Double the breakfast (WIAW)

It’s scarf weather!

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I probably shouldn’t deceive you with excitement, seeing as I hate cold weather and being cold. It’s the time of year when once I get cold, there is no warming up!

These last days have been long days- 6 am – 12 am long. And I’m really not complaining- it’s just that time of the semester. 100 different projects and a limited time to get them done. Needless to say, I’ve been utilizing snacks to fuel me through these long days.

Here are my EATS from this past Monday.

I tried a NEW single serving pancake for breakfast on Monday. I used 1/2 of this recipe. I topped it with peanut butter lite, which worked nicely as a “syrup”. I thought the pancake was okay, but oddly a little too sweet. I’m not used to adding sweeteners, but this one called for agave and I went with it.

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So tell me, do you think peanut butter is sweet or savory? I’ve been asked if I prefer a sweet or savory breakfast and I don’t know how to answer. When I make pancakes I don’t usually add sugar, but when I have eggs I often have preserves or cream cheese. This is seriously confounding to me… is it sweet or is it savory?

Breakfast also included coffee, a piece of 85% dark chocolate, and bowl of frozen green grapes.

Later in the morning I snacked on cottage cheese and a very soft pear. Cottage cheese is one of those things I will go a while without thinking about, but then always remember how much I love it when I do have it.

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Lunch was a fun creation- baked tofu that was marinated in balsamic vinegar & dijon mustard on top of chopped cabbage, carrots, and whole grain rigatoni. I made a dressing for the pasta of dijon mustard, canola oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, and little too much garlic.

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It was so dang good.

Before class I snacked on a soft & chewy granola bar. This bar was very filling! I’m glad I found a granola recipe that doesn’t just fall apart.


After class we had a funeral to go to for a former pastor of mine, so I knew we wouldn’t be eating dinner until late. I tried to make a smoothie (banana, instant coffee, cocoa powder, & almond milk), but it was so gross I could only drink half. I think the banana had reach the point of no return in ripeness. The fruit flies should have a been a sign…


Now before you think I am breezing over an important part of my day in the sake of food, I want to say how beautiful the funeral was. This man battled cancer for over 5 years. I remember when he came to visit me after I had GI surgery… I was feeling very nauseous, but was trying to be gracious for his visit. Unfortunately, I ended our time together by vomiting right down at his feet, but he was so understanding and kind about it. I also remember how supportive he was to Terry who was getting into ministry at the time. He also played a role in my wedding. He will be dearly missed, but as it was said his membership has been transferred to the heavenly realm.

On the way home from the funeral we stopped for dinner at one of my favorite chain restaurants, Cracker Barrel. I ordered the eggs-in-a-basket with turkey sausage, fruit, and coffee.


For such a simple meal, the taste was INCREDIBLE. I am already thinking of when we can go back! I traded one of my sausages for a piece of Terry’s fried apples.


We got home and late and I was feeling pooped, but still needed to finish some homework. When I got too tired to function, I had a spoonful of pumpkin spice peanut butter to keep me going for another 30 minutes. #gradschoollife

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Minus the trainwreck of a smoothie, this was a delicious day! More than anything, I am glad to have spent it with people I love, celebrating the life of a man who lived what he believed.

25 thoughts on “Double the breakfast (WIAW)

  1. Mmm I was super happy to see that tofu bowl pop up because it looked so good on Instagram and I was wondering what was in it! Definitely know what you mean about bananas just being too ripe. They have ruined a smoothie or two of mine too. Also, I’m sorry for your loss. He sounds like an awesome man.

  2. Even if you do hate cold weather, you should know that you look beautiful in that scarf!
    I never add sweetener to my pancake recipes either, but if I’m posting a recipe I usually add it in because I just assume that not everyone would care for my not sweet pancakes. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who does (doesn’t?) do this.
    I am so so sorry to hear about the earthly loss of this man. It is obvious by your description of him that he will be greatly missed!
    Cracker Barrel for the win! I love that place and we always hit one up when we’re traveling.
    Have a great Wednesday Kate!

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment!!
      I definitely do not like to add sugar to my pancakes- I love the salty and savory! I guess I am using PB as s sweet here!
      Cracker Barrel is so warm and cozy- I wish I could always eat my breakfast in such a place!

  3. 6am-12am… holy man. Keep taking care of yourself through this busy time! Glad you have some awesome eats and snacks getting you through. Okay so this is a really good question and now you have me wondering about peanut butter. I’m definitely a sweet tooth – especially at breakfast – and yet I love peanut butter. But I wouldn’t call it sweet. Hmmm. Let’s just call it in a world of its own!?
    I had to chuckle at your “threw up all over his feet” story… he sounds like a wonderful man and I’m glad you got to celebrate his life by attending his funeral.
    Oh, and BRINNER. My heart! That plate of egg and sausage goodness looks phenomenal.

  4. I don’t really go to Cracker Barrel often, but when we do, (road trips) I’m always so content. I love that you got eggs in a basket. It was my dad’s specialty when we were little, though he called them egg in a hole, and it brings back such fond memories!

  5. Yummy!! That pasta, tofu, cabbage bowl creation looks seriously delicious 🙂 I got really confused at the peanut butter question too omg, I don’t know if its sweet or savory! I think it has it’s own class of flavor…

  6. That’s a valid question about PB — I think perhaps it could be sweet or savory depending on what you pair it with? To me, I always see it as sweet because I’m topping it on things and it just makes everything so much darn better. I know the long days seem unbearable but you are so close to the end of the semester!

  7. I always think of PB as a sweet food, to be honest. Every pairing that is delicious is sweet. That’s just my humble opinion 😉
    Yes, when I get cold in winter I honestly never warm up! My body relies very heavily on external heat sources, because it’s still re-learning to self-regulate… is that what you meant?
    Best of luck, I hope life calms down a bit soon!

    1. There are certainly so many delicious sweet pairings! Banana & pb forever.
      I definitely became an always cold person when I went through my ED. Now I am far into recovery, but still have difficulty getting warm after being cold!

  8. Your days sound so busy. Keep having those healthy snacks to power you through! You can handle it. Even if it requires a bit more PB.
    I would say that peanut butter is part of a sweet breakfast – even though it’s salted and isn’t sweet on it’s own. But you’d pair it with sweet things like banana, oatmeal, and jam, so definitely sweet. 🙂
    Your lunch looks awesome. I haven’t cooked tofu for a long time but your photo makes it look AMAZING! And I know what you mean about using waaaaaay overripe bananas in a smoothie. EWWW.

    1. I think we started eating PB with my eggs and salty crackers I set myself up for confusion :O
      Tofu is one of those things I forget about for a little while, but when I remember it I love it!

      1. Oooh that’s confusing me!
        I really like tofu as well, but it’s hard to cook tofu for one in my opinion. I feel like a whole box of tofu would go bad quickly 😦 I’m waiting to have tofu when I go home for Christmas (good old mom food!)

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