Prioritizing sleep

How did everyone’s weekend go? Mine was pretty good, nothing too crazy. Tried a new restaurant with some friends, packed crisis care kits at my church, did some homework, and worked out.

We had an amazing dinner last night of turkey meatloaf, cauliflower mash, and (slightly burnt) sauteed cabbage. This was my first time making cauliflower mash, thanks to my Ninja, and we both really loved it!

unnamed (3)f

This what we refer to as “home cookin’.” 😛

Last week left me feeling out of it. I was tired, didn’t really want to work out, my skin was breaking out, I felt brain fog, and I wanted to eat everything in sight.

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The root cause of the problems is pretty simple- not getting enough sleep. I’ve been managing on 6 hours of sleeps, but it is just not enough (for most anyone.) Sleep is foundational, and all other aspects of health rely on it.

Previously my lack of sleep was related to anxiety, but since I’ve discovered melatonin, it is much more an issue of falling asleep. The issue is calming myself down, getting ready for bed, and turning the lights of at a decent hour. If I don’t even put my pajamas on until 10:30, I am not going to be asleep at 10:30.

I have never really been a weekly goals type person, but I am going to try the approach out. Because as they say, don’t expect things to change without changing what you are doing! (Though, I don’t think that saying is always accurate, but you know what I mean.)

Two goals this week:

  1. Sleep at least 7.5 hours/night
  2. Drink at least 64 ounces of plain water

I thought about having on for “work out X amount times”, but I think I want to work on sleep first. Lack of sleep & dehydration are a recipe for fatigue, acne, and low motivation. I think by remedying these things first, my workouts will see the benefit.

Additionally, while I’m not going to make it a goal per say, I am going to take the pressure off myself to workout 5 times a week and shoot for more like 4. This is simply considering quality over quantity. I have to realize there just isn’t enough time in everyday. I’ve got to focus on doing well in school and having plenty of energy right now.

I found this article helpful on the topic: You Asked: Is It Better to Sleep In Or Work Out? via TIME

Anyways, I will update you next Monday on how the goal achievin’ went.

Here’s to making this week a great one 😀

18 thoughts on “Prioritizing sleep

  1. Good luck! Sleep is super important, and you should definitely prioritize it so you can focus and feel better! I have to agree with working out 4 times a week, I never seem to be able to get in 5 workouts but I’m perfectly okay with doing 4, it’s better than nothing! Hope you have a great recuperation week and you achieve your goals!

  2. “I thought about having on for “work out X amount times”, but I think I want to work on sleep first.”

    ^ That quote really hit me. I always seem to prioritize school and exercise, but sleep is truly equally important. Thank you for the reminder!

  3. I could use more sleep throughout the night myself, but unfortunately it’s just not realistic for myself. I will take a nap or two when the girls are sleeping though which seems to help. I’ll keep you in my prayers that this week is better ❤

  4. I completely agree with you! When I don’t get enough sleep I have all the symptoms you mentioned plus I am not very nice to be around.
    Sleep, schoolwork, and family definitely trump working out.
    I hope you get some good rest!

  5. I found that article really interesting. I always try to wake up early on the weekdays to get my workout in before work, but maybe that isn’t the greatest idea. I hope your sleep schedule gets better! Also that cauliflower mash sounds so good – I’ve never tried it before either but now I want to!

  6. Kate you are so smart, wise, and an inspiration. My face has been really breaking out lately and I’ve been trying to figure out the cause – I never thought lack of sleep could be a part of it.
    How ironic – I was going to make cauliflower mash today for the first time! Now this really means I have to. Sending you so many positive, rest-filled thoughts as you start this week.

  7. Good luck on your sleep goals! I have insomnia, so some nights I sleep 6 hours and some I get about 3 hours. It varies – but since going gluten free my sleep has been so much better!!

  8. This is so so so timely for me as I start midterms. It is a real temptation for me to let sleep fall to the wayside because I just feel like staying up studying but when I take a step back, I realize what a counter–productive strategy that is. Thanks for the reminder and hope you find yourself feeling invigorated this week.

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