Average gal eats (WIAW)

Who’s excited that one week from today it will be Thanksgiving eve?? I cannot contain my excitement- 3 days off of school, my little bro is coming into town, my whole family will be together, the Panthers play ON Thanksgiving, and I’ll hopefully catch up on some Zzzs.


Though apparently I am actually just excited for Christmas, as evidenced by this wanna be Santa Claus outfit I threw in my gym bag the other day.

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Anybody else spend approximately .2 seconds picking out their clothes for a day?

So now… onto the eats from yesterday. Join the party over here!

Breakfast: Apple oatmeal (1/3 cup oatmeal, 1 medium diced apple, ~tbsp chia seeds, 2/3 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1/3 cup water, dash of cinnamon & salt) and sunflower butter. Black Coffee (and dark milk chocolate… because desperate times y’all).

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Snack: grapes + dark chocolate mystery candy

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I have a love/hate relationship with the mixed chocolate boxes. I love the aspect of little surprises, but sometimes the surprises aren’t the best. I was hoping for the orange creme one, but it ended up being am unidentifiable nougat. Chocolate was good, filling only was tasted.

Lunch: Salmon salad sandwich (using this recipe), roasted carrots and turnips, slice of mozzarella cheese, and a diet ginger ale.

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Snack: Iced coffee + unpictured soft and chewy granola bar

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Have you guys tried these bottle Starbucks drinks? They were 2 for $3, so I bought the regular and vanilla version. The vanilla version was not my favorite. It tasted a little artificial. The regular version, however, was amazing.

And then things got ugly…. just kidding, it turned dark so my i-phone camera became a piece of junk. I promise the following images do not represent the level of tastiness.

Dinner: “Last minute pasta”: sauteed bell peppers, onions, garlic, and spinach, whole grain penne, cottage cheese, and mozzarella.


Sometimes I have big dreams for dinner. Sometimes those dreams get put in a little box for another day in favor of quick & easy.

Snack: peanut butter biscuit with sliced bananas and almond milk


Do yourself a favor and make those biscuits!!

Welp, it’s back to homework for me… I should know everything about chromium and insulin resistance by the end of the week.

How’s your week going?!

41 thoughts on “Average gal eats (WIAW)

  1. I think your dinner sounds fantastic even if you had other plans. Also, I can’t do the sampler chocolate box for that reason. Too many unknowns inside, so I usually just cut one in half and see what’s up.

    Happy WIAW and thanks for linking up.

  2. Man i know what you mean about evening photos. Mine don’t always turn out the best either. At least we know how good our meal was though 🙂

  3. LOVE your outfit! Amazing! That lunch would have hit every single “spot.” And although your dinner maybe wasn’t what you dreamed up, it looks pretty flipping delicious to me. Gotta check out those biscuits… I mean, peanut butter!?

  4. Yay for Thanksgiving being a week away. And I LOVE that you mentioned the home Panthers game 🙂 Roasted carrots and turnips, yum. I love roasted parsnips as well. Chromium and insulin resistance…I vaguely remember something about that, haha!

  5. True story: I spend more time of my gym outfit than my actual real people clothes. So sad. But I totally love your boots!! I bought a pair like that once, but my short, thick legs don’t work very well in those kind of boots so I took them back 😦 Which is probably for the best, since I have 15 other pairs of boots!

  6. That dress looks so good on you. Don’t you just really like those oversized ones – in red nonetheless! – that you can throw on any day and feel good? I need those ‘blah’ days.
    Clothes aside many of the foods you ate sound right up my alley, too. Oatmeal is an obvious favourite but I also really like the sound of your impromptu pasta. I’ve been adding cottage cheese to tomato sauce-based dishes for weeks and it doesn’t get old. Also, I need to start roasting vegetables again – it never happens because I forget to prep them in time.

    1. You are so kind!
      Yes, comfy dresses are my absolute favorite! The last thing I want to be is be uncomfortable.
      I find that I enjoy the roasted veggies a lot more than raw ones. i also can digest them a lot better!

  7. I am never quite sure how I feel about those mixed candy boxes. On the one hand, chocolate (nuff said), but on the other hand I am not really a nougat fan. That being said, I never turn down chocolate so I would probably take my chances and eat it anyway.
    I love your pseudo Santa outfit! So cute! And I’m just the opposite when it comes to picking out clothes. Like, I spend a RIDICULOUS amount of time just staring at my closet, somehow hoping a new outfit will magically appear.
    Yay for Thanksgiving and family time!!

  8. You look so awesome in that Santa outfit!
    Meals look amazing. Do you have a recipe for those peanut butter biscuits? I totally want that for a snack. Apple-sunbutter oatmeal sounds AMAZING! You have me drooling over here. I also love how you enjoy a little chocolate after brekkie 🙂 Sounds like a habit I can get into!

      1. Oh fantastic! Thank you 🙂 I’m kind of scared to buy chocolate bars because I’m always tempted to eat four pieces at once! How do you manage the will power?

  9. I feel your pain. Now that winter is almost here, it’s pitch black by 5 and none of my dinner pictures look tasty! That pasta still looks pretty good to me though. 🙂

  10. Ooooh I’ve never tried salmon salad… only tuna. I may just have to add that one to my repertoire. And those biscuits look delicious! I wish I had a gluten-free version

  11. Seriously, though, last minute pasta is basically what my life is defined as. Also, the fact that you spend .2 seconds getting dressed is much better than my, don’t bother even opening your eyes, grab something from the pants pile, something from the shirt pile, hope that you don’t look fresh out of the asylum.

  12. I am super excited for Thanksgiving! Mashed potatoes and stuffing galore get at me! Your dinner at least sounds good even if the picture didn’t come out so appealing. I have that problem all the time, especially now that it gets dark so early. Ah yum those biscuits look amazinggg

  13. Your pasta looks really delicious! I actually do something really similar with mixing homemade sauce, whole wheat noodles, leftover sautéed or grilled veggies, & cottage cheese in a bowl, and then sprinkling mozzarella/parm cheese and briefly popping it into the microwave. Kind of like a super fast and simple lasagna!

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