Currently: September 2015

August has turned into September and here comes the pumpkins, fallen leaves, and 3/5 of my family’s birthday. Funny enough my Mom’s birthday is September 22nd, my sister’s is the 21st, and mine is the 25th. September is a month for celebrating!

Now, before we get too far into September, let us take a look back into August.

Current Book: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I’m still trying to get through this one when I have the time in between all the things I have to read for school. The second one is honestly my least favorite, so I am wondering if I should just skip it.
Current music:

Current guilty pleasure: As I’ve mentioned before, I am an loyal ANTM fan. So my current guilty pleasure is Wednesday night’s at 8 pm- season 22!
Current drink: Over the past I month I made lots of homemade frappes, but I’ve also really upped my water intake. Being on a routine has really helped with that.

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Current food: August was the month of new meats. Since adding red meat back into my life, I’ve enjoyed burgers and pork chops. It’s still kind of weird and also rare (usually 1x/week), but I like that I have less restrictions now.
unnamed (89) Current obsession: I’m going to be mushy and say my husband!
unnamed (83) Current need: My agenda. And by need I mean I need it to keep me in the right place at the right time.
Current bane of my existence: Oh, just the same old same old- IBS woes.
Current indulgence: whatever I want. Seriously. This month I’ve realized how silly it is to be super strict with my eating, when life is so dang short. Have I gone crazy? No. Have I been less stressed? Yes.
unnamedunnamed (17)

Current procrastination: Getting ready for bed. Now that I’m back in school, I’ve been trying to get in bed by 10. Adapting is a challenge, especially when my husband is wanting to stay up.
Current blessing: Having my weekends back. Since this semester has returned, I’ve gone to having just one job and it feels so good. No regrets.

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Current confession: I refresh my WordPress home page a few too many times a day. I love hearing from you guys and connecting with new people!
Current excitement: My birthday! I’m turning 23 this month and I’m excited to celebrate.
Current mood: Content. I feel positive about the future year ahead of me.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset August was a really good month. It left me feeling more grateful and in love with my life.

What’s your current indulgence? Obsession? Need?

16 thoughts on “Currently: September 2015

  1. Chamber of Secrets is your least favorite? Really? Come on, that’s one of the best. There’s wizarding duels, polyjuice potion, Aragog, the basilisk, Fawkes, parsyltongue, the whole mystery of the chamber and the heir (what dopes, thinking snot nose Draco Malfoy could be the heir of Slytherin), the sword of Gryffindor, everybody getting petrified, Ginny being the one who was doing it, and not to mention Gildoroy Lockheart, the funniest character she ever had. Granted, Dobby is pretty annoying, but that’s about it. If anything Chamber of Secrets is top three. I’d have it at two, behind Half-Blood Prince.

    1. It’s not that is bad, I think it drags a little too much for me. And GIlderoy Lockhart is the most annoying character ever- I think he does it in for me. The ghost bit is boring as well.
      I also remember finding the movie the most scary when I was younger.
      Order of Phoenix and Prisoner of Azkaban were my favorites.

      1. Those would be the two I’d say are the worst. Harry’s first half attitude problem in 5 was irritating to sit through, and the potentially earth-shatteringly, revolutionary time travel technology/device Hermiome has access to and makes the whole ending possible, vanishes into thin air after the book. I really feel like they could have found some use for that in the war on Voldemort.

  2. I always mean to go to bed early so I can have time to sit and read for a while,but I usually just end up reading twitter and instagram. Totally counter productive. I too am guilty of checking my site a few too many times a day. And it’s always okay to be mushy.

  3. Aww such a happy post 🙂 Enjoy your weekend… so true that you must savour them so much more now!! I would say I’m in a very similar place on the indulgent front; I have been eating such delicious food. Some healthy, some not. And it feels pretty amazing to not stress about it.

  4. Current indulgence – buying new running gear for the fall… nothing like some new sneakers and a fresh pair of running shorts to get me motivated 🙂 And I totally need more sleep – this always tired thing has got to go. Haha. Hope you have a fabulous long weekend!

  5. I was just telling my husband I want to re-read the HP books again.
    My current indulgence?….anything goes really, but I guess it’s a big glass of wine in the evenings (but that could be a necessity, too!) Current need: sleep. No doubt there.

  6. Ha! The Chamber of Secrets is my least favorite HP book as well! However it leads to my favorite one – the 3rd! You reminded me that I need to read it again 🙂 Very happy that I found your blog – it looks very honest and welcoming. Hope you have a great September too!

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