Thursday is here

Today FEELS like a random day to just tell you whatever I can think of.

-Like how when I went grocery shopping the other day I left feeling like a champion. I got a buggy full of grocery staples for a GOOD price. As the cashier was ringing me up I was just patting myself on the back for finding such good deals. I love you, Aldi. You are the hometown hero.


-Or how I really love to dance with my dog. She can stand on her hind legs for a long time, so she really makes a great little dancer. In the following video I was mostly just annoying her, because she was just ready to go outside. She loves it, I swear.

Jules says “hi there.”


-I am thinking about doing a video post… isn’t it kind of strange to feel like you know someone well, but not know what their voice sounds like?

-On food.. I had a really yummy sandwich yesterday. Why do I always forget about sandwiches? I think because I like to take a lot of bites I usually go for salads, but sandwiches can be SO satisfying.

dog 3

This was a simple veggie burger with pepper jack cheese and mayo/mustard on  whole grain toast. SCORE.

-For all my fellow Voice watchers- how sad that Madi is gone?! 😦 I mean, I’m happy for the final 4, but Madi was my winner!


-My job for the next couple of days is proctoring exams, so I’ve been straight chilling for hours on end. I’ve done my best to be productive, but sometimes it just looks like this…


-Tomorrow I have a fun post of recipes I’ve gathered and hope to try over my break. I’m getting hungry thinking of them!

That’s all I got for today! What randomness is occupying your brain?


24 thoughts on “Thursday is here

  1. I love that video of you and Jules dancing!! And I really hope you do a video post! It would be nice to put a voice with your lovely face.
    You know I share your love of Aldi! I have plans to go there today, in fact.
    I’m a volume eater, so I usually choose salads over sandwiches too. But there is something about a good sandwich. Especially one with melty cheese!
    Have fun proctoring!

  2. Girl – amazing pants. I agree with the voice thing – it is rather strange how you can feel you know someone and yet have never actually seen them move or hear them talk. Aha. But I mean now that I’ve seen you dancing with your dog – who is gorgeous – all hesitations of you being a robot are off ;). Love it.

  3. Dancing with animals is so fun. I mostly pick up my cat and swing him around the room. He likes it for a while, then tries to get out when he realizes I’m in a crazy mood =P I have some recipes I want to try, but I worry that I’ll make too much. I love to make cookies, but what am I going to do with 2 dozen of them? I will eat them for a few days and then they will sit. I hate waste. What do you do about that?

    1. Haha same with my pup!
      I have the same problem, especially when I make healthier items, b/c Terry isn’t always up for trying them. I try to either 1/2 the recipe or freeze some for later, b/c I hate food waste. I give some away sometimes too!

  4. The Voice is SO tight this year! Jordan definietly has the best voice, but all of the talent it incredible. And true story, I call my dog Little Bear because of how she walks on her back legs like a bear!! 😉

  5. I think video posts are such a great idea. I’ve actually been meaning to get into making one as well, but it’s definitely a bit of a step outside my comfort zone which is why I’ve been putting it off. I’ve been finding Snapchat great for stuff like that, though!

  6. Cute video! My dog (dachshund) is a bit too tiny to dance with, hehe.
    I so wish we had Aldi here. We do have several cost plus 10% type places, but I’m always turned off by their produce. Maybe I shop for non-perishables there?
    Happy almost-Friday! 🙂

    1. Haha you’d have to pick yours up and rock it like a baby 😀
      Aldi has surprisingly good produce here, so luckily I don’t have any issues with that! Non-perishables are good idea though!

  7. Girl, I LOVE these simple “what I did recently” posts. You are so relatable and I find myself nodding and agreeing with most of these points! Woo! Your sammie looks amazing – and look at those great groceries you picked up. Sweet.

  8. I love leaving the grocery store feeling like I rocked the system 🙂 I tend to go for salads over sandwiches, too, but sandwiches can be SO good. I had an awesome one today with deli turkey, avocado, and honey mustard.

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