Recipes of the week

We made it- Friday is finally here! Sometimes I feel like the weekend is so far away, but then when Friday comes, I wonder where the week went! Anyone else feel that way?

Last night, I humored Terry and rode 25 miles to a Kangaroo gas station so Terry could purchase his favorite childhood soda that was recently reintroduced into the market, Surge. I have no memory of this drink, but apparently it’s a pretty big deal.

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Oh well, it was nice to get some time away from the books!

This week we enjoyed many a good eats- some of them inspired by you.

On Sunday, I decided to take Jessica’s idea and cook some sweet potatoes in the crock pot. I used them up in my packed lunches. This particular day I enjoyed them with Greek yogurt & peanut butter.

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I also utilized the crock pot to make salsa chicken, a simple recipe (chicken breasts + jarred salsa) that Catherine reminded me of. We had ours over spinach with blue corn chips, Colby jack cheese, and Greek yogurt for a quick dinner.

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For breakfast one morning I used up the rest of my canned pumpkin and made pumpkin pancakes from Kim’s Cravings. They were actually very fluffy, which isn’t always the case with flourless pancakes. Weird question, but do you ever sense a grittiness when eating canned pumpkin? I feel like I bite down on a “grit” from time to time.

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For dinner last night I made “skinny” fettuccine Alfredo from Gimme Some Oven. I made mine with unsweetened almond milk instead of 1% milk and whole wheat flour instead of AP flour. This was so delicious and I seriously wanted to eat the whole pot. I hadn’t made semolina pasta in a while, so I was in awe of the wonderful doughyness of it. This picture doesn’t do it justice!

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And finally I made us some chocolate chip cookies for a late night snack to please both me and the husband. I used Katie’s recipe and followed it to a T. We liked.

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We also had a midweek pick-me-up at Pelican’s Snoballs. This was my first time going and oh my goodness, this was a snocone like no other. It was like snow fluff! I love that they offer dye-free flavors. I chose the wedding cake flavor and really enjoyed it.

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How’s that for a week of good eats? There were definitely some boring lunches left unmentioned, but I’m going to focus on the stars.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and soak up every moment.

What’s the best recipe you’ve tried lately?

Do you prefer recipes (i.e. the fettucine alfredo) or meal ideas (i.e. salsa chicken or crock pot potatoes)?

16 thoughts on “Recipes of the week

  1. And here is some motivation for my meals for next week!! I love recipes, and love to spend more time on meals wheennnn I have time. But since that is not too often, I’d have to say I like “meal ideas” even better. I love being amazed at how simple something can be, and that it can still be so delicious and seem like it took a lot of thought and time. Its amazing how easily you can impress people, eh!? Like that crock pot salsa chicken (sometimes I use BBQ) – something I often forget about but then come back to and think “why don’t I do this more”?” This week I made Alexis’ curried chickpea salad from hummusapien and its been fueling many of my lunches – so good and so easy.

    1. BBQ is a great idea- I haven’t done that in forever, but my husband loves it.
      I agree with you, meal ideas are much easier.
      I will have to check out that salad- I love her crockpot recipes!

  2. I remember Surge!! Haha! Throw back Friday, no?
    I like both meal ideas and recipes; our menu each week usually includes both. Salsa chicken is amazing and I love making sweet potatoes in the crock pot. So easy and so delicious!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. The fettucine was my very favorite of the week. I’ve never made it before for the same reasons, but these recipe was made lighter thanks to the broth.
      I hope you are enjoying your weekend too!

  3. Gimme that snoball! 🙂 I’m pumped that our friends are having snoballs at their son’s birthday party this weekend.
    You reminded me that I need to make salsa chicken again; I love how you served yours! I’m also digging that fettuccine alfredo.

  4. Whoa… that alfredo looks DIVINE! Love how you added lots of veggies to increase the volume and nutrition – smart idea! 🙂 Also saved the pictures of the sweet potato lunch for inspiration. Looks delicious, as usual.

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