best of 2015

2015, you did not let me down. You gave me adventure, fun, laughter, growth, and strong ties. Of course, I can’t really thank you, 2015, since you are simply a range of days designated as a year by man. I know that everything good comes from the Lord and He’s given me so many good people to enrich my life and push me further along. Instead of writing a love letter to you, 2015, I think I will just sum up the highlights and even the low lights, because we can’t grow if we don’t have both.

Being a dietary intern at a diabetes camp: This 7-day overnight experience was without a doubt very challening and physically exhausting. Little sleep and constant go-go-go could have made me very grumpy. However, being as the camp made it so diffcult to have negative emotions. Seeing the kids participate and enjoy themselves without fear of mismanaging their type I diabetes and without feeling different than the other kids made me so happy. Growing as a dietetic student by learning the ins and outs of nutrition therapy for diabetes and working one-on-one with the RDN was invaluble to my learning experience. This week may have been my favorite of the year.

Read more about it here: Going to camp as a dietary intern

The year of Netflix: One of the ways Terry and I relax at night, like many adults, is by watching Netflix together (we don’t have cable). We have gone through a semi-embarrassing amount of shows… I just get so wrapped up in the people, okay?! We also never watch more than one show at once, so we tend to zoom through the series. We watched Parenthood, Parks and Rec, House, Chopped, Next Food Network Star, and now we are working on The Office (for some reason I have a crush on Toby?).

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Interning at an assisted living home: While this may not sound like the most exciting thing, being able to work under an RD did so much for my confidence and learning. Studying what’s taught in the classroom is helpful, but being able to apply it and see it play out is truly on another level.

Applying for a dietetic internship: Ever since Fall 2014 when graduate school began, the grueling application process has been weighing on me. The acceptance rate for these internships is 50%. Yikes. I decided to go through my school’s early acceptance application process, but I still don’t know if I got it. I can still apply in Feburary if I don’t get it, but I am hoping for the best. Submitting my application and going to the interview relieved SO much stress and I was very happy to put it behind me.

Weekend in Nashville: Any time I get to go to Nashville is a happy time. My 3 closest friends ALL live there, so when Rachel finished her Masters I knew her graduation would be the perfect opportunity. I love how much there is to do in the city and how easy it is to fill our days. Nothing, however, beats just hanging out and laughing together.

Read about it here: Nashville Love

Vactioning in Ohio: Who knew Toledo, Ohio is such an exciting place? If it actually isn’t, you’ve fooled me. Having our two close friends, Hannah and Shane, host us and show us around the city made for an awesome vacation. It was 4 days without any to-dos or responsibilities. A real vacation. It was just what Terry needed, but I relished it all too. I hope they are ready for round two summer 2016!

Read more here: Time off in Toledo, Ohio

Falling more in love: As cheesy as it sounds, it couldn’t be truer. We’ve grown closer and know each other better than I could have imagined. If you asked me if I love him more than the day I said “I do”, I’d say exponentially. I didn’t think it was possibly then, but that’s the crazy thing about love. Though our capacity to feel or give it may be limited, it’s never ending. There’s always more out there waiting to fill us. In 2016 I want to get back to sharing more posts about marriage, because it’s something I would have loved before I got hitched.

Family time: As I get older, family time has become such a priority to me. I do everything I can to be totally present when we get the opportunity to be together. I’ve spoiled over the past few months thanks to birthdays and holidays, and I am super duper grateful. I hope for even more get togethers next year!

New friends: Being a loner by nature, before this year I wasn’t very proactive about making friends. I made excuses like being too busy. The truth, as many of you know, is that it is hard to make friends as an adult. You aren’t forced to hang out with anyone (like in school) and you don’t tend to just run in with people who share your interests. I made a decision to take the time to invest in others and be intentional about building relationships. No regrets.

While not pictured, I have to say a lot of my new friends include you guys, my blog readers. I love the community I’ve fallen into. So, thank you.

Year of food: This year has by FAR been most adventurous year of eating. My culinary skills and knowledge have greatly increased, there’s no denying that. I ate red meat for the first time in 7+ years, I created recipes (see here!) that I want to repeat, I tried cooking really complex recipes and succeeded, and I intentionally ordered things at restaurants I’d never tried before. There were plenty of winners, like the yeasty cinnamon rolls, and there were a few losers, like the creme brulee (not for me), but it was plenty of fun trying it all. I decided I want to be an “adventurous eater” and I want to encourage others to do the same!

You have to take the bad with the good…

Break in: Probably the scariest event of the year was having our house broken into and my computer stolen along with other valued things. While it could have been 100000x worse, like I could have been home when it happened, it still left me a little shaken. It was a reminder that bad things can happen to me, too. I am still getting over being alone at the house by myself, but I have made some progress getting past it. I think what bothered me the most was how it affected me more than I initially realized.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

A new found anxiety: In the past I dealt with depression, but anxiety, the kind that comes out of no where, wasn’t something I dealt with before this summer. After having a few anxiety attacks, I sought help through a counselor. I wrote a post on “sick therapy vs well therapy” to help explain how I dealt with it. While it was still bad, I took melatonin to help me sleep and it helped tremendously. It doesn’t hit me very often right now, and for that I am grateful, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t haunt me for much of the fall semester. If you find yourself dealing with it, I highly recommend speaking with a counselor, because getting those thoughts out in the open can surprisingly help a lot.

Burn out: Hey Kate, what else do you expect from being in school for 17.5 years without a break? And trying to work two jobs for part of it? Yeah, I know this is pretty common. Still, it was pretty tough to fight through during those last few weeks of both Spring and Fall semester. ONE MORE SEMESTER TO GO.


In case your curious, my most viewed post was “While I Smile: My Recovery“. Probably the scariest and most rewarding post I wrote.

Happy happy happy new year’s eve to all of you. It may just be a page turn on the calendar, but like most things, it is what you make of it!

much love you you all.

8 thoughts on “best of 2015

  1. Congratulations on absolutely everything, Kate. I truly cannot wait to continue following your dietetic career steps (fingers crossed for you for the internship), your travels, your LOVEly marriage and your recipe creations. You’ve got something pretty wonderful going – so thank you for sharing it with us. Happy New Years! ❤

  2. I didn’t realize you have already done so many internships in nutrition. Kudos to you! I can’t wait to hear all about them and more on our coffee date. Cheers to a happy and healthy 2016.

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