HAPPY MONDAY. (Because Mondays can be happy too).

Can you believe how close we are to Christmas time?! I just love it- family, food, free time, football, falling asleep whenever, feeling un-stressed… okay that’s all the Fs I got. 😀

Today I am telling you all my accomplishments from last week, but I must ask one thing of you. Let’s consider “accomplishment” in the broadest of ways. Thanks Meghan, for the link-up!

I went to two Christmas parties this past weekend and managed to make an old outfit a full-on Santa get up.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

The first party was with my awesome youth group. Can you find me? I am the adult that fits in with all the teens.


The second party was with my grad school friends. I am so grateful for the girlfriends I’ve made. Since high school, making girlfriends has kind of been a hard thing for me, but grad school has been different.


I should have taken a picture pre-digging in, but the party food was realllly good. Someone made a beet dip that stole the show for me and I kind of just wanted to eat it with my hands it was so good.


I made the chocolate cake featured in my last post, and boy did it NOT disappoint. The chocolate was so DEEP and rich. I was really proud of myself for making the cake and icing from scratch. It was my first layer cake, so I patted myself on the back a couple of times.


I also made hummus from chickpeas that I cooked from dried. It was my first time not using canned, and while the canned are a good bit easier, I think the dried tasted better. As I was making it, the hummus wasn’t getting creamy and I was getting a little nervous, but then I added some hot water and it began to break down beautifully. Phew!


Worth mentioning is this brie I brought along (mostly for myself…)


I also managed to make it to the gym more than once this week. There is no denying that working out has not been on the top of my list lately, but it felt great to get back in there and sweat. I am going to do my best to go more consistently now that school is out. I need the routine I lost!

Also, thank you GOD for this beautiful weather. No need for a White Christmas!



For monies I proctored 25+ hours of exams (completed 2 crossword puzzles and a small amount of studying while doing so). Is there a better (nerdy) feeling than completing a crossword puzzle?


I managed to tag team a healthy dinner with Terry. I asked him what he wanted for dinner and he said “hot dog, french fries, and baked beans.” We sophisticated that dinner up a little by using chicken sausages, whole wheat buns, carrots fries, and homemade baked beans.


I SLEPT IN. And it felt SO good. Terry must have gotten the cooking fever, because he got up and made me breakfast while I slumbered. He’s the bomb.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I felt stylish with my highly coordinated outfit. The dress is from my stylish friend, so I guess I can’t take full credit.


Lastly, I made this amazing double chocolate Greek yogurt banana bread by Amanda. It’s my new fav. I made a few modifications- reg. yogurt instead of Greek, baking stevia instead of brown sugar, and only 3 tbsp liquid sweetener. I also found 1/4 cup chocolate chips to be sufficient.


Notice there wasn’t much mention of studying… Studying is the hardest thing for me right now. I can’t concentrate on it for more than like 5 minutes. As I am in my 2nd year of grad school, I think my brain is fried. I wish I was just given a paper to write. Oh well- it will be over Tuesday!!!

What’s something you feel like you’ve “accomplished” this past week? 


33 thoughts on ““Accomplishments”

  1. That chocolate banana bread is on my list of things to do this week! I just need those suckers to ripen. 🙂

    You did an amazing job last week. I’m always so impressed by how much we all do when we stop to go back and see what happened. I’m glad you got to spend so much time celebrating the holidays with friends.

    I used to class up my hot dogs by slicing them down the center and melting cheese in the crevice I created. Then I would cut them up into little pieces and dip them into ketchup like a four year old. It still sounds good to me today.

    I bring Brie to parties for myself too.

    Congrats on your first layer cake. Those suckers can be work. When I spread the frosting, I keep a glass of hot water at the ready and then I dip my frosting knife in the water and then grab the icing. It doesn’t hurt the cake at all and makes spreading it so much easier.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up! I’m so glad you made it this week!

