Currently: October 2015

September is gone… October is here. September was a wonderful month of birthdays, a festival, getting my anxiety under control, and lots of good eats! September truly is my favorite month <3.

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After seeing all the shocking pictures of my state’s capital under water, I am feeling especially grateful. Pray for those who have lost their homes and businesses. I thank God that my family didn’t see the worst of it, but I feel for those who did.

Since a new month is here, it’s a time for a Currently installment.

Current Book: Prozac Backlash by Joseph Glenmullen, M.D. My therapist recommended this book to me after we talked about the side effects of antidepressants. It is an interesting book that has given me new perspective. As a person whose been on some form of antidepressant since I was 15, I’m growing more wary of their “powers”.Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
Current music: I just REALLY enjoy the worship music we have before our youth services. They are so talented and the music is top notch. I especially love it when my husband leads.
Current guilty pleasure: My show, America’s Next Top Model. I am a little embarrassed when I say I still watch this show, but I guess I’m just a loyal fan! I cringe a little during some of the more gimicky stuff, but I love the photoshoots.
Current drink: Back to coffee. Yes, I know, I enjoy hot coffee every morning year around. But it is only when the weather begins to cool do I crave it later in the day or at night. So while I never really gave it up, it is been consumed more often!
owl Current food: Spinach. Leafy greens are such an important part of a healthy diet, but Terry doesn’t dig kale. Recently I found out he actually enjoys spinach! Thus, we’ve been going through a bag or so a week.
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Current obsession: My Ninja blender. Thanks Terry! For the last few year I’ve kind been so-so on smoothies, but now I realize it was because my blender wasn’t quite there when it came to making quality smoothies. Now, however, I am loving the smoothies and coffee frappes!
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Current need: More time in the day. I know I’m probably asking for too much, but I want time to relax AND time to study at night.
Current bane of my existence: migraines. They aren’t quite bad enough for me to want to take a trip to the doctor, but man are they rough. It’s a throbbing pain on one side of my head that makes me feel nauseous. Terry keeps telling me to see a doctor, but I am thinking they will just tell me talk aspirin. Ugh.
Current indulgence: The snooze button. I know, I know it’s not very helpful to me if I sleep past my alarm. However, man do those extra ten minutes feel good!
Current procrastination: Mmmm…. what to choose. My research paper on chromium? My personal statement? Cleaning out my car?
Current blessing: Melatonin. Since I’ve struggling with night time anxiety, this stuff has been a miracle for me. I can go to sleep without having to worry about battling racing thoughts.
Current confession: Here it goes… I don’t like to read blogs that have so many ads it takes forever for the page to load. Even more annoying is when there is a video ad that won’t let me scroll down the page. However, this isn’t that big of a deal, because I’m beginning to gravitate towards more “humble” blogs. I feel like they are much more relatable.
Current excitement: The only reason to be excited when the weather gets colder- the holidays! I love that this time of year promises time with family & loved ones! This decorative tree inhabits the assisted living home where I intern. Isn’t it lovely?
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Current mood: I’m little burned out from school, but I am still rather happy. I feel so fortunate to be alive. 
Current link: This yoga video is so wonderful for getting a good stretch. My muscles have been really tight lately, so I having been trying to focus on flexibility. My stretching is so much more efficient when someone else is leading it. Yeah, yeah Denise Richards is a little obnoxious, but I love her positive attitude!

What’s going on with you currently? Current excitement? Obsession?

10 thoughts on “Currently: October 2015

  1. 100% agree with the coffee statement, I have to control myself and not drink 2 coffees a day since I feel it’s a little overboard! I think you made me realise why I am so-so with smoothies as well, my blender isn’t the greatest and when it comes to blending kale, I’m basically chewing it. That definitely turns me off! I’m so sorry to hear about those migraines, perhaps they are related to your anxiety lately? But in any case, I really do hope they stop bothering you soon.

    1. Oh man, I had the same issues. My blender couldn’t even break up ice very well!
      The migraines have been around a big longer than the anxiety (which is why Terry says I need to see a doctor). I am thinking it may have to do with hormonal birth control?

  2. That Bundt cake looks incredible – and great work with the spinach! Looks like you’ve been having lots of iron and vitamins 🙂 I hope your migraines go away in time for Thanksgiving!

      1. I know exactly what you mean! Grandmotherly recipes are the all-time best. I would ask for the recipe, but it just wouldn’t be the same if I made it! Your grandma is a lovely woman with an awesome granddaughter 😉
        Do you know why you are getting migraines? :O

  3. I am so intrigued by that book! I keep thinking that I ‘should’ be on some type of antidepressant, but I am so wary of the side effects (especially since I am still BF Matilda). It really sounds like I need to get on board with the Melatonin; those racing thoughts are the bane of my existence!
    I love love LOVE my Ninja! It’s the best!
    I know that I have ads on my blog PLEASE tell me if it does that ‘taking forever to load’ thing! It drives me crazy too!
    Have a Happy Tuesday!

    1. I certainly believe that antidepressants have their place (I know they saved my life at one point), but I also think they are over-prescribed. Particularly by primary care doctors. I think therapy should be the first line of defense, then medication if needed.
      Your blog is definitely not slowed down by ads. I appreciate that so much!

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