Currently: November 2015

Happy November 2nd everyone! Today I’m catching you up on what’s going on currently…

Current Book: reading for my medical nutrition therapy class. Believe me, this stuff is really interesting. Sadly, however, it is usually the reading that I skimp on. I am glad I opted to buy this book rather than renting, because I want to dig into more over Christmas break!

Current Music: You may find this funny, but I am such a fan of 1D! Their music is so fun to me. If you want to fall down a rabbit hole, go watch one of their music videos… you may end up watching their entire story. PS I think they’re doing just fine without Zayn. 😉

Current Guilty Pleasure: baking. I don’t feel so much guilty about the act of baking, but guilty because of all the stuff I should actually be doing but am neglecting. I like the terminology Laura offered me, “procasti-baking.” My life.

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Current Drink: Dasani flavored drops. I’m always trying to curb my diet soda intake while upping my H2O intake (but obviously not trying to decrease my artificial sweetener intake, lol). These were good- I even flavored a protein shake with them.

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Current Food: Apples! I strayed away from them for a while, because they are high in FODMAPs. But after a trip to the mountains to go apple picking, I couldn’t help myself. I’ve found that chopping them up rather than eating them whole helped with digestion. My favorite snack was warm chopped apples topped with plain Greek yogurt and cinnamon.

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Current Obsession: Our fire pit. The new addition to our backyard has been lovely this past month. We’ve enjoyed many a fires and there has been quite a few s’mores consumed.


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Current Need: a boost of motivation to work out. Ah, getting to the gym has felt impossible these past few weeks. My top exuses have been that it is raining almost every other day and that I have a ton of school work to do. I hate it because I know I feel so much better when I do work out, but it’s been a stressor trying to get myself to do so!

Current Bane of my Existence: my foot. After “chipping” the top of my toe with a 45 lb plate at the gym, I’ve been stuck in a boot. It’s frustrating because the pain has gone down almost completed, but I still can’t put it in a shoe.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset Current Indulgence: tasting everything. I just want my taste buds to live an adventurous life, ya know what I mean?

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Current procrastination: school work. Yep. This picture sums up how my “studying” sessions are going:

bored Current Blessing: The comfort God gives in times of uncertainty. Knowing that no matter where life takes me I am in His hands has given me a lot of peace this month.

Current Confession: I have foodie dreams about this veggie burger from my trip to Charleston…

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Current Excitement: I am going to the beach for a ladies’ retreat with my mom and some ladies from her church and I am really excited for the time to relax!

Current Mood: Antsy about deadlines that I’m too quickly approaching, but excited about the way my work is turning out!

Current link: My instagram. Let’s follow each other!

October was a great month that flashed by before my eyes. November is here and that means classes are wrapping up (and in full DEADLINE swing) and Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

What was your favorite part of October?

13 thoughts on “Currently: November 2015

  1. I love these currently posts! It’s so nice to catch up with what’s going on with you!
    That nutrition book sounds pretty interesting! It’s always nice when something you HAVE to read is something you WANT to read 😉
    I can’t believe how quickly October went by! It really did go by in a flash!
    Halloween and the leaves changing are always my favorite parts of October.
    Have a great day!

    1. I like to read other’s currently posts and I enjoy writing mine!
      The changing leaves are beautiful. The trees in are our hard have almost totally shed thanks to all the rain!

  2. My favorite part of October was the weather. It has been a wonderful Fall so far and I feel blessed! I hate the cold so the nice warm temperatures are answered prayer. I also read a lot of Francine Rivers books this part October and love all her writing. It makes me feel closer to God. Have a wonderful day!

    1. The weather is so nice, but I have to say it rained a ton here! I am right with you, I absolutely hate being cold. I’d take sweating over shivering any day.
      I will have to look up that author!

  3. apples- i find i can tolerate them if they’re “processed” some way 🙂
    – homemade applesauce, cooked or raw (your pumpkin applesauce sounds so good! how have i never thought of that…)
    – cooked/baked/microwaved
    – eat them raw WITH /after other foods, and just a bit at a time.

    hope it doesnt cause you too many troubles!!

    and i’m the same way with school reading! its interesting, i just wish we had more time to absorb it!!

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