Water Conference 2015 + family time

Hello, Monday. We meet again.

Can I just say how grateful I am for you guys for responding so nicely to my last post? I’m not usually a venter, but man I can definitely see the value in it. I was really upset and discouraged, but getting all those feelings/thoughts out helped me move on and forget it.

You know what else can help me feel better? Ice cream. Homemade ice cream from a local farm, Bush N Vine, as a matter of fact. The farm uses green houses in the winter, so we can enjoy their delicious strawberry ice cream year around.

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The two highlights from this weekend were the Water Conference and having my family come see me.

My university held it’s first regional water conference, which focused on the “uses, politics, art, history, and economics of water worldwide”. Two other nutrition students and myself investigated water usage in Winthrop students and present a poster on it.


Students voluntarily participated in a survey that asked them to perform a water audit of their personal daily water use. They also answered if they were or weren’t willing to engage in specific water conserving behaviors.

Some interesting facts I learned while conducting the research:

-The average shower uses 2.5 gallons of water/minute.

-The average toilet uses 3 gallons or more/flush. Newer, more efficient toilets s use ~1.28 gallons.

-Dishwashers and clothes washers use about 40 gallons/wash each.

-The average Winthrop student uses ~183 gallons of water/day!! Insane, right?

-Most students are not willing to turn off the shower while shaving or shampooing.

-Most students are not willing to take showers that are less than 5 minutes.

Those are just little bits of what I found. The hope is that by performing these water audits students will see how much water they use and strive to make changes. Obviously, the intervention would be education and push for use of low-flow shower heads.

[Sorry if my nerdiness bored you for a minute there. This was fairly light compared to most of the biology-based research presentations that were there.]

Lastly, Terry was out of town for a youth retreat, so my Mom came and stayed with me. I don’t think I’ll ever be too old for sleepovers with my mom. My sister and her son also came up for a visit also and we went to see The Peanuts movie together. It was really cute and the 3D was neat too! In the past 3D has been somewhat headache-inducing, but it worked well in this movie.


This week will be packed with school projects, but it’s just that time of the year! My biggest goals this week are to work out all 5 days of the school week [wish me luck!] and to complete a couple of projects.

I am sharing my happenings with this lovely lady. 

What are looking forward to this week? 

21 thoughts on “Water Conference 2015 + family time

  1. That’s pretty crazy about the water usage. I feel like we all like to keep our heads in the sand when it comes to things like that. I know that I always turn the water off when I brush my teeth but I almost never turn the water off when I’m shaving. I will have to give that a try!
    I’m glad you got some family/mama time! I don’t care how old we get, mama sleepovers are the best!

  2. Wow… that’s all so interesting. Definitely going to make me take more notice of how I treat my water usage. I should turn it off while shaving… that’s so true. It sounds like you are on the mends, both from your damn colonoscopy episode and from your toe injury!? You sure deserve some spoiling now I’d say. And I’m glad a visit from family was a start to that. I can’t wait to see the Peanuts movie!

  3. I try to avoid water waste, except that it’s physically impossible for me to take a quick shower! I promise I try to be quick. Investing in a low flow shower head would be a smart move.
    That ice cream looks SO GOOD. Even at 9 AM. 🙂

  4. You have the perfect swirl on that ice cream!

    Sounds like you had a packed weekend, but all for fun. 🙂 I love that you are actively engaging yourself in the education of water usage. I’m here in very dry California, so water conservation is near and dear to my heart. I used to be a chronic shower harder, but with the lack of water here, I jump in and out now!

    I went and saw the Peanuts movie and was not impressed. I’m not a fan of movies with hardly dialogue (Didn’t like Wall-E either!). I know most people are huge fans of it, but I’m sad to say it was lost on me. Maybe I should have seen it in 3D!

    Have a wonderful Monday, Kate. 🙂

    1. It was a pretty awesome swirl!
      I know CA has got it bad. I don’t think we’ve felt blow of it yet here on the East Coast.
      I didn’t love the Peanuts movie. I think “cute” is the best way to describe it.

  5. A friend of mine was just telling me about the Peanuts movie and how cute it was.

    Water consumption is huge. In fact when I think about how often I run the dishwasher, I cringe. It’s always full though.

    Ice cream always makes everything better. 🙂

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up!!

  6. My eyes widened like crazy when I saw that strawberry ice cream. Looks so yummy 🙂
    Water usage isn’t something I normally think about, but should. Thank you for making me more aware about that – definitely a something we should look up for.
    This week I’m looking forward to finishing my second round of midterms, making a new recipe (butternut squash frittata!) and maybe baking some muffins 🙂 Also shopping this weekend!

  7. I’m proud to say that my showers last about 5 minutes and I never brush my teeth with the water on so at least I’m doing something right!! By the way, that ice cream looks so delicious, I have such a weak spot for that kind of ice cream, I want it so bad now haha!!!

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