The day I ate whatever I wanted

Because it was my birthday, duh! Truthfully, most days I do eat what I want, but I put a lot of my focus on eating nutrient dense foods. I also usually plan snacks and such, but this day was a little more spontaneous.

So today I’m linking up with the WIAW party to share my birthday eats.

Breakfast: cherry vanilla bagel with cream cheese, a fried egg, 2 cups of black coffee, and a square on dark chocolate. A bagel from Panera with the 2 oz tub of cream cheese was one thing I KNEW I wanted for my birthday breakfast. I went the night before to get them and Terry rounded it out with a fried egg.


My husband was super awesome and woke up even earlier than I do to set up this wonderful presentation for me. I am so excited he decided to get me the Ninja Professional, because I really wanted a reliable blender that chopped everything up! So far I am loving all that it can do.

Morning snack: Watermelon. I was so surprised this watermelon actually tasted good! I saw them on sale for $2.50, so I took a chance. THIS has to be the last good melon, right?


Lunch: Grilled salmon & asparagus salad with balsamic vinaigrette. Plus a few club crackers and a fried green bean from my dining partner.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

My internship director took me out for lunch on our break and I couldn’t have been more pleased. Salmon is probably my all time favorite meat, so I am glad I enjoyed some on this day. The asparagus was wonderful too, especially since I can never cook it as good as restaurants do.

Snack: Cheese stick and nutty rice bites. I was craving sweet + salty and this hit the spot for a pre-workout snack.


When I got home from the gym, I had a spoonful of peanut butter, another square of dark chocolate, and a few chugs of almond milk.

We went out to dinner to a new-to-us place, A Piece of Havana, which is a Cuban restaurant on the outskirts of Charlotte. We enjoyed AMAZING food and live music.

Dinner: we shared a chicken empanada for our appetizer. It was the cutest little thing! The pico was especially good- the tomatoes were perfectly ripe.


For my entree, I had the roasted chicken with sauteed onions, Cuban-style green beans, and plantains. Terry got a Cuban sandwich and yucca fries that came with a creamy cilantro dipping sauce. He was pleased that I convinced him to try the yucca fries in place of their French cousins.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

I was so incredibly pleased with my birthday dinner. The chicken had a wonderfully crispy skin and the food was seasoned really well. I had a bite of Terry’s sandwich and a taste of his fries- both so tasty!

Dessert: Chocolate Eclair ice cream bar


This ice cream bar was absolutely favorite as a child. I alternated between this one and the strawberry shortcake flavor as a kid, but of course the chocolate was my favorite. For some reason this bar came to mind when trying to choose my birthday dessert and I believe it was pure nostalgia that made the decision.


Truthfully? Not as a good as I remembered. I guess you can say I have more “refined” taste buds now. Still, it was a yummy way to end a day of dream eats.

I’m not going to pretend like this day was super indulgent, but that’s because I truly enjoy healthy food. I love a good balance!

If you had a day where you ate EXACTLY what you wanted, what would be a must have for you? 

27 thoughts on “The day I ate whatever I wanted

  1. Truly indulgent or not, it looks like a wonderful and delicious day of food! Bagels are one of those foods that I always crave but never used to let myself have. Silly, huh? I’m glad you indulged your craving. Cherry vanilla sounds amazing!
    I know that I’ve said this multiple times, but I am SO GLAD that you had such a wonderful birthday!!
    And YAY!!!! for the Ninja! I love love LOVE mine so much. I use it every day!

    1. I used be to so weird about bagels- like I would only have them on special occasions. I don’t usually have them in the house, but I love going out for them! I would totally eat bagels with you.
      Terry did a great job and I know it will get a lot of use!

  2. So sweet of Terry to leave out your gift. I’ve never had Cuban food – looks so good!
    I can relate to “eat-whatever-you-want” days not looking THAT much different than any other day. Except mine would definitely involve cheesecake, which I suppose is quite a rarity.

