Snacks for better milage (WIAW)

I’m linking-up with the WIAW party to show you yesterday’s eats.

This is my sixth year going to college (second of grad school) and I still haven’t perfected packing food to take with me to campus. Most days I’m on campus from 830-5 ish, sometimes earlier and often later. The challenge is how much to pack and how to time my snacks. I want to be fueled, but I don’t want to stress over packing 1000 things or be just eating snacks out of boredom. I’ve found that eating throughout the days helps with my energy levels, so I try to pack around 3 snacks and plan for a smaller lunch.

Breakfast is my favorite time of the day and I love hot fresh coffee, so if I am able to, I almost always eat breakfast at home. Yesterday morning, along with my coffee, I had a whole grain cinnamon raisin English muffin (probably my favorite Trader Joe’s product), an over-medium egg, and nice slab of Neufchâtel cheese.
Finished with a piece of 85% dark chocolate. Of course! ;D

Breakfast is around 630 am, so I’d be really struggling if I tried to make it until 1230 pm without a snack. So around 9:30 am was a red delicious apple topped with plain Greek yogurt and cinnamon. Normally I really don’t like red delicious apples, but I got some from the mountains and they are really good!
Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
Lunch is usually on the smaller side, because I know I will be snacking later. Today was leftover sloppy joe lentil mix (based off this recipe), a couple of turkey meatballs I prepped on Sunday, and broccoli. Isn’t it silly how stems are pretty much ALL you get in frozen bags of broccoli?
Every now and then there will be something sweet floating around the office. Today I was lucky to have my dessert be this little peppermint patty.
wiat2Dark chocolate + mint = the perfect after meal refresher.

Later I had frozen banana chunks. Like ice cream!
wiat3After work and before class (around 3) I munched on a slice of very hearty pumpkin cranberry bread that refused to rise when baking. The fresh cranberries added such a nice tartness!
unnamed (3)I always enjoy coming home from school and fixing dinner for Terry and I. Even when I don’t really have time to be cooking, I do it anyways! Last night our dinner was zoodles with marinara and more turkeys meatballs. Plus a homemade yeast roll with a little butter. Terry loved this one!
unnamed (4)We are having revival at our church this week, so dinner was followed up with an awesome church service. Some inspiration I gleaned: when you feel like no one wants your company, God always has a spot for you at His table. 

I finished the evening with another slice of pumpkin cranberry bread, but this time with a schmear of peanut butter and mug of almond milk. One loaf, one girl- challenge accepted?
Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

My energy was great yesterday (minus that sleepy 4 o’clock slump). I think not being able to move so much with my hurt toe has caused me to be a little sluggish, but hopefully the rest is for the best and I’ll be doing jumping jacks in no time ;).

So you guys tell me-

How do you best maintain your energy throughout the day? Any secrets to share? 

31 thoughts on “Snacks for better milage (WIAW)

  1. I like the sound of that pumpkin cranberry bread which says a lot because I don’t adore pumpkin. Shh, it’ll be out little secret.

    I’m with you on the snackage front. At work, I’m always trying to find a way to eat every couple of hours. Lately I’ve been doing lots of apples with peanut butter.

    Happy WIAW and thanks for linking up.

    1. It really wasn’t overly pumpkin (I don’t own pumpkin pie spice).
      Some people probably say I eat all the time, but really I am grazing my way through the day to stay alert!

  2. I can so relate to the packing food struggle – especially the part about not wanting to overpack TOO much (because if there is food in my lunchbox, I am going to eat it). I have never thought to pack frozen bananas to go… how quickly do they thaw? Such a good idea!!

  3. Can I come over and help you devour the pumpkin bread? 🙂 I don’t add cranberries to mine, but I do add either raisins or white chocolate chips.

  4. Oh I tooootally hear you on the food-packing dilemmas!! What/how much to bring!? Some days I feel like my entire bag is full of little tupperwares and zip lock filled bags. But then when I don’t pack as much I’m kicking myself for not having enough. Ah life problems! I love fresh cranberries in baking – so flavorful!

  5. When I was in college (or even when I was teaching), It was always a struggle for me to figure out what and how much to pack in my bag. I wanted enough to fight off ‘hangry Heather’ but not so much that I felt like I needed a tote bag! It looks like you hit the packing sweet spot though!
    Even if your pumpkin cranberry bread didn’t rise, it still looks delicious! I love that combo! I’m going to have to look for some fresh cranberries this weekend.

  6. I try to manage my energy actually by talking to my coworkers about things other than work. The nice conversation can be really energizing. I have fallen into the trap of thinking I am hungry when really all I need is some water…need to drink more of that haha 🙂

  7. I have some pretty long school days this semester, like you, and I struggle with finding the right meal times! Especially on days like today. I’m on campus from 10 AM to 7 PM, and oftentimes later because I stay at the library, so I have to be creative with my food. I’m right there with you on loving breakfast because it can be done in the comfort on my bed or at my desk in my room. There’s nothing like some quiet time with a delicious, energizing breakfast. 🙂

  8. I think over the years I’ve understood that it’s more about what time I’m eating at vs. what I eat, If i have breakfast at 6:30 am, I will be hungry all day and will need a bigger lunch. If my breakfast is at 9:30 and I eat lunch around 1-1:30, I don’t need nearly as much food! I never even think of cooking myself eggs for breakfast.. weird huh? I wanna start doing that!

  9. In college, I felt like I was always trying to figure out how much food to pack! I think sometimes I ended up just eating a bunch of snacks out of boredom haha. But if I didn’t pack enough snacks, I’d end up running to the vending machine!

  10. Oh, the miscalculations when trying to figure out how much to pack for a day of classes or work … story of my life. I guess it’s always better to bring too much than end up hangry with hours left until you get home.
    I like how you finished breakfast with actual chocolate not just some cocoa :).

  11. I totally know what you mean about having a challenge figuring out how much to pack. My problem is that if I pack it, I’m going to eat it no matter what, whether I’m hungry or not. Sometimes I eat because I’m bored, frustrated, or just because it’s there.
    You meals look amazing, by the way, especially that dessert with PB!

      1. I know what you mean. It’s difficult having something like a granola bar, some fruit, or crackers in your bag and knowing that you aren’t hungry but want something to nibble. Any tips?

      2. I try to space my food out so that I have something ever 3-4 hours. So if I put a snack in my bag meant for 10 am, I will tell myself at 9 am, “just wait, you will want it much more at 10 am!”

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