Baby Alaskan

Happy Monday everyone! 

Did you have a fun Halloween? What was your costume? I absolutely love seeing people dressed up in costumes, so I was scrolling through Instagram and Facebook checking them all out.

We didn’t dress-up this year, but I did have a special Halloween date…

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My long-time friend Jessica came to stay with Saturday night before heading back out to her home in Alaska. Her husband is stationed there at the moment and BOY could she not be further away! I was so happy she was using the Charlotte airport to go home, because I was the lucky chauffeur. And I got to meet her almost 6 month year old son- who’s actually my God son!

When we lived near each other we would often go on breakfast dates to Waffle House (our options were limited in our small town). Since there is no WH in Alaska, we knew where we’d be having our dinner.

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I got my old standby- two eggs over-medium with wheat toast, tomato slices, and coffee by the pot. This was really yummy minus the fact that the tomatoes were obviously out of season. Don’t you hate seeing summer tomatoes quickly leave us?


Afterwards we sat outside by the fire for a bit, chatting and eating s’mores. No trick or treaters in our neighborhood :(.


For our “scary movie” we watched Dark Places, the film adaptation of Gilligan Flynn’s novel. I really enjoy her books and I liked the Gone Girl movie, so I was excited to see this one! I found it to be very freaky and disturbing. So is it weird if I say I liked it? Terry wasn’t a fan. I’m ready for them to make Sharp Objects– that was my favorite book.

Early Sunday morning, I had to bid my friend and new little friend goodbye.

Until next time!

Sunday was our church’s homecoming, so we enjoyed a southern gospel music group and then had dinner on the grounds. Our people really know how to cook. There was enough food to feed an army!


Other things this weekend included working on my dietetic internship application, homework (not enough of it), and grocery shopping.

It is Sunday night and I should probably be in bed right now, so I am going to try to hit the sheets.

Did you dress up for Halloween?

Do you like Gilligan Flynn’s novels?

14 thoughts on “Baby Alaskan

  1. Aw what a cutie!! Must have been hard to watch them leave again. I’d never heard of Sharp Objects – glad you mentioned it. The Gone Girl movie was one of those very rare exceptions that I enjoyed as much – if not more – than the book. And whoa that food all looks so good. Hope you have a great Monday, Kate!

  2. Aw what a wonderful visit with an old friend! Nothing beats traditional simple breakfasts. I didn’t get a costume on me this year, but did eat chocolate and watch both the snoopy and simpsons halloween specials… aren’t I wild? I never read Gone Girl but heard the most amazing things. I did see the movie though – It was ridiculous (in a good way)!

  3. I Read a couple of Flynn’s book and I agree, they give me a weird uncomfortable feeling when I am done with them. Did you read Girl On A Train? I don’t think she wrote it, but it is a lot like Gone Girl. Your Godson is so cute! How lucky you are to have that little bug in your life. 🙂

  4. Oh, Waffle House! Takes me straight back to college (& late nights). Every now and then my hubs and I get a hankering for it but it isn’t the same.

    Gone Girl (movie) was ridiculous! I wish I’d read it first but too late. I’ve actually never read any of Flynn’s books. Need to get on that! 🙂

    1. Waffle House is forever associated with evenings that went a little too late! Haha. I actually like how WH cooks everything right in front of you… makes it seem “Fresh”. 😉

  5. It looks like you guys had a fun Halloween. Even if you didn’t get any tick or treaters! Jessica’s son is the cutest little pumpkin!
    Of Gillian Flynn’s novels, I’ve only ever read Gone Girl, but I really liked it! I will have to check out her other books.
    It certainly does look like the people at your church are good cooks! Your plate looks amazing!
    We did dress up for Halloween- I was little red riding hood on Friday night and Sally from The Nightmare before Christmas on Saturday. It was so fun!

  6. I’m glad you got to spend time with your friend, that makes holidays (any days, really!) so much better! I much prefer to do my grocery shopping on the weekend so I can enjoy the weeknights and skip the crazy rush!

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