    1. I felt pretty darn good putting this together, so thanks for the link-up!
      Your hotdog creation would make Terry so happy and would be a fun week night dinner too!
      Thank you for the icing tip- I used hot water when cutting iced brownies when I worked at a bakery. I didn’t think to do it for the actual icing!

  2. So many good things!! Hahah Dan and I basically had the same compromise with our panini dinner and my “healthy onion rings.” But he didn’t make me egg-in-a-hole toast so Terry totally gets all the brownie points there. Awesome job with the xmas outfit – looks great! And congrats on the cake and hummus. I much prefer using dried chickpeas rather than canned, mostly for the texture, but of course we don’t always have time for that. I say there are too many festive things to enjoy right now rather than study! ❤

  3. So many things: Amanda’s Choc Banana Bread is totally on my list right now. So glad it turned out well! Also, great job on making the chocolate cake. I am impressed!! And those carrot fries look awesome? Did you just season and bake? Looks like your holiday parties were so much fun. Good luck with your remaining finals!

    1. I can totally vouch for both the cake and the bread. I’ve had mixed success with healthy banana breads, but this one was really great.
      I toss the carrot fries in a little oil, salt, and garlic. I roast on 425 F for ~20 minutes (depending on how thick I cut them)

  4. You had quite the week. Your santa outfit is ADORABLE and totally appropriate for both parties. This weekend I filled out some forms and sent some important emails that I hope will benefit me in the coming weeks. I feel pretty confident about that 🙂

  5. Look at how cute you look for your parties!! Since moving two months ago my husband and I havent found a home church yet [or any friends], so no christmas parties for us this season. Hopefully next year!

    1. Why thank you!
      Finding a new church can be SO challenging- especially if you loved the one you were at before. I had difficulty adjusting to our new church after I moved in with Terry. I am praying God leads you to some where amazing!

  6. The Christmas outfit is so cute!
    Yay for layer cake success! The cake looks beautiful and delicious!!
    My last 2 batches of hummus used dried bean and I think I like it better too!
    Terry is so sweet!

  7. Loving that santa outfit!! So cool that you had a potluck with friends, I am in love with potlucks haha! I did the same thing this week in trying to make a regular supper healthier, I made veggies burgers with oven baked potato wedges! It’s awesome to be able to swap hamburger and fries for something similar, more nutritious and homemade! That breakfast Terry made for you is so cute, he even cracked the egg in the bread?! So cool!!

    1. Potlucks are the best! We were saying how we need to have them more frequently.
      Oven baked potato fries are honestly one of my favorite foods! I love how potato-y they are compared to their fried friends (which are delish too, obviously)

  8. Ohh baby so much chocolate goodness happening in this post!! Your santa outfit is the cutest and love all the wonderful-looking fellowship in the party pictures 🙂 New takes on old classics like your hot dog meal are the best. Thinking of you and hoping that the final stretch isn’t too painful.

  9. I love your cute Santa outfit you whipped together and everyone else’s lovely ugly Christmas sweaters too! Your sophisticated hot dog, fries and beans looks amazing! I would not be disappointed if I got that instead of the real deal!

  10. That cake, though. I just told myself 5 mintues before I saw that picture that I would make myself a small batch of chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting tonight (I don’t even like cake bahahah) but now I’m reevaluating. Your ‘santa’ outfit is so cute!!

  11. Isn’t it awesome when you find a dip that you just want to eat on its own with a spoon?! We made some sweet potato hummus and mango salsa at the weekend and a spoon would have been all that was needed!
    I honestly don’t think I have ever completed a crossword… But I would be so satisfied if I did!

  12. I love this post in SO many ways – brie, chocolate cake, and that fancied up simple dinner! Terry is so sweet to make your breakfast 🙂 Also I’m trying to hit the link for the chocolate banana bread with Greek yogurt but can’t seem to get it – it’s showing me that the page is not found 😦

      1. Beautiful! I’ve made her simple Greek yogurt banana bread before, and it’s to die for. I can just imagine how amazing the chocolate version would be! Thanks Kate 🙂

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