      1. I’ve never had Cuban food either! It seems exotic and to be honest, I can’t even name a Cuban dish. I’ll be on the search for a Cuban restaurant nearby – a bunch of flavourful sides sounds like my kind of thing!

        And cheesecake… yes. My birthday dessert of choice as well!

  3. Happy belated birthday!! So glad you yourself everything your heart desired. And if an “eat whatever you want day” doesn’t feel super more indulgent than normal, then that means you have a wonderful healthy body/mind balance in most of your days anyways – which is amazing. Um cherry vanilla bagel!?! Yes please!! My day would probably involve pizza. Your last post had me drooling.

  4. It’s interesting you’re asking this question today as it’s something I’ve been thinking about recently, too. Had you asked me pre-ED a lot of less nutritious food would have been the answer. Now, though, my ED not only brought about bad things but an interest and newfound appreciation for ‘healthier’ foods. So while I might go for an indulgent ice cream sundae on top of my daily dose of chocolate, I also wouldn’t want to miss my oat bran or kabocha. These days, I’m craving healthy food as much as chocolate :).
    And last but not least: happy belated birthday, Kate! I’m happy you had a seriously amazing day and have fun with your new kitchen toy/Ninja!

    1. Oh man, I know exactly what you are talking about. When in my ED mindset, I dreamed of chocolate layered cake and hot dog baskets with french fries. I think because I felt like it was so out of reach for me I’d never actually enjoy it. Now, however, since I eat what I want without fear, I love all foods- especially healthy ones!

      1. Like you experienced with that ice cream, I found the years of restricting myself from certain foods heightended my expectations for then. When I actually tried them I was actually disappointed quite a few times. These days, a Mars bar wouldn’t excite me all that much but I can sing the praises of almond butter every day.

  5. I would definitely have oatmeal of some sort, icecream, peanut butter, some fruit and peanut butter, and a big salad… 🙂 I really like the idea of a cookie in one hand, and a salad in the other being a balanced diet. However I’m not expert, that’s for sure. 🙂 I’m definitely not a person who would probably just go off sugar unless I absolutely had to. I try not to make a big deal for myself out of any food because it brings back all these idols of food and body, that I don’t want to be dealing with anymore. 🙂 I ❤ that you are intuitive enough to just listen to your body and eat what it needs! 🙂

  6. Panera bagels are my weakness (my favorite is the cinnamon crunch!). That salmon salad looks SO good, and I’m glad you had good luck with watermelon this late (no matter how hard I try, I always pick out so-so ones, even when it’s the peak of the season). That’s really funny you mention that ice cream because I had one of those (well, different brand but same type) the other day and sadly didn’t enjoy it at all. Guess our palettes are more refined, although nostalgia is important, too! 🙂

    1. Too funny! We at least I can put that childhood dream to rest now.
      I am always so happy when I get to eat a Panera bagel. Anytime I had the 5 am shift when I worked there I would get eat one!

  7. I would 100% have homemade pizza. I love love love pizza and all of it’s deliciousness. But I am right there with you – eating good, nutrient dense food helps me feel my best. So I would have a mix of foods… splurging on the pizza, and balancing out with lots of veggies, oatmeal, and fruit!

    1. The balance is what makes everything so enjoyable in my opinion. The only reason pizza didn’t happen on this day is because I had it the night before and I would be having it the next day!

  8. It’s a tough question, because as you said, I feel I always eat what I want! But actually, what would really change the most would be my breakfast. If I would eat absolutely whatever I wanted I would most probably have a very indulgent breakfast, like a big brunch or an abnormally large muffin haha! Other than that, I think my day would stay the same.

  9. Happy belated birthday, Kate!
    That salmon salad looks incredible, and I love everything you ate here. Actually pretty nutritious compared to what the average person would enjoy, in my opinion 🙂 Great work!

  10. ohmy i was ALL OVER those strawberry shortcake bars! I remember in 6th grade I tried to convince my doctor they counted as a serving of dairy so i could have one every day :”D :”D
    (she eventually said no- but told me just to limit them to 1-2x a week hahaa… glad my taste buds have matured too 🙂 )

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