The current situation


You’ve heard before of dogs that have eaten homework.. but what about dogs that assisted with homework?

Yea, I know. In my dreams. I will, however, give her some credit for being a sweetie and laying on my feet as slowly made way to finishing my minerals research paper.

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She is a crazy hyper dog, but she is the sweetest when she chills outs.

This weekend was spent doing a lot of school work, but I also had plenty of fun.

-I was lucky to have the opportunity to shadow a clinical dietitian for the day on Friday. It was a really cool experience, so much goes on in the hospital. I feel like there is so much to learn and I am itching to go back!

-We had a great night with our youth group hanging out by the fire, eating s’mores, and talking it up. I feel so lucky to be the wife of a youth pastor.

-MY VERY FAVORITE CANDY IS IN STORES NOW. Give me ALL the dark chocolate orange balls!


-Terry and I are doing the couch potato to 5k plan together. His goal is to get in better shape and my goal is to learn how to love running.

-We had a movie night Saturday, complete with stove top popcorn cooked in coconut oil. We watched Fun with Dick & Jane. It was cute.

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-I’ve also been listening to BBC Live Lounge on YouTube and I am especially fond of the covers, like this one:

-Finally, I think this picture of me pretty sums up how I’m feeling: pleasant, but tired, and with my eyes and mind on things not on my to-do list.

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And not to be forgotten- it’s THANKSGIVING week. Let’s live through this week with a heart of total gratitude for all that is around us.

19 thoughts on “The current situation

  1. The dark chocolate oranges are one of my favorites too! And so is stove top popcorn!
    I am thankful for so many things this week, including you and your lovely blog!

  2. So many lovely things. I have so many fond youth group memories. My parents are both ministers so even when I was “past” the age, I often got to tag along for gatherings. Lucky that you get to do the same with Terry! Sadly, the one type of chocolate I detest is orange. Its sad – they always look so festive!

    1. How cool! I have so many great memories as a kid in the youth group I love being able to help others have the same experience. That’s too sad about the orange, but I will let you past since you are a lover of chocolate!

  3. THOSE DARK CHOCOLATE ORANGE BALLS ARE MY FAVORITE THINGS IN THE WORLD. Kate, you have no freaking idea how happy you just made me. I have been looking for those for YEARS. My grandma used to gift them to me but she is no longer around and no one in my family knew what I was talking about. OMG. I am literally dancing around the room, and I am about to call my mom. THANK YOU.

    Okay, back to normal self…. I love the selfie you ended this post with. You’re a beauty Kate!

  4. I’ve never tried Terry’s chocolate, but maybe I should add it to the #bucketlist. That’s great that you got to shadow a clinical RD – actually being in the hospital is such a strong learning experience. I hope you enjoyed it! Yay for finishing your research paper!

  5. That bowl of popcorn caught my eye right away, love me some popcorn! The chocolate oranges are a christmas tradition at my house, my grandmother always gives it to me as a gift so I can smack it on the table and serve it for the guests (or in my case I just eat pretty much most of it). Your dog is so cute, she must be such a happy presence to have around 🙂

  6. MMMM to those dark chocolate oranges!! So so good! I actually remake that combo a lot with my greek yogurt bowls. I add orange extract, a touch of vanilla stevia, and dark chocolate chips stirred into plain greek yogurt. Its BOMB!!

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