life doesn’t play with predictable

Ever have a day that just doesn’t work out as planned?

I love a routine. I love knowing what is happening next. I ask Terry on Monday what he wants to do that upcoming weekend.

But you know, this doesn’t always work. Why? Life is so dang unpredictable.


Yesterday I was reminded of this when my day ended up not going as planned.

Remember how last week I focused more on rest and less on exercise? Well this week I was super pumped to get back in the weight room. I made it on Tuesday and I was back in there yesterday.

However, before I could even do one exercise beyond my warm-up, I dropped a freaking 45 lb weight on my toe. Way to go me. (Sorry if you don’t like gross things).


At first I felt like I could walk it off and keep going, but no, this thing was going to change my plans. Instead of heading to work, I headed to urgent care to have my foot x-rayed. I was so mad at myself for letting it happen, but too in pain to really care.

While this is such a small thing, it definitely shook my plans. I now have 5 hours of work to make up and I’m not exactly sure how I am going to fit those in.

But that’s the thing about life… things don’t always go as we hope. Sometimes things happen that stop us in our tracks and we have to deal with them right then, not when it fits in our schedules.

I think the trouble for me (and many of us) is I pack my schedule so tight there really is no wiggle room. It’s simply the reality of where I’m at in life right now, but I can’t assume I’m immune to the things that mix us up.

Life requires flexibility. Being rigid won’t allow you to live fully in society.

So if a big weight (literal or not) drops in your life, take time to tend to it. Remember that everyday life in transformable. 
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12 thoughts on “life doesn’t play with predictable

  1. Oh my gosh Kate!!! I am SO SORRY! I hate that this happened to you!! I have definitely been guilty of allowing no wiggle room in my life (and may currently be there). It’s funny (definitely not funny haha, but ironically funny) how God has a way of showing us (painfully at times) when we need to slow down, or choose a different direction.
    I hope your foot feels better soon!!

    1. Thanks Heather! I am much better now thanks to some good medicine!
      You know I thought that exact thing. Sometimes we need our boat rocked a little bit to help us remember who is really in control.

  2. Oh Kate!!! I’m so sorry!!! First off – I’ve done this. Not only is it physically awful, but it is so easy to feel angry at yourself for doing it. And at the fact that it changes our ever so precious “plans.” But, of course, it wasn’t your fault and like you say, these things happen and we have no way of controlling them. Gah, They just really suck…and then we move on.

    My favorite quote these days is, “If you want to make God laugh – tell her your plans.” Because as much as we try to plan our days/weeks/life perfectly.. something will ALWAYS come up and say “ha ha – just kidding!” So sitting back and finding that breathe to let whatever happens happen is the most liberating thing we can do. And ironically, when we have this attitude is when we usually get the most “done.” Thinking of you and your toe and you recover!!

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