Feel good Friday

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The Friday bells are ringing!

I am writing this post at a rather late hour (for me), thanks to a surprise date tonight.

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Terry took me to Chick-fil-a after class and then suggested we go to the movies to see the new Hunger Games movie, which I’ve been so excited to see!! It was rather spontaneous and despite the fact I new I should be in bed at a decent hour, I went with it. No regrets, because the movie was SO SO SO good. I hate to sound like a fan girl, but J.Law can do no wrong. Though honestly, all the acting was really well done!


On another note, I decided that this week, after catching up on the contestants when I should’ve been doing homework, that I’m going to watch The Voice this season. My Mom absolutely loves show, so I’m glad we can watch it together even if we aren’t in the same room. So far, my favorite is Madi Davis, though I like Jordan Smith too. Do yourself a favor and watch Madi’s rendition of one my favorite songs, “Case of You.” Girlfriend is only SIXTEEN.

Some recent eats this week…

Terry and I were planning to have pizza Monday night, but he got an opportunity to go to a wrestling match, so I was on my own. That didn’t stop me from enjoying my own little pizza- I made the crust from 2 eggs + 2 tbsp coconut flour + a pinch of baking powder + basil. It was SO good and fluffy.

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I also experimented with turnips for the first time, other than simply roasting them,and I made a “turnip puff“. So simple and healthy, but also gives “comfort food” feeling we crave. I didn’t have breadcrumbs, so I swapped them out for ground cornflakes. On the side was balsalmic tempeh and kale.

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I had a BOGO coupon for Sweet Frog, so on Wednesday night Terry and I had frozen yogurt. NSA chocolate + toasted marshmallow + pecans + walnuts + pb chips for me!

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And I’ll end this post with a picture that makes me happy:

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What’s making you happy at the moment?

17 thoughts on “Feel good Friday

  1. Aww… nothing better than spontaneous dates 🙂 So glad to hear you loved Hunger Games – I am stoked to see it! Shows really are so much better when you have someone to discuss them with, even if you don’t watch together. I do the same with my parents. And such a creative little pizza… looks delicious!

  2. Happy Friday lady! I’ve never made my own pizza dough before, but yours sounds really easy and delicious..with coconut flour!? Froyo dates are the best. And so are spontaneous dates. Every time I get spontaneous, I feel so much more free and in control of my life, rather than saying no and being subjected to other silly timelines or things I have set for my life. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Making regular dough w/ yeast and all is good, but very time consuming/temperamental! I was thankful the coconut flour recipe was simple and quick.
      What a great perspective- I never thought of spontaneity as a sign of control, but you are so right! Fight the system- 😉

  3. I still need to see Mocking Jay Part 1 :-X But I agree JLaw is fabulous! It’s women like her that are creating new opportunities for women everyday. Something making me happy right now is the slower morning I have to eat breakfast and catch up on blogs. The past two mornings have been rushed and I really like the relaxing aspect of breakfast. I am thankful for that!

  4. I saw the Hunger Games movie as well and LOVED IT! My mom also makes turnip puff and its amazing, definitely a good twist on turnip! I remember when I went to Florida this summer in the airport I had Chick-fil-a for the first time and it was quite good, especially those fries 🙂

  5. That dessert looks insanely good. I love all the toppings! I can’t wait to see Mockingly with my sister when I go back to BC in a month. So glad to hear it was awesome! Your pizza is really creative. I wonder if I could put a twist on that and make a pizza frittata 🙂 Also, I am so intrigued by the turnip puffs.

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