Chocolate and caffeine (WIAW)

For a 2 day school week, I’d say it was pretty dang hectic. I had to turn in a research paper on chromium and do a presentation about iodine on Tuesday, so Monday night as I was finishing everything up I was literally in tears from being so tired. (Don’t feel bad for me, it’s just the current situation- I see the light!).

Nonetheless, I was very happy to do minimal cooking on Tuesday and I even snuck in a nap once I got home from school. Here’s my eats from the day.

What does a sleep-deprived girl require on a busy day? Caffeine and chocolate, of course. No doubt, there was plenty.

Breakfast was my current obsession- a single serving oatmeal pancake will cacoa nibs, peanut butter, and jelly. I’m glad I found a way to enjoy cacoa nibs! I also had my usual coffee (3 cups this morning), 85% dark chocolate, and a sliced pear later in the morning.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Morning snacks included some almonds and an orange. Don’t you hate when you think the orange is going to be huge, but the membrane is like half an inch thick?

[insert diet pepsi here]

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetLunch was Chili’s leftovers on top a bed of spinach. In the mix was rice, black beans, asparagus, and ~2 oz steak. I also threw some leftover veggies in there. This was so so so dang good. The combination of flavors was perfect and I wish I could eat it today for lunch too.


An afternoon snack before class was the last of my freezer stash of these skinny brownies. Mmm cocoa.


Here I am ESTATIC because I am going to turn in my novel of a paper 😀

After I did my presentation on iodine, I went home and took a nice long nap. I honestly think I could have slept until the morning, but we had our church Thanksgiving dinner to attend.


Dinner was a delicious mix of foods brought by various people in our church- cranberry sauce, broccoli casserole (my fav!), peas, mac n’ cheese, deviled egg, green beans, and a cranberry apple salad. Most everything was wonderful and fully enjoyed. I went back for more green beans!


Dessert happened. 4 slices of my favorite candy on the planet plus some almond milk.

I’m so excited to spend some time with my family over the next couple days, but I am almost just as excited to sleep in (every day).

What food do you crave when sleep deprived?

31 thoughts on “Chocolate and caffeine (WIAW)

  1. So lucky to be having such a long weekend, hope you get to relax, because you seriously deserve it! I actually really enjoy eating cocoa nibs with vanilla greek yogurt + cocoa powder, the sweetness of it all really balances out the bitterness! Must be really good in pancakes though, I might try that next!

  2. Congrats on turning in your ‘novel’ and your presentation! And I’m glad you got to enjoy a much deserved nap! Caffeine and chocolate happen to be my two favorite things in the entire world, you know, behind John and Matilda 😉

  3. Huge congrats on handing in the paper and getting through all that work sludge! A nap was most definitely deserved – as is some more rest and rejuvenation in these next coming days.
    Both you and Heather have got me craving these single serving pancakes – I’m going to have to find a recipe. And your dinner looks so amazingly stereotypical of a church pot luck (green and brown aha)! Gah this made me so happy. Peas.. mac and cheese! And Broccoli casserole is my FAVE

  4. YAY for your hectic week already being done. Now you can sit down and relax! Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Kate! Sounds like you have earned some peace. ❤

    You ended your night the right way. LOVE THIS CANDY.

    My favorite food to eat when sleep deprived is oatmeal. It’s my go-to for whenever I am feeling slightly off my game. It’s delicious, easy, and warms my heart. ❤

    Happy Thanksgiving, once again!

  5. Ah a Terry’s chocolate orange… I hardly ate them when I lived in the UK and now I’m in Australia I want one! Go figure!
    So jealous of Americans and all your thanksgiving eats! They look so good – especially that broccoli casserole! Yum!

  6. That chocolate orange you told me about way back! I want one of those, too. Definitely something I’ll look for next time I’m in a larger city though I’m not sure we have these oranges over here at all.
    Congrats on handing in your paper! It’s been a while since I had to write one but I remember the relief I felt. Enjoy a very restful Thanksgiving – you deserve it!

  7. Oh gosh your meals are so awesome looking! I meant to leave that candy comment on this page – I’ve never seen that candy! I love your breakfast and your morning snacks. What time do you usually wake up and go to to bed? 🙂

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