Just another manic Monday (WIAW)

These eats are from a “manic Monday.” Boy was I glad that I food prepped on Sunday! Monday’s typically mean I’m on campus from 9 am – 7:45 pm, so having food ready and easily accessible is must.

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Breakfast was a scrambled egg, a piece of baked pumpkin oatmeal, a dollop of sunflower butter, and two cups of black coffee. I toasted the baked oatmeal as opposed to microwaving it, so the top was nice and crispy.  
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In the morning I had a butchered orange.

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Lunch at the desk was a simple salad of spinach, chopped peppers, and Annie’s honey mustard plus a bowl of lentil stew which was leftover from dinner the previous night. I love skin-on potatoes and celery in soup!
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Snacks included four of these chocolate peanut butter brownie bites. I ran out dates, so these were made with half raisins/half dates.

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And a handful of gluten free pretzel sticks.
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A Coke Zero to get me through until class is over at 7:45 pm.
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Dinner was waiting at home for me in the crockpot. I think it should be called a “magic pot”, because it’s just too unbelievable how I can be at school all day and come home to this delicious vegetarian lasagna. This is a recipe from I Heart Vegetables, and it’s probably my favorite magic pot recipe ever.

My cramps were super bad, but at the same time I was craving something sweet. Dark chocolate + vanilla almond milk to the rescue. I have THIS article to back up my decisions. 😉
unnamed (1)

I slept like a rock after this snack. Not a bad way to start the week!

Do you have a cramp food cure? If not, try chocolate!

How do you get through long days?

12 thoughts on “Just another manic Monday (WIAW)

  1. Coffee and chocolate always get me through long days. Oh, and wine at the end to ‘celebrate’ them being over! Ha!
    I love my crockpot too, but I love your name for it. We should petition to have the name changed officially to the ‘Magic-Pot’ because it truly is a marvelous invention. How else could you be gone all day AND have a delicious dinner waiting for you at home??

  2. Whenever I have long days, I like to distribute my snacks kind of like you did. Generally I’ll have a smaller lunch so I can enjoy a heftier snack later on! And definitely starting the day out with some solid coffee like you did 🙂

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