. I like setting a goal for the week ahead rather than a huge goal for the entire year. I mean, SO much can change in a year. Today I may want to try  to do yoga every other day but by November I may be a cross fit champion. Doubt it… but still.

I do, however, have some thoughts on how I want my blogging to evolve. First, I think I need to be more authentic with the types of things I post. Not that what I post isn’t genuine, it is just that sometimes posts feel forced. This probably means link-ups less often. Or maybe just link-ups when I’m really feeling my mind going in that direction. I’ll probably keep with sharing a day of eats on Wednesday, because that’s just too fun to not.

I think the hardest thing about blogging is trying to fit in a box. I have never had much of a one track mind. I love talking about food, but I also like exploring deeper things in life. I like to talk about emotions and spirituality and life in general. So secondly, one thing I’d like to add to the blog is something I’ll call Sunday Series. I’ve wanted an outlet to share things I’ve learned and how I’ve grown in my spiritual life, but I have felt unsure about how to go about it.This series will not be a place for me to shove my beliefs down your throats (not my style), but more of just a time to share and reflect. I decided to do it on Sundays so it would be an addition to my blog and I can still have the week to share my normal stuff. I do hope you’ll read.

Alright…so I kind of lied. After facing my closet yesterday I do have one resolution. No more new clothes. I want less stuff. Isn’t it amazing how much crap humans accumulate? I did an initial purge, but I still feel like I have too much. Because parting with clothes is harder than it should be, I tried the backwards hanger method. I hung all my clothes backwards and once I wear an item, I will turn the hanger around. By the time the season ends, if I haven’t worn it, I am giving it away.


*By the way, something that helped me with the giving away some items is reading an article that suggested taking pictures of anything that I am keeping just for sentimental value. Goodbye five t-shirts and one dress.

Anyways, that’s all I got for today. But before I go, here are a few pictures from my week:

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Cracker Barrel breakfast date with my niece and Terry. She’s in the stage of not wanting to look directly at the camera and not giving a real smile. We tried our best.


Homemade deep dish spinach pizza. Made with whole grain flour!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

My new cousin! He’s only 4 days old in this picture.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

I went to my parents’ to help with some cleaning out of things. Looking through old pictures is one of my favorite pastimes. Apparently fried chicken was dear to me.

So tell me…

Are you a resolution setter? Or weekly goal setter?

Do you ever feel stuck in a box with blogging?

Are you still sleeping from partying too hard last night? 😉


22 thoughts on “Life outside the box

  1. I totally get the trying to fit in a box. I had this same problem when I was vegan. There are so many factions and every one is like a set of laws. I hated it and felt the message was really terrible. I felt like it was so isolating and then if you did something outside the mainstream you weren’t good enough.
    Needless to say, I don’t fit inside any box besides the Ellie box. And that’s cool with me.
    No big goals were made today, if I want to make a change, I just start it when I think of it rather than waiting for a set day or time of year. I would love to read more about your spiritual journey 👍🏾

      1. I don’t like the word vegan because of what it implies. I still have my ethical judgements when it comes to animals, but labels suck.

  2. Boxes are boring. I say break-out and be free of any and all boxes 🙂 I don’t do resolutions at all [they never work] but I do make goals I want to focus on each and every month! Smaller, attainable goals are the way to go in my opinion. Resoutions are too big and can get lost in the crazy business of life!

  3. That’s the thing – a year is SO much time – it is so easy to think “oh I have all year for this,” and then end up procrastinating and not ever making that “change” happen. Or we could want something completely different in 364 days. Heck.. in a week.

    Trying to fit into a box is not only soul sucking to an individual, but others can usually also see right through it. We (atleast I know I do) want to connect with real people who are being true to themselves – that is how we learn. And blogs, I believe, were made in order to share yourself with the world – your true self. I love following your blog because it is unique – because it is you. If you feel a strong calling for spirituality and sharing your journey, then of course you should do this. This is your space!

  4. Are you a resolution setter? Or weekly goal setter?

    I used to be a HUGE resolution setter, but I find that I really don’t have any idea of how the next year will go. I don’t even know how the week will exactly go. 🙂 But it’s a lot more manageable to do weekly.

    Do you ever feel stuck in a box with blogging?

    YES. I go to other blogs and think that I should start doing exactly what they are doing to be successful. I am definitely, by God’s grace, just going to stick out and be the person that God made me to be. 🙂

  5. I did set some goals for the year, but prefer to call them goals instead of resolutions. I am also big on setting a goal each week, just cause I feel that it’s more realistic! I feel like I also need to give that hanger method a try, so.many.clothes.

    Happy new year!

  6. I love the idea of taking a picture of clothes I hold sentimental value to! Why have I never thought of this before? It’s genius. I’m totally going to implement this. Ahhh like right now! After I get off my laptop I’m purging my closet.

  7. You don’t need a box! You’re awesome! I love that you read through The Bible in a year! Thats amazing!! Also, love that pizza… looks amazing!

  8. Parting with clothes is way too hard for some reason! You’re so right about the sentimental value of some pieces, too. I NEED to do a clothes purge and you’ve inspired me to do it before I go back to school and haul even more clothes there with me! Happy new year, Kate!

  9. I made some resolutions this year, but i kept them very general because I kinda feel like you.

    I definitely need to declutter my closet. I’m way too sentimental about stupid things like t-shirts; love the idea of taking a picture or having a quilt made (plan to do this with my and my husbands fraternity/sorority shirts).

    Oh and on linkups! I stopped writing WIAWs for that reason. I love reading them (& yours), hate writing them. I’m trying to find the balance between searchable “valuable” content and just writing from the heart. I hate feeling boxed in, too!

    Happy new year! 🙂

  10. I always try to make resolutions for the year or have a mantra to keep in mind for the year. I like the idea of doing weekly goals – it seems less daunting! One of my big resolutions is also to clear my closet and house in general. I’ve accumulated sooo much stuff over the last few years. Have you read the book the life changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo? I found it inspiring and helpful for cleaning out your closest. Happy new year!!

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