Birthday weekend

You guys.

This weekend was wonderful. My birthday dreams were made by good food, time with my main squeeze, getting to see most of my family, and super sweet notes from you and my friends/family.

Friday was a fun day at my internship at the assisted living home, because it was country western day! We dressed up in flannel, boots, and cowboy hats. The residents had a great time and I really enjoyed seeing them laughing and socializing with each other. It is nice to step out of the “clinical” mindset and build relationships with clients. Also, sorry I’m so awkward with mirror selfies.

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For my birthday dinner, Terry took me out to dinner to a Cuban restaurant and the food was so dang good. I am going to share all my eats on Wednesday, because I seriously ate almost all my favorites throughout the day.

I had a pretty handsome date…


And I even wore eyeliner!

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Saturday we took the trip down to our hometown for a family filled day: watching the USC game at my parent’s, my niece’s birthday party, and then a birthday party for my mom, sister, and me.

Terry and I decided our child (preferably a girl) needs to born on September 23. My sister’s is the 21st, mom’s is the 22nd, niece’s is the 24th, and mine is the 25th. Somehow we gotta make it happen 😉

We celebrated with lots of pizza from Papa John’s…. I love their veggie pizza!

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And per my request, veggies…

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And of course, cake!! My sweet Grandma made her famous pound cake. Not a traditional birthday cake, but delicious nonetheless.

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I enjoyed a slice with black coffee, and it was deliiiicious! I didn’t take many pictures of the evening at all, but I blame it on being too “in the moment” to think about it.

After church on Sunday we ate lunch at Chili’s. I ordered my first ever steak (6 oz classic sirloin) and I was estatic when my plate came back very GREEN. I highly recommend the roasted tomato and spinach salad as a side. I have never been a steak eater (even prior to my 7 year hiatus from red meat), but I actually enjoyed this one! I am planning to donate blood this week and I wanted to be sure my hemoglobin was were it needed to be, so I figured a little red meat could only help!

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I also attended a baby shower,

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And finished the weekend with a great evening service at church.


As you can see, there wasn’t a whole lot of time for homework, so this week might be a little on the stressful side. Though I’m totally okay with that, because my weekend was perfect.

Here we go, year 23!

18 thoughts on “Birthday weekend

  1. I’m glad your birthday was so wonderful! How cool is it that so many ladies in your family have birthdays so close together! My sister-in-law’s birthday is February 9th, her mom’s is the 8th, and her daughter (my niece) is the 10th. I love your plan about your potential baby girl. Hopefully that will work out for you 😉
    Happy Monday!

      1. I’m having trouble commenting on your post this morning. It may be a wordpress thing. I will check back. I just wanted you to know that I read it, I love Mellow Mushroom, and Sunbutter is the best!

  2. Aww looks like the loveliest weekend. And such a pretty picture of you before dinner 🙂 We don’t have Papa John’s anywhere near where I live but it looks delicious! I hope that this week manages to not be too stressful despite the extra work load. Wishing you a super productive Monday!

  3. What a fun weekend!! And pound cake sounds absolutely delicious! 🙂 My mom always makes me her special angel food cake for birthdays – sometimes the less typical the better 🙂

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