Fast Friday

Thank God it is Friday! I am so happy to have a free weekend where I can get some school/house work done. It feels great to check things off my list.

Before I share with you some lighter details from this past week, I have to share some heavier thoughts: My heart is really hurting today. I am so distraught over the shooting in Oregon. How many of these mass shooting will we have to hear about in our lifetime? How can we feel safe if we can’t feel safe in our schools? I am just so sad for the families and friends of the victims. I believe in prayer and I believe in the sovereignty of God. But I also believe in taking action when a system is broken.

And now that there is no real good way to segue into the rest of my post, I will just say “onto lighter, less significant, small details of my life”:

-My pup is CRAZY. She loves to jump on you, gnaw on  you, and talk to you. She has an insane amount of energy. However, my favorite Jules is the one pictured below. The calm, sleepy Jules who just wants to sit and cuddle up beside you.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

-I had a really good experience giving blood this week. I was so proud because my hemoglobin was really good. I’ve been turned down before because it was too low, so I am always nervous before they check it. I credit the steak I ate on Sunday and all the spinach I’ve been eating lately. Low hemoglobin will make you feel awful- so eat up those iron sources!


-Isn’t this the cutest cup? My good friend gave it to me for my birthday and I feel happier just holding it. The weather here has been devoid of sunshine, so it is nice to have something to brighten things up a little.


-My breakfast yesterday morning was amazing: overnight oats in a jar. I don’t really eat overnight oats too often, but if I have an almost empty jar, you better believe I am going to enjoy some. I worked out prior to this breakfast so I added protein powder to my usual oats, almond milk, and chia seeds.


-I also had my first apple in a long time. They tend to give me stomach troubles, but with all the delicious apple recipes popping up, I couldn’t resist having one. I haven’t detected any problems, but these apples are a little on the softer side, so I think they are easier to digest. They were great on top of a salad!

unnamed (1)

It was a great week overall, but man did it go by fast! This has been a weird semester of not knowing if I should be busy or not. I have vague deadlines which kind of stresses me out but also makes me the queen procrastination. Wish me luck for a productive weekend!

What was your favorite event of the week?

Looking forward to anything this weekend?

15 thoughts on “Fast Friday

  1. I can so relate to the “should I be busy?!” struggle. For the most part, my exams have no assignments, just midterms and finals, and at times I find it pretty hard to find motivation to stay on top of all the material. That’s awesome about your iron! And oh man those overnight oats have me swooning. Hope you manage to get a lot done this weekend with some relaxation and fun sprinkled in too!

  2. I know what you mean about the mass shootings. It’s so sad and so terrible. Will it ever end?
    Overnight Oats in a jar is always one of my favorites. Sounds like you had a yummy combo!
    I haven’t given blood in forever. My iron is usually good, but I tend to clot quickly, which is also a problem.
    I LOVE that cup! I have a slight obsession with owls. In fact, Matilda’s room has quite a few owl decorations (that was also my baby shower theme).
    I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

  3. I am with you on the situation in Oregon. I read somewhere that this is the 45th school shooting this year. I don’t know what to think. It’s just so terrible.

    Empty nut butter jar day is THE BEST day!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I’m excited to curl up and watch some good TV and movies.. and really enjoy this rainy weather that we’re having. Although that means a lot of runs will be happening on the treadmill (boo) I’m looking forward to taking the time to truly unwind.

  5. I have so much to say about this post! First of all, your dog is the cutest thing ever. I miss my puppy (I call him that even though he’s six!) because dogs and their unconditional love make me so happy! Congrats on donating blood! When I saw that picture, I felt uncomfortable but so proud of you. Great work – I hope I can be as courageous one day. That mug is so awesome! I’ve always wanted one like that. Bonus points for being cute AND colourful!

    Last of all… those overnight oats. I’m drooling. Too bad I just opened a new jar – it’ll be a long time until PB OIAJ 😥 But I did have cocoa-banana oats in the empty jar! It was gone too quickly 😉

  6. It really is heartbreaking to continue hearing about mass shootings. I was telling Joshua I will never understand how anyone can carry out such a crime. But you know unfortunately that is the world we live in. All we can do is pray these situations slow down :(.

  7. Congrats on donating blood! It’s a sad world we live in with those school shootings, it blows my mind that some people just die while they are just innocently sitting in class. It seriously breaks my heart.
    But on a lighter note, that puppy is so darn cute!!

    1. Jules is cute.. especially when she is calm! She is such a puppy behavior-wise.
      The shootings are devastating and I think the fact he killed people he didn’t even know makes it all the more frightening.

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