Gettin’ our Greek on

Our weekend began with Friday night soccer. The evening was cool and crisp- perfect for enjoying a game. We love watching kids in our youth group play sports, but I especially enjoy soccer. It’s fast, so I don’t get bored easily. The action doesn’t stop!


Saturday morning I woke up with the urge to bake some pumpkin scones. I used this recipe (half AP flour/half whole wheat flour) and it turned out surprising well! They’re like little biscuits. The shape is questionable, but I don’t judge.

unnamed (11)

The highlight of our weekend was the Charlotte Yiasou Greek Festival. I’ve attended the Greek festival a number of times in Columbia, SC, but this was my first experience in Charlotte.

unnamed (8)

We met up with my friend Kelly and her Greek boyfriend, who was an awesome tour guide.

unnamed (12)

unnamed (7)

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

The food, of course, was a major appeal and it did not disappoint. I opted for my very favorite- spanakopita & a Greek salad. (Sorry for the crappy picture quality- I still haven’t mastered public food photography).

unnamed (4)

unnamed (6)

Terry went for a gyro and Greek fries. We shared with each other so we could get a fuller experience.

unnamed (13)

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Unfortunately my spanakopita was tiropita (basically the same thing minus the spinach), but it was still pretty tasty! The Greek fries were yummy!

We checked out all the booths and listened to some great live music and then we had a little accident.

You see, Terry has a habit of playing with his wedding band. This time he dropped it on the ground, it went rolling, and he put his foot on it to stop it from rolling too far. Now, the only chance of it fitting is if we can make his finger oval shaped. This was one of those times where you just have to laugh so you don’t cry! Funny enough we found a temporary replacement at one of the booths.

unnamed (1)

Before leaving, we took a minute to check out the cathedral. It was too stunning for words!

unnamed (10)

After the Greek festival we hit up one last soccer game.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

The rest of the weekend was filled with church, food prep, and studying. Lots of studying.

Once again, I am so grateful for the time to relax and reset. Here we go another time!

Have you ever been to a Greek festival?

Favorite Greek food? 

16 thoughts on “Gettin’ our Greek on

  1. We have a Greek Fest in Knoxville later this month. I always love to go (for the Baklava, if nothing else)! Your pumpkin scones look delicious; I haven’t made scones in forever. Mine always end up looking like lumpy biscuits.
    Sorry about Terry’s ring! It’s cool that you guys found a quick replacement though.

  2. Hi Kate,

    Loved reading about and seeing your Greek Fest Photos! There’s a great Greek Fest here in Phoenix that has been taking place in early October (since 1960) that we look forward to each year. I love the food. music and dancing. I love Greek food and wait all year for the flaming cheese and loukamades, Greek doughnuts dipped in honey! I’m glad it’s only a few weeks away!! I’m glad you liked the pumpkin scones. Thanks for the mention. I really appreciate it. — Martha

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