Hey guys!

Ever feel like you’ve got so much to do you don’t even know where to start? Haha, of course you do! I am feeling that way right now with school assignments, but I’m doing my best to stay focused and continue to chip away at them all.

However, no better way to spend the afternoon NOT doing school work than by spending hours on food prep. Not just any food prep, but making the time-consuming goodies like meatballs, pumpkin bread, and these whole wheat yeast rolls. Seriously these rolls were my biggest accomplishment this past weekend. But a close second goes to locating 15 primary articles on chromium and insulin resistance ;).

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Of course, you can’t food prep (or at least I can’t) without making a gigantic mess. The less glamours side of it all:

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I also had a fun night out with Terry, who I am super grateful for when it comes to tending to me and my hurt toe.

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We went out of for Mexican and I followed chips & salsa with this delicious spicy salad:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I love our date nights, because we get to out of the house for a bit and focus on us.

I will be posting some more this week with a little more content, but I wanted to stay connected!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

16 thoughts on “Not-so-glamorous

  1. Those yeast rolls look pretty glamorous to me! Seriously, they look amazing!
    I ALWAYS make a huge mess when I meal prep. It drives me crazy because I meal prep to avoid being stressed out, but the amount of dishes and mess I make ends up stressing me out. I guess I get stressed out too easily.
    Yay for date nights and yummy Mexican food! I’m glad Terry is taking good care of you!
    And way to go on finding all if those primary sources! That is no easy feat!

    1. Yeah, I have hard time deciding if the prep is worth the mess. I mean, I spent two straight hours in the kitchen (when I should have been doing homework).
      I knew someone would appreciate my research win 😀

  2. The clean up part is never fun. I made Joshua pumpkin muffins this morning at 4 o’clock. After throwing the batch in the oven I looked in the kitchen and was like “damn.. now I have to do all these dishes super early in the morning”. Serioulsy, what was I thinking? Haha!

  3. I LOVE that kitchen! Kitchens are always best when full of food prep and baking mess. There’s no point in cleaning as you go… I say just make one huge continual mess and deal with it all at the end. Yeast rolls!? I’m curious?! Sounds like you are keeping very productive both with school and nice things and I hope letting yourself be taken care of.

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