Stream of thoughts via my iPhone

So this week I am totally scattered brained. I feel like I jumped in a pool and have to find several different things at the bottom and I forgot to wear my goggles. Second week of grad school troubles? But don’t worry, I brought my floaties. ūüėČ

I have few moments to share with you via my iPhone.

A: What my husband does to me when I am in the midst of studying. He has this talent of aggravating me until I start laughing uncontrollably.

unnamed (1)

B: my take on life.

unnamed (2)

C: my flyaways aka¬†baby hairs… I have no handle on taming these wild ones. Any advice from my more hair-smart friends?

unnamed (3)

D: free fruit. I don’t know if “free stuff” ever loses it’s appeal, but I was a happy girl when I walked into the lounge at my work to see this cornucopia.

unnamed (4)

E: Here is me trying to be positive walking in the rain. Little did I know a monsoon was headed our way…

unnamed (5)

F: my dog cuddling next to me in fear of the storm. Pretty dang cute, am I right?

unnamed (6)

And there goes our power…. now I will probably stay awake until the power comes back on so¬†I can¬†turn the light off to go to sleep.

unnamed (7)

That’s enough randomness for today. For more, read thoughts from other bloggers here!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


10 thoughts on “Stream of thoughts via my iPhone

  1. iPhones are the best for inspiring stream of consciousness thoughts/posts. Terry sounds like such a good guys; anyone that works to make you smile is a winner in my book!
    We are having a bit of a monsoon right now, actually. I also like it when we lose power at night; any excuse to cuddle up together on the couch with candles lit.

  2. That dog in the bush is probably the cutest thing I have seen in a while! I love it! As for your baby hairs, you could always try a clear mascara to tame them! I used to have a product similar to a mascara but for had a bigger wand and was sort of like a thin gel that worked perfectly. Of course now I can’t think of the brand or name of it, but it worked great!

  3. Baby hairs have been the bane of my existence for the past little while. I mean, I guess it’s good because it means we’re growing more hair, but… can we just skip the short awkward phase and go straight to the good length? I still haven’t found a good way to tame those suckers.